14+ Best Romance Manhwa with Male MC (Ranked)

I think Romance is the only genre most fans would love and crazy to read, especially singles, they often feel obsessed with love and romance after reading these manhwas. And feel worried that they haven’t got a girlfriend like that. Romance is the only thing that adds spice to every kinda industry. No Doubt!

So, We at MyAnimeGuru bring you an article on the 14+ Best Romance Manhwa with Male MC (Ranked). These manhwas have a very interesting storyline and amazing characters with Wholesome Romance and literally, everything makes us additive towards them.

Most Romance manhwas have female MCs. But one’s with Male MC’s are far and few between

Best Romance Manhwa with Male MC

So without wasting our time let’s see the 14+ Best Romance Manhwa with Male MC (Ranked).

15) Because It’s Love

two loving celebrities.

Chapters: 50 | Year: (2021-2022)

This story shares a different love story of two celebrities falling in love, Ki Seung is a young handsome top celebrity and Yoo Lee is a newcomer to the industry and doing so well in it.

Suddenly they two met each other and both felt a feeling that they don’t felt before a different kinda feeling ignited inside them. They could understand that they have met and had a feeling they haven’t felt ever. What is the past relationship they had? and Will they love each other? Because both of them are obsessively focused on their careers.

Books Worth Reading:

This manhwa has a different and beautiful love story because both of them will make a beautiful couple, the story of whether will they become couples makes it the best romantic manhwa.

14) Love Alarm

Love alarm application

Chapters: 205+ | Year: 2014

What if a mobile application notifies us whether someone is feeling about us? Quite different right? This story is set in a world where a mobile application called “Love Alarm” notifies the user if someone within a 10-meter radius has feelings for them.

Books Worth Reading:

This story follows a girl named Kim who has stuck in a love triangle with two boys named Hwang who is a popular and wealthy boy and Lee, who is Kim’s childhood crush. She uses the app to find who has true love in her.

This manhwa is quite popular because it explores love, friendship, and societal pressures because of the app and amazing character development. All of these make it the best romance manhwa with male MC to read.

13) A Tender Heart: The Story Of How I Became A Duke’s Maid

Chapters: 111; Voolumes: 6 | Year: (2019-2022)

How did you feel when you got trapped in a book and got rescued by a beautiful maid? Yeah, this is related to this. Linardo is a young boy who got cured by a witch and he was avoided by his family and friends. Suddenly he got teleported into a book while reading it.

Evelina is a lovely maid in the book and she knows about his curse and she shared a strong bond with him. Will Evelina be able to break his curse and help him to find his true love after all? Overall this has a different concept of romance blended with friendship which makes it a good manhwa to read.

Books Worth Reading:

12) The Baby Isn’t Yours

who is the father?

Chapters: 1 | Year: 2019

Following a young woman named Kaila and her discovery that she’s pregnant with an uncertain father for her baby is what this story does. Identifying the father of her child has put Kaila in a complex situation.

Because she was intoxicated during that time, she engaged in sexual activity with someone unknown to her and now cannot recall his identity due to her blurred memory. Kaila interacts with different potential fathers, each having their personal qualities as the story develops.

Will she be able to find the true father of the child? I think she would find him. This manhwa has an initial lead of a male MC and later it follows the female lead and shows the hardships faced by a girl in just one night. This manhwa shares the sexual concept of the youth and also gives awareness about it.


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11) Your Smile Is A Trap

An ex-idol traniee

Chapters: 120+ | Year: 2020

Books Worth Reading:

The MC of this manhwa is damn handsome because he is an Ex-idol Trainee, Kiyu’s good looks have earned him admiration from everyone throughout his life. Yet, he dreams of an average teenage life in high school.

Wearing glasses to blend in makes it clear to him that having good looks as an advantage makes the process of making new friends easier. His new seatmate’s sour expression only adds to his discomfort as someone who struggles in social situations. After days gone she has some kinda feelings for him.

Will she express her feelings for Kiyu? This manhwa has the best high school friendship along with romance and it is the best manhwa for the high school manhwa fans.

10) The Night When the Crow Caws

elite agent with actor

Chapters: 60 | Year: (2020-2021)

The story is about a handsome elite agent falling in love with an actress. Woogang is a popular actor and Park Taeyi is an elite agent of a secret agency. On a mission, Park was supposed to break into Woogang’s house in search of a bomb.

Books Worth Reading:

At the time he saw her, he falls in love with her. As an agent, he join his forces and started to searching bombs in the Woongang workplace. The bomb is planted by a criminal organization called “The Crows”. Park’s actions and personality make Woongang attracted to him.

This manhwa has an amazing love story and romance blended with action sequences. The center of the story is to find and eliminate the criminal organization, will he?

9) Oh! Holy

ability to see ghosts

Chapters: 141 | Year: (2015-2018)

What if an introverted girl can see ghosts? Quite hard for the girl right, she can’t express her ability to nobody. Joo Seo-Yoon is a girl who can see ghosts. On the other hand, Kang Sae is the popular guy in the class who everyone loves and Seoyoon has a crush on him.

Later they started to form a bond and he came to know about her supernatural abilities and they started discovering the motives of the ghosts They also started fulfilling the wish of the ghost and also faced many challenges while communicating with spirits.

Books Worth Reading:

Overall, this manhwa shares a unique theme of the story by mixing romance with the concept of ghosts and action.

8) Skill of Lure

average to pickup artist

Chapters: 36; Volumes 7 | Year: (2014-2016)

What if a perverted guy becomes a charismatic man? Yeah! This story follows a young man named Jang Sung-gi who is a pervert and worthless guy.

