17+ Best Action Adventure Anime (Ranked)

Action and adventure are the foundations of the anime industry. Whether it be the awesome fight scenes that will leave you craving for more or that thrill and sense of wonder that come from exploring the unknown and riding on with your allies to fight the forces of evil, people just love it.

For that reason, MyAnimeGuru brings to you the list of the 17+ Best Action Adventure Anime (Ranked) to watch this summer. We know anime fans just love those brilliant action sequences and the journey into mystery, as well as the rather easy-to-understand storylines.

Generally, action and adventure are two genres that go hand to hand so for this list we’ve picked the best action adventure anime based on the quality of storylines, plot depth, overall popularity as well as the overall likeability and fame of the characters themselves.

Best Action Adventure Anime

So let’s begin our list of best action adventure anime without further ado.

20. D.Gray-Man

D.Gray Man

Episodes – 103 | Year – (2006-2008)

The Millenium Earl and his army of AKUMA are a threat to the world. These Akuma are mechanical beings that were created by the earl by using the souls of the dead and his only goal is the destruction of humans. The only ones that can defeat them are exorcists, who have the power of Innocence.

Allen Walker is one such exorcist with a mysterious past. For some reason, he has both a cursed eye, as well as an Anti-Akuma arm which classifies him as an apostle of god. Can Allen and the exorcists stop the Earl; will Allen find the mysteries of his past? Finn is one of the best action adventure anime.

Books Worth Reading:

19. Twin Star Exorcists

twin star exorcists

Episodes – 50 | Year – (2016-2017)

Rokuro used to be an aspiring exorcist until one day an accident caused the death of his friend and he was left traumatized and gave up his dream. That is until he met Benio who is a famous exorcist and the same age as him. This encounter leads the chief of exorcists to proclaim them as the Twin Stars.

The Twin stars according to the prophecy will get rid of the Kegare, beings inhabiting Magano, an alternate world where the negative emotions of humans give rise to impurities that go to kill and harm humans. Can Benio and Rokuro end the 1000 Year war? Finn is one of the best action adventure anime.

Books Worth Reading:

18. Noragami

Noragami Best action adventure anime

Episodes – 25 + 4 OVA | Year -(2014-2015)

For gods, followers and shrines are power. However for a minor God like Yato who has neither money nor followers and not even a proper shrine dedicated to him, life is nothing but miserable. One day his partner also arbitrarily quits on him. He has no other ambition but to earn money and get powerful

However, his life takes a strange turn when one day a bus accident crosses his path with Hiyori. The accident has somehow caused her soul to slip away from her body so she enlists Yato’s help to get her normal again. Can this odd pair achieve their goals? Find one of the best action adventure anime.

17. InuYasha


Episodes – 193 + 4 Movies | Year – (2000-2010)

Kagome is a normal girl who lives at a shrine. One day she falls into a mystical well at the bottom of the shrine and gets transported to the feudal era. Here she encounters Inuyasha, a half-demon who seeks the Shikon Jewel to become a full demon. However as it turns out, Kagome is the holder of the jewel.

Books Worth Reading:

When a demon attacks her, Inuyasha saves her but in the process, the jewel gets shattered into a million pieces. This odd pair with no choice left embark on a journey to find all the pieces of the jewel. Find more in one of the best action adventure anime.

16. Cowboy Bebop


Episodes -26 + 1 Movie | Year – (1998-2001)

Lauded as one of the greatest anime ever, it features a futuristic world where humanity has expanded into outer space. And in this world, Bounty hunters abound to catch wanted folks. Spike Spiegel is one such man. Accompanied by his partner Jet he travels the vast galaxy in search of money to mint.

But his cold and detached demeanor is a man troubled by his past and over time, his nature softens as more outcasts join his merry band like Faye, the beautiful but poor gambler, Edward the tech wiz, and Ein, a robot dog. It is easily one of the best action adventure anime out there.

15. Seven Deadly Sins

Seven deadly sins

Episodes – 100 + 2 Movies | Year – (2014-2021)

Books Worth Reading:

Liones kingdom is in complete chaos with the holy knights laying waste to the very people they were supposed to protect. This seems to be the result of corruption by demonic power. In a bid to save the kingdom, Princess Elizabeth tries to acquire the help of the Seven deadly sins.

They are a group of mighty knights who were seen as the kingdom’s heroes but mysteriously disappeared years ago. But will they help her? Since these knights were betrayed by the kingdom and framed for a crime they didn’t commit. Find out in one of the best action adventure anime.

