14+ Best Anime like Psycho-Pass (Ranked)

Psycho-pass is inarguably one of the best crime-thriller anime out there. People are crazy about it and with its unique storyline and colorful cast of characters, it’s no doubt it got so much hype.

So in wake of that, we at MyAnimeGuru are making a comprehensive list of The 14+ Best Anime like Psycho-pass (Ranked). This list is going to be based on the overall popularity, depth of the storyline, as well as how well the story goes, and the overall Likeliness of the characters.

So without further ado, let’s dive into this list of best anime like Psycho-Pass.

List of best anime like Psycho-pass

So let’s go on with our list of anime like Psycho-pass.

16. Serial Experiments Lain


Some girls get emails from the young Chisa Yomoda after she commits suicide. One of them, Lain Iwakura, is especially curious despite the widespread notion that this is a hoax.

She starts searching the Wired, a computer network akin to the Internet, for solutions after asking her father for a new NAVI. This tale follows a young girl on her quest to solve the weird mystery of her friend’s death.

Lauded by many as being way ahead of its time, it’s a must-see for anyone who wants to watch an anime like Psycho-Pass. The thought-compelling storylines along with a young protag mean it’s a very unique anime. Though seeing Lain, don’t dismiss it as for kids. It’s intended for mature audiences.

Books Worth Reading:

15. Neon Genesis Evangelion


After a giant explosion in Antarctica, mankind erupted into a war, resulting in the death of 2 Billion people. As mankind was recovering from this incident, giant creatures called Angels emerged wreaking havoc on humanity.

To combat these angels, Japan developed the EVAs. Giant robotic warriors operated by a human pilot. Shinji is chosen as the pilot for EVA1. This takes him on a battle for the survival of humanity with fellow EVA pilots as his sole allies.

Follow Shinji and his woeful battles against both self-doubt and angels, if you want to watch an anime like Psycho-pass.

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14. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy bebop

One of the single best anime out there, Cowboy Bebop follows the merry adventures of the space bounty hunter Spike Speigel and his mates.

Spike and his buddies are different in their trauma and personal issues to resolve while also working towards a common goal that they need help to achieve.

In no time you’ll be hooked on this anime and love the characters. It’s a unique mix of adventure with psychological storytelling and great action scenes.

13. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo ghoul season 1

One of the single most popular anime out there, TG redefined the horror action genre. Follow the journey of Ken Kaneki who survives a Ghoul attack and in the process becomes one himself.

His struggles over his new physiology as well as his involvement in the power struggle between higher powers in the underground of the crime-riddled back alleys of a corrupt city is just mesmerizing.

Books Worth Reading:

The fights between police and criminals are also very much like Psycho-Pass. One of the best anime like Psycho-pass, if you want to watch something thrilling.

12. Cyberpunk Edgerunners


One of the latest smash-hits from last year, Edgerunners made all the rage because of its compelling storyline and the awesome dynamics between the various members of the cast.

Based on CyberPunk 2077 game, follows the struggles of David as he becomes a cyborg to exact revenge on the people who ruined his life. He is accompanied in his struggle by data thief Lucy.

Crime, police, Underground fights, and a lead who fights against criminals using the same powers as they make it one of the best anime like Psycho-pass.

11. Akira


The anime film that changed the anime industry forever, Akira is a blend of world-class storytelling, awesome visuals, and a compelling lead which makes this film a masterpiece.

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Released way back in 1988, it changed how the Western world looked at animation, changing the perspective of the people by making mature content mainstream.

The story follows Tetsuo, a member of a biker gang who was experimented on by the gov and gains psychic powers, and goes on a path of destruction to take his revenge on everyone. If you want to watch an anime like Psycho-pass, this is one of your best options.

10. Gantz

Gantz season 1

Another classic horror-thriller is Gantz. A masterpiece for all means and purposes, it’s also one of the most violent and blood-cradled anime out there.

It follows the lead Kei, who after dying finds himself in an afterlife of sorts with other people and is forced to survive a death game along with one of his former classmates.

A combination of gore, a compelling plot, and an introspecting main character make this anime the best out there. One of the best anime like Psycho-pass out there.

Books Worth Reading:

9. Monster


A masterpiece of an anime in a world where rarely do we get perfect adaptations, Monster is a must-watch for any anime fan. With one of the best villains ever created, the tale is an absolute back and forth of 2 geniuses.

The story follows a surgeon who gets a choice between saving the life of an old politician and a child. he chooses the latter but this decision comes to haunt him years later when it is discovered that this kid grew on to become a heinous killer known as Johan Liebert.

If you want to watch an anime like Psycho-pass with mystery and crime elements then you have to watch Monster by Naoki Urasawa.