After meeting a mentor he was changed into a charismatic man and started picking up many girls as he never would. Thanks for the mentor!

This manhwa follows a story of an average guy who turns into a pickup artist which is a quite motivation for an average guy.

Books Worth Reading:

7) You At First Sight

girl ca read others inner thoughts

Chapters: 98 | Year: (2016-2018)

Yechan is a cute-looking girl who can read others’ inner thoughts of other by looking at them. This made her separate from others because of their bad thoughts.

This changes when a boy with a good face appears, he is the only person that Yechan can’t read. He made a strong bond with her and made her realize the face of the world and the people living in it. He made her world and her heart open and made her socialize.

Overall, this is a cute love story of two adorable characters which makes this manhwa best recommended for romance genre lovers.

6) What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

Will he marry his secretary?

Chapters: 98; Volumes: 6 | Year: (2016-2018)

Books Worth Reading:

This story is about a vice president who falls in love with his secretary. Lee Young is a handsome vice president of a large popular company. He is so arrogant and narcissistic and he thinks always he chooses the correct way and his opinion is the correct one.

His secretary is Mi-so who has been working with him for the past nine years and one day, out of the blue she resigns from her work as a secretary. Lee was confused and shocked about her decision which compel her to stay. Although she left, later he discovers his true feelings for her and decided to marry her.

Will she accept his proposal? I think she may accept and change his personality and make him a good man. Overall this manhwa has a good romantic love story and is interesting to read.

5) Light & Shadow

knight and a orphan girl

Chapters: 103 | Year: (2016-2019)

Edna is a noblewoman in a medieval fantasy world, Rowena had the misfortune of being born into a respected family that suffered betrayal and the murder of both her parents. Losing her noble status, she becomes a slave and faces a life of hardship.

Books Worth Reading:

Rowena’s life changes unexpectedly after meeting Eli who is a talented swordsman and a knight. After meeting Edna, Eli took her with him. Eli is known for his hard past as a knight – experiences significant changes in his life. Will they both find love and freedom without drawing their swords on each other?

Such an amazing fantasy love story which is a which is craving for romance manhwa readers. The characters and story development are amazing in this manhwa and the best romance manhwa with a male MC.

4) Something About Us

Childhood friends become lovers

Chapters: 117; Volumes: 5 | Year: (2014-2016)

Will any romantic feelings grow for the friends since childhood? I’m sure, they must go through the situation. Han Woojin and Do Gayoung are the two close friends since high school. They share a deep bond between them and they are aware of both of their feelings.

From their college to adulthood, they faced various challenges including misunderstandings and possessiveness. Laterwards they struggle to balance their friendship with romantic feelings. Will they express their feelings to each other or they remain friends forever?

Books Worth Reading:

The plot of this manhwa is good and the character development is also amazing. This manhwa explores the themes of friendship with romance which is a pretty good manhwa to read.

3) Maybe Meant to Be

unknown become known after marriage

Chapters: 70+ | Year: 2022

Jia Han is an unemployed freelance worker who is now thirty-two years old and her parents were compelling for her to marry and move away. When bumping into her old beat friend Mincheol Jin who is also facing similar family pressures, she suddenly suggests tying the knot.

This solution would resolve the issues for both of them. Without realizing it, she suggested something he would accept, and now she finds herself thrown into marriage. Will they make good couples? After marriage what would they do?

This manhwa has a different storyline of usual marriage and love which makes this a best romance manhwa with a male MC.

Books Worth Reading:

2) Winter Woods

amazing story with bliss

Chapters: 129; Volumes: 7| Year: (2014-2017)

This story follows a high school student named Jane who is a popular and cute-looking girl. She discovered a mysterious boy named Haru who is found in the nearby woods. He possesses the ability to stop and control time but he has forgotten all his past.

As they spend time together they created a strong bond and discover various mysteries in Haru’s life. Later they both have romantic feelings toward each other. Overall it is the best romance manhwa with a male MC and the artwork of this manhwa is on another level.

1) Bastard

Psyco killer
Best Romance Manhwa with Male MC

Chapters: 94; Volumes: 5 | Year: (2014-2017)

This is a psychological thriller Manhwa follows the story of Seon who is a high school student. Seon’s father is exposed as a serial murderer who hunts down unsuspecting victims. Seon got aware of his father’s activities but he is trapped in a web of fear and manipulation.

Books Worth Reading:

As the plot advances, Jin Seon discovers himself entwined in a complex game of cat and mouse. Navigating the indistinct boundary between good and evil falls on him.

He develops a bond with Kyun Yoon, a fellow student who becomes his trusted friend and partner in revealing the truth about his father’s deeds. Overall this is the only manhwa that contains both psychological blended with romance, so this manhwa occupies the first place in this list.


With this, we have concluded our list of the 14+ Best Romance Manhwa with Male MC (Ranked). The concept of superhumans and their superpowers is blended with each manhwa.

From “Bastard” and “Winter Woods” to “Because it’s Love”, each series brings its own twist with a touch of romance to the genre and all these Manhwas are best for the fans of Love and Romance genre Manhwa readers.

Credits: Anilist

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What is the most loved Romance manhwa?

True Beauty by Yaongyi. We’ll start this list with a long-running and extremely successful high-school romance that perfectly encapsulates some prominent themes in manhwa — bullying, loneliness, and self-discovery

Where to start reading romance manhwa?

If you’ve never read romance manhwa before, a good place to start is by considering the types of genres, tropes, or characters you typically prefer, then using those as jumping-off points. From there, you can start to build out a preference within the romance genre specifically.

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