14+ Best Magic Anime To Watch (Ranked)

Magic anime is the best kind of anime to watch because the architecture and the environment of the anime world are on another level which makes the anime more aesthetic.

MyAnimeGuru brings you an article on the 14+ Best Magic Anime To Watch (Ranked). These animes have also attractive storylines and better character development.

Not only architecture but also the character and different kinds of creatures like Dragon, Unicorn, etc… can be summoned by the characters. But magic anime doesn’t make much popular among anime fans, but it must be recognized and they deserve it.

List Of Best Magic Anime To Watch

So let’s look at the list of Top 15 Best Magic Anime To Watch (Ranked)

15) Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike

best magic animes

Duration – 110 minutes | Year – 2009

The people in the age of discovery and prosperity use a powerful substance called Aer and the crystallized form of it is called Apatheia, which is considered an important source of human energy. The young Knight named Yuri Lowell and his teammates were sent to a city for a mission.

The city has been attacked by a group of monsters. As the story moves they came to know that the monsters were controlled by a group with the help of a powerful weapon called “Blastia”. This weapon has the power to manipulate any monster and environment.

Books Worth Reading:

The amazing storyline and character development and artwork of this anime make it interesting to watch.

14) The Irregular At Magic High School


Episodes – 39 | Year – 2011-2020

Tatsuya Shiba is the bodyguard of his sister Miyuki, and both are good in magic and passed the leadership of the Yotsuba clan. They enrolled in a magic school called “first high school”. Tatsuya is a talented bu but he has some problems in expressing emotions and also Miyuki is the top-ranked student of the school.

Books Worth Reading:

They both play undercover in the schools competing in which, more magicians participate including the rogue magicians who make an imbalance in the magic community. But Tatsuya destroys all the plans of the rogue faction.

The action, power, and a little touch of this anime make the fans entertained and engaged and makes it the best magic anime to watch.


14+ Best Magic Anime To Watch (Ranked)

13) Rage of Bahamut

magic anime

Episodes – 36 | Year – 2016-2017

Mistarcia is a fantasy world where humans, gods, and demons live together. Amira and a bounty hunter named Favaro Leone become teammates in the process of unlocking a legendary dragon named Bahamut in order of protecting the world from destruction.

This anime is full of action faces and twist and turns. Along the way of the journey, they met new allies, and strong opponents and acquired new skills and motivations. This series has a great sense of humor and they balanced the story in a correct way.

Books Worth Reading:

The dynamic characters and amazing visuals make this anime series can be a gift for an anime enthusiast.

12) The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

legendary heroes

Episodes – 25 | Year – 2002-2006

A young boy named Ryner Lute lived in a village with both magic and technology at a high level. Ryner has the unique and iconic ability that he can copy any spells by just simply watching or observing them. his ability makes the village unstable so they appointed a swordsman known as Ferris to keep him in control.

The story moves with the journey of both Ryner and Ferris of discovering the secrets of a group of Legendary Heros who saved the world from destruction centuries ago. The way they face different enemies including mages and powerful knights makes the anime more impressive.

The adventure and epic tales of magic and mythology make the anime more attractive and a fan favourite.

Books Worth Reading:

11) Slayers

Episodes – 26 | Year – 1991-2008

Lina and Sorry Gabriel form a team to search for the Claims Solis, a powerful artefact. Along their journey, they meet various characters, such as a prince who proposes to Lina, a vengeful dragon seeking retribution for its kin’s death at Lina’s hands, and an interest in his own motives.

Lina’s adventures are filled with humour, action-packed fights against powerful villains, and dangerous monsters that put everything at stake. A force to be reckoned with, Lina can take down even the strongest foes using her extensive knowledge of magic.

The magic techniques and beautiful animation make this anime worth watching.

Books Worth Reading:


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10) Blast of Tempest

high school anime

Episodes – 24 | Year – 2009-2013

This story begins with the mysterious murder of Mahiro’s sister who is the main character. To find the secrets behind his sister’s murder he and his close friend Aika went on a journey. On the way to finding leads, they came across a powerful sorcerer called Hakaze Kusaribe.

After that, they worked as a team to find the Tree of Genesis to know the secret that keeps the world apart. Also, they came across different alliances, enemies, and darker humans they won the race for preventing the earth from destruction.

9) Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

magical powers

Episodes – 24 | Year – 2009-2013

This series is a collapsed series of ancient stories such as Arabian knights, Alladin, Ali Baba, and Sindbad The Sailor. They all aim to acquire a dungeon because it contains a large amount of invaluable stuff.

Books Worth Reading:

Aladdin and Alibaba’s purpose was to investigate the secrets of the dungeons, and they came across other explorers during their expedition.

Their group has been strengthened by other allies like Morgan, an incredibly strong slave girl, and Sinbad, a powerful king who possesses great charm and desires to unite all kingdoms of the world. The ancient world-building and the importance of friendship and trust make this anime a must to watch series.