14. Sword Art Online


Episodes – 96 + 3 Movies | Year – (2012-2022)

Kirito, a gaming addict finally gets his hands on Sword Art Online, the world’s first Virtual MMO game. He already experienced its wonders as the game’s beta tester but now he gets to play the game in full force and Kirito is thrilled about it. But as he gets into the game, he notices that the log-out button is missing.

Suddenly transported with other players to the starting town, he is told by the game creator that everyone is trapped in the game now. Those who try to escape will die and any in-game death will lead to the same result. The only way to escape is to clear the game. It is one of the best action adventure anime.

Books Worth Reading:


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13. Vinland Saga

Vinaldn saga

Episodes – 24 | Year – 2019

Thorfinn has only one purpose in his life. That is to kill Askeladd, a mercenary leader and the man who killed Thorfinn’s father Thors. And just like they say to keep your enemies closer, Thorfinn joins the band of mercenaries to keep his enemy in sight and avenge his father’s death.

What awaits him is a journey full of pain, regret, hate, and sadness and his only motivation to stay alive in the merciless battle of biking warfare is his hate. Will Thorfinn be able to enact his revenge? Find one of the best action adventure anime.

12. Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu hakusho

Episodes – 112 + 1 Movie | Year – (1992-1995)

One of the single best martial arts and demon anime out there, it is the earlier work of HxH author, Togashi Sensei. It features the young and unruly delinquent Yusuke fighting the powers of the demon world as a spirit detective, a liaison with Koen-ma, the ruler of the spirit world.

Books Worth Reading:

His journey started when he died in an accident but was given a chance to reclaim his life. From then on, he has been involved with demons some of whom he became friends with and assisted in his battles by Boten, the friendly grim reaper. See such awesome battles in one of the best action adventure anime.

11. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure


Episodes – 190 | Year – (2012-2022)

Perhaps one of the most polarising anime, JoJo has a vivid and vast world full of even more colorful characters. The show focuses on the Joestar family and their generational rivalry with the vampire Dio who is after the stone mask which will grant him enormous power and let him control the world.

The viewers are taken on a wild ride from 1880s Victorian England to Egypt nearly a century later as they are introduced to strange powers like Stands, Hamon, and more. It is one of the best action adventure anime.

10. Demon Slayer

Demon slayer

Episodes – 45+ | Year – 2019

Books Worth Reading:

Tanjiro was living a hard but fulfilling life as a charcoal seller with his mother and siblings. But one day everything changed when his family was massacred by a demon and his only surviving sister turned into a demon.

Now he is only 2 goals in life. To protect his last surviving family and turn his sister back to normal and kill the demon responsible by becoming a demon slayer. The journey ahead of him is hard, painful, and stained with blood, but he won’t falter. It is of the best action adventure anime and a modern classic.

9. Black Clover

Black clover

Episodes – 170 | Year – (2017-2021)

Asta and Yuno are two orphans and are the exact opposites of each other. While Yuno is beloved by magic and exceptional at it, receiving the 4-leaved clover book, Asta is the only one magicless in a world where magic decides your position in life.

Yet never giving up Asta receives the rarest books of them all when he gets a 5-leaved clover and the power of anti-magic. With unique abilities both of them are rivals for the one common goal: to become the Wizard King. They begin their journey towards greatness in one of the best action adventure anime.

Books Worth Reading:

8. My Hero Academia


Episodes – 138 Episodes + 3 Movies | Year – (2016-2023)

Izuku Midoriya dreams to become the biggest superhero one day but he is born without a Quirk and is mocked and made fun of by his peers. His life takes a turn when All-Might, his idol, and the No.1 hero takes notice of his bravery & determination and names Izuku his heir.

Now Izuku enters Hero High where he has to rise and fight to prove his idol right. In this journey are many tough fights with both heroes and villains. Will Izuku give up or will the darkness of the world be too much for him? Or maybe he will succeed? Find one of the best action adventure anime.

7. Fairy tail


Episode- 328 + 2 Movies | Year – (2009-2019)

Fiore is a land where magic and wizards abound and multiple guilds make their living by offering their strength for people who require their services. Of all these guilds, one has a reputation for being the home of the rowdiest and yet strongest wizards. Fairy Tail.