8. ID: Invaded


A very underrated anime, ID: Invaded follows Sakaido, a brilliant detective who solves and is part of an organization that solves cases using a system that detects the killing intent of people.

To find out more about a case, he dives into the subconscious mind of serial killers, which also contains the creator of killers, John Walker. A story of murder and psychology, this is one of the more avant-garde creations.

Books Worth Reading:

A full-throttle adventure in the mind of the matter, this anime while being relatively unknown, is one heck of a ride

7. Ergo Proxy

Ergo proxy

A psychological masterpiece, Ergo Proxy is one of the best thriller anime out there. Great visuals along with masterful storytelling and a compelling main character make it a unique experience to watch.

It follows detective Re-I Meyer who investigates a string of murders happening in the domed City of Romdo and its relation with a virus affecting all the cyborgs.

If you want to watch an anime like Psycho-Pass then this tale of travel, mystery, and mental haze will be a perfect fit for you.

6. Ghost in a Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Expanding the world of Ghost in a Shell, SAC follows Section 9, an independent unit of the Japanese police force which investigates and resolves crimes regarding cyborgs and other sensitive issues.

Books Worth Reading:

When a hacker called the Laughing Man puts the entire police force at a risk, it comes down to Daisuke and Motoko to catch the hacker in a cat & mouse game all over Japan.

A thrilling expansion of the GIAS franchise, this is a mystery-thriller/cyberpunk classic that will make anyone who wants to watch an anime like Psycho-pass watch it.

5. Paranoia Agent

Paranoia agent

A masterpiece by director Satoshi Kon, Paranoia Agent gives a new take to the classic slasher film trope. It follows a masked entity who attacks random people on the streets with a Hockey stick.

As the name suggests this leaves people in a state of fear and disarray and makes them paranoid over if they are going to be the next victims. Once viewers have watched a few episodes, they will find the show to be immensely compelling and impossible to put down.

If you want to watch anime like Psycho-pass then this crime thriller is one of your best choices.

Books Worth Reading:

4. Darker than Black

Darker than Black

A completely original anime, Darker than Black is an amazing premise where psychic agents work for various shadowy organizations, all vying to get to know more about the structure known as the Hell’s Gate.

Hell’s Gate appeared 10 years ago and coincided with the emergence of people with psychic abilities known as Contractors who get the power at the cost of their conscience.

Follow Detective Hei on his journey to unlock various mysteries, if you want to watch an anime like Psycho-Pass.

3. Terror in resonance

Terror in resonance

Another original anime, ToR follows 2 boys, Nine and Twelve as they wage a war on tourism against the entire Japanese police force. Mass explosions, arson, and all of it connected by a single word “VON”.

We see how these two boys calling themselves Sphinx cause mayhem around Tokyo while the police led by Detective Kenjirou try to catch these criminals with only a video as their sole clue.

Books Worth Reading:

Join this mad tale of war between 2 youths challenging the very system that made them in a compelling plot full of twists. Easily one of the best anime like Psycho-pass.

2. Death Note

death note

One of the most famous anime out there, Death Note is an absolute masterpiece. A thrilling back-and-forth between Light Yagami and L is perhaps the single best hero-bole in dynamic.

Death Note sees a genius student Light get a notebook that makes anyone die if you write their name on it. This makes Light think that he can get rid of criminals this way which eventually gets the attention of master detective L. These two go on to have one of the best intellectual battles of all time.

The anime that turned many into fans, this is perhaps the single best supernatural crime-thriller and anyone who wants to watch an anime like Psycho-Pass needs to watch it.

1. Code Geass

Code geass- best anime like psycho-pass

Lauded by many as one of the greatest anime of all time, this original anime follows Lelouch as the exiled prince of Britannia poses as a normal student and works towards his goal of overthrowing the empire. To help him in his struggles, he gains the special power of Geass, otherwise known as the eye of the king.

Books Worth Reading:

With his genius-level intellect, his indomitable spirit, and his Geass, he will stop at nothing to see those who betrayed him fall. At times benevolent, at times crazy, this mystery-military anime is a treat for the eyes of anyone who wants an anime like Psycho-Pass.

A tale of heartbreak, revenge, and mad genius with perfectly choreographed sequences makes this an absolute ride.


That was all for our list of best anime like Psycho-pass. I hope you got what you were looking for.

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FAQ section

How many seasons Psycho-pass has?

Psycho-pass has 3 seasons totaling 41 episodes along with 3 movies and a 3-EP OVA.

Is Psycho-Pass a good anime?

With a thought-provoking narrative, fascinating characters, and, stunning animation, Psycho-Pass is a thrilling anime from start to finish.

Who is the MC in Psycho-Pass?

Shinya Kogami is the MC in Psycho-Pass
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