8) Fairy Tail

fairy tale with magic

Episodes – 328 | Year – 2009-2019

The world of this series is a place for numerous wizards and slayers and guilds. A dragon slayer from the guild named Fairy Tale has taken a journey to find his adoptive father who has been kidnapped mysteriously.

On the way with his team, he encountered several criminals, dark guilds, etc… and terminated everyone with his superior magic powers. And revolves around the relationship between the guild and teammates to overcome the narrowness and difficulties.

Books Worth Reading:

The series covers family and the power of hope and the character development with their back story make this a unique anime.


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7) Kiki’s Delivery Service

witch delivery service

DURATION – 103 minutes | Year – 1989

A thirteen-year-old girl named Kiki with her talking cat Jiji often flies to the nearby city Koriko with her magical broomstick. Settling into her new home in a beautiful seaside town famous for its scenic beauty and natural splendor. Kiki starts her delivery service and meets new people including Tomb. A passionate boy who dreams of flying with Kiki.

She opened a bakery business with the help of Osono a bakery owner, she delivers the goods in a broomstick by flying to the customers. Her first delivery went so bad she had stuck in the strong wind. After she delivers with care and in a safe way.

The lovely animation, memorable score, and charming characters make the film beloved. For fans, it is a must-watch anime.

Books Worth Reading:

6) Cardcaptor Sakura

sakura the  card seller

Episodes – 70 | Year – 1998-2000

A mysterious book is discovered by Sakura in her father’s library as the series starts, and she accidentally sets free the Low Cards upon opening, which possess magical properties and can give incredible powers to their owner.

Sakura sets on a mission to capture the cards before they cause any harm due to the realization of their danger of falling into the wrong hands, and Hero assists Sakura with the cards while her best friend Tokyo designs magical outfits for her to wear during battles.

This fantasy and imagination-based strong character development make this anime more attractive and interesting to watch.

5) The Twelve Kingdoms

twelve magic kigdoms

Episodes – 45 | Year – 2002-2003

Books Worth Reading:

A high school student named Yoko Nakajima, one day met a strange and do battle with her with his amazing powerful beasts. In the battle, she fought hard but unfortunately, she lost to the old sage.

And took her and her classmates to another world, their appearance was also changed and the language was also different but only Yoko can understand it. Then they went back to earth and they become fugitives for the 12 countries.

The series gives a beautiful story, strong character development, and beautiful animation. It is a must-watch for fans of fantasy and adventure anime.

4) Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Madoka magica

Episodes – 12 | Year – 2011

In a magical city named Mitakihara, A middle school girl named Madoka Kaname and her best school friend encountered a cat called Kyubey. To come to terms with their true powers and unravel the hidden secrets behind the system that gives rise to magical girls is a must for them.

Books Worth Reading:

It offers a deal in which it grants any wish to her but instead, it will take her magical powers and asks her to fight with the witches. But a girl named Homura Akemi tried to stop this deal which is dangerous for Madoka.

This series is highly recommended for those who are looking for a darker and more thought-provoking take on the usual formula of magical girl shows.


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3) Princess Tutu

the princess tutu

Episodes – 26 | Year – 2002-2003

A writer named Drosselmeyer lived in a fictional city and he has the magical power to make the stories he write to make it happen. He isn’t able to finish his final tale named “The Prince and the Raven”. The primary task of princess tutu is to find the prince’s heart which is spread all over the town.

Once found they can be rejoined to summon the prince. Princess Tutu is a charming character and she was also given more characters like a writer, a Knight, and a ballet dancer. This anime is filled with wonderful and mindblowing animation which makes the spectator attractive.

Books Worth Reading:

2) InuYasha

Inu Yasha  magic anime

Episodes – 26 | Year – 2002-2003

Kagome Higurashi the main character lives with her family for a long time. One day she is searching for her cat which is fallen into the Bone Eater well which is a centipede demon.

That demon has been defeated a long years ago by a warrior called Kikyo and she created a magical artefact which is later revealed to Midoriko this can be used in the reincarnation of Kikyo’s body later.

The series is filled with amazing characters and romance and also mixed with action and numerous twists making it an amazing anime to watch.

1) Black Clover

Episodes – 170 | Year – 2017

Books Worth Reading:

This anime takes place in a world where everyone can use their magical powers. But in this case, Asta is a young boy and the only boy who cannot use magical powers in that place but he has a big dream to become a great wizard in the world.’

Asta and Yuno were both raised in the church as orphans so that their bond strength is unbreakable, by the rules of the society when a kid turns 15 he would receive some magical books that enhance their abilities and personality. Later the two boys joined the Magic Knights to protect the world from danger.

The magic plots and unbreakable friendship bond of the anime make it the best and worth anime to watch.


With this, we have concluded our list of the Top 15 Best Magic Anime To Watch (Ranked). And all these animes show us how magic can be created and used with other many supernatural and superhuman powers.

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