Books Worth Reading:

Lucy is a young wizard who wishes to join this guild to escape her sodden life. But on the way to the city, she is attacked by thugs. But a mysterious wizard saves her and introduces her as a member of Fairy Tail.

What will happen next with Lucy, find in one of the best action adventure anime.

6. Bleach


Episodes – 379 Episodes | Year – (2004-2023)

Ichigo Kurosaki is a normal high school student but he has a strange ability. He can see spirits. It has been that way for a long time but it never really affected him since he got along with the ghosts. This was until one day he and his family were attacked by a Hollow, a corrupt spirit that eats human souls.

Helpless to save his family, he is instead saved by the Soul reaper Rukia. However, she gets wounded in the ensuing battle and passes on her powers to Ichigo while she recovers.

Books Worth Reading:

Now as the substitute soul reaper, it is up to him to protect his town and those who are close to him. Can Ichigo protect his friends and family from the hollows? Find one of the best action adventure anime.

5. Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball

Episodes – 153 | Year – (1986-1989)

Bulma is a young girl who is after the dragon balls. They are magic orbs that can summon a dragon to grant any wish. She wants to wish for a perfect boyfriend. But on her quest she meets with Goku. A young boy who lives alone in the mountains and has one of the balls.

But since Goku is reluctant to give up the ball, Bulma strikes a deal that he can tag along with her if he lets her use the ball. Now these two head on a dangerous journey to find the remaining balls. In a journey lined with friends and foes, watch their adventures in one of the best action adventure anime.

4. One Piece


Episodes – 1060+ & 15 Movies | Year – 1997

Books Worth Reading:

The legendary Pirate king Gold Roger before his death at the hands of the World Government proclaimed that he buried all his treasure in a mysterious island. This treasure known as One Piece caught the attention of all ruffians, pirates, and bandits around the world and started the Grand Age of Pirates.

Monkey D Luffy a young man is determined to become the next pirate king and find One Piece. So he embarks on a journey to find crewmates and begin his legendary quest. On this journey, he will face many strong enemies and valuable friends. Watch one of the best action adventure anime.

3. Hunter X Hunter (2011)


Episodes – 148 + 2 Movies | Year – (2011-2014)

Hunters are special people. They are strong and they roam the world doing all kinds of dangerous tasks like capturing criminals or venturing into uncharted lands for hidden treasures. Gon’s father was a hunter and disappeared years ago. Now he wished to be a hunter in hopes of reuniting with him.

For that, at age 12 he enters the Hunter exam, which is famed for its extreme difficulty. During this exam, he meets with friends for a lifetime as well as enemies who crave his failure. Can Gon become a hunter, find in one of the best action adventure anime. It is also Togashi’s creation and his more famous work.

Books Worth Reading:

2. Naruto


Episodes – 720 + 10 Movies | Year – (2002-2017)

Naruto is a young boy who is ostracized and hated by his villagers. The reason is that he has a power sealed within him that makes others fear him. To be accepted by everyone, he wants to be the Hokage, the strongest ninja in the village.

But neither is he strong nor is he smart and thus he is an utter failure at ninja techniques. After somehow graduating from ninja academy he is put on the same team as the genius Sasuke. Can Naruto achieve his goals in the presence of such stalwarts? Find one of the best action adventure anime.

1. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood


An anime that has been the definition of excellence, FMAB tells the story of two brothers Edward and Al who after losing their mothers try to bring her back to life using alchemy. But in their ignorance, they forget that human transmutation is taboo and suffer the consequences of it.

Edward loses his leg while Al loses his entire body. Edward in his desperation saves Al’s soul by binding it to a metal armor at the cost of his arm. Beaten and mangled, the 2 brothers don’t give up, however. Their bond is unbreakable and they are both determined to get their bodies back.

Follow them on their dangerous journey as they traverse through the world of alchemy in search of a cure in the single best action adventure anime.


And Thus folks, this was our list of the 17+ Best action adventure anime of all time (Ranked).

It took a long time to curate this list since we decided to include both popular titles and hidden gems so that when you want to watch the best action adventure anime, you’ll get a varied list.

So we hope you liked this list and till the next article comes, please stay connected and binge on the best action adventure anime while you wait for more cool lists. Till then, see ya.

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FAQ Section

What are the biggest 3 anime of all time?

One Piece, Bleach, and Naruto.

What is the first action anime?

Mighty Atom(1963) is the first action anime and was created by the great Osamu Tezuka.
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