19+ Best Bleach Female Characters (Ranked)

Bleach is one of the most popular anime with a huge fan following. Equally huge is its cast of characters. this is no surprise since in an anime as long as Bleach with over 370+ episodes, there are bound to be a lot of faces.

Here at MyAnimeGuru, we will make a comprehensive list of The Best Bleach Female Characters (Ranked). This list will be based on the overall impact of the character in the story, their strength and likeliness, and the number of episodes they featured in.

So without further ado, let us dive into this list of the best bleach female characters.

List Of Best Bleach Female Characters

Let’s start our list of the best Bleach Female Characters.

20. Lillynette Gingerbuck

Lillynette-Bleach female characters

Lillynette Gingerbuck is an Arrancar and is part of the Espada as the weapon and partner of the Primera Espada Coyote Starrk. She is part of the same hollow entity as Coyote and fuses with him as his Gun when he uses his Resurrección.

Lillynette has the appearance of a young woman who wears sparsely covered clothes and has a helmet-like bone structure on her head which covers her left eye with an eye hollow while there is a singular horn growing from her right temple. She is very short-tempered and gets into frequent quarrels with Coyote.

She is one of the most endearing and best bleach female characters.

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19. Yuzu Kurosaki


None other than the sister of the protag, Yuzu Kurosaki is the younger sister of Ichigo and the older twin sister of Karin Kurosaki. Mild-mannered but self-spoken, she doesn’t hesitate to say what’s on her mind. She also takes care of all the housework in the house.

Much more empathetic than her twin sister, she always worries about Ichigo. She also can’t see hollows other than shadows, unlike her siblings. She is very thoughtful.

She acts responsibly but also has a playful side to her. All in all, she is one of the best bleach female characters.

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18. Kuukaku Shiba


While she hasn’t appeared in a long-time, she played an important role in the Soul Society Arc. She is the head of the Shiba clan and a close associate of Yoruichi. It was she who gave Ichigo and Co. a place to regroup after they initially failed to rescue Rukia.

She is a soul by race and a resident of the soul society. She is missing her right arm and instead wears a prosthetic in its place. She is by nature very temperamental.

She was one of the best bleach female characters during the early episodes.

17. Karin Kurosaki


She is the youngest in the family and much more aloof and stoic than Yuzu. She can also see spirits much more clearly and even interact with them. Unlike her older twin, she is also much more aggressive in her speech similar to Ichigo.

She in her free time acts as a nurse at her father’s clinic along with Yuzu. She also has a habit of hitting Isshin when he acts stupid. Due to her feisty personality, she is very popular and one of the best bleach female characters.

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16. Ururu Tsumigiya


Ururu is a worker at the Urahara shop in the human world. She is meek and shy and generally does, what anyone tells her to do. Despite her appearance, however, she is much stronger than a normal girl.

She is generally very calm but when a hollow comes, she goes into an attack mode and mercilessly attacks the target till it gets destroyed. She has super speed, strength, and reflexes and uses a giant shoulder cannon to demolish enemies.

This combination of strength and calmness makes her one of the best bleach female characters.


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15. Arisawa Tatsuki


Arisawa is Ichigo’s childhood friend and classmate. She is tomboyish and very strong being the 2nd strongest in her age division. She knows Ichigo since he was 4 and they used to go to Karate classes together and have been friends since.

She is also Orihime’s best friend since middle school and protects her from any bullies which led to the deepening of their friendship. She is very brave and cares for both Ichigo and Orihime very much.

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She is one of the best bleach female characters.

14. Nemu Kurotsuchi


Nemu was the assistant of Captain Mayuri and the lieutenant of the 12th Division. She was an artificial soul and was created as both a test subject and as a weapon by Mayuri.

She is very introverted and shy and doesn’t talk at all due to her creator’s attitude. She obeys everything that Mayuri tells her to do. She was created by a mix of Gigai(False body) and Gikon(False soul) techniques.

Despite all this is very loyal and makes her way into the best bleach female characters.

13. Hinamori Momo


Hinamori is the lieutenant of the 5th division of the Gotei 13. She previously served under Sosuke Aizen but now serves under Shinji Hirako. She is kind and easygoing and very loyal.

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She is childhood friends with Capt. Hitsugaya. She is also very close with Renji, Rukia, and Izuru who were her classmates in the academy. She greatly respects Aizen after being saved by him from hollows. She used to trust Aizen blindly, obeying all his commands.

She was left shattered after Aizen’s betrayal and even though she no idolizes him, she still calls him Capt. when they met in fake Karakura Town. She is one of the best bleach female characters.

12. Nanao Ise


One of the best bleach female characters, Nanao is the 1st division lieutenant and serves under Capt. Shunsui Kyoraku. She previously held the same position with the same capt. in the 8th division.

She is a very serious but good-natured person. She is annoyed by her capt. but respects him deeply. She was very fond of Lisa Yadomoru, the former 8th division Lt. and current capt.

Initially antagonistic to Ichigo during the soul society arc, she eventually made peace with him. She loves to read books.

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11. Riruka Dokugamine


Riruka is Fullbringer and despite being a human can use spiritual powers. She is a former member of the group Xcution and helped Ichigo attain Fullbring powers after he lost his shinigami powers.

She helped Ichigo initially later betraying him by stealing his riatsu along with his fullbring powers, augmenting her powers. She can use a power called Dollhouse which traps people inside a dollhouse.

After she is defeated by Rukia and saved by Urahara, she leaves. She returns as an ally to Urahara in the Thousand Yr Blood War Arc. She is one of the most entertaining and best bleach female characters.

10. Hiyori Sarugaki


Hiyori is a member of the Visored and a victim of Aizen during the past when she was attacked and modified by Aizen and turned into a Hollow.

She is unaffiliated with the soul society and resides in the human world. 110 years ago, she was the Lt. of Capt. Hikifune before her promotion to the zero division and replaced as Capt by Urahara.

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Like all other visored members, she can also manifest her hollow powers by mask. She used to hate Urahara but now respects him. She is one of the best bleach female characters.

9. Tier Harribel

Tier Harribel

One of the best villains as well best bleach female characters is Tier Harribel. She is the Tres Espada and was recruited by Aizen when she was roaming Hueco Mundo.

She is extremely powerful as evident from her seamless battles with Hitsugaya as well as the visored Lisa and Hiyori. She is eventually betrayed by Aizen who stabs her and lets her fall into the fake Karakura.

After Aizen’s defeat, and Baraggan and Starrk’s death she becomes the de facto ruler of Hueco Mundo. She is later defeated and imprisoned by Yhwach as he conquers Hueco Mundo.

8. Nelliel Tu Oderschvank


Nelliel is the former 3rd Espada and was immensely powerful. Sometime in the past, she was ambushed by Nnoitra the 5th Espada(then 9th) and was injured on her mask, leading to her losing her powers and transforming into a child.

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She is then dropped from Los Noches. Dondochaka and Pesche look after the injured Nel as their sister and protect her. She becomes friends with Ichigo when he was Hueco Mundo to save Orihime.

She saves Ichigo from Nnoitra when she suddenly gets her powers back. After the fight, she reverts to a child. She is easily one of the best bleach female characters.

7. Yachiru Kusajishi


Yachi is of the cutest and best bleach female characters. She is the 11th Div Lt. and serves under Capt. Zaraki Kenpachi. She is fearless and the only person not afraid of Kenpachi.

She is almost childlike in her appearance and always latches onto Kenpachi’s shoulder. She is very proud of Kenpachi and thinks he can’t be defeated by anyone.

She is fairly powerful in her own right and capable of fighting quite strong opponents effortlessly.

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6. Soi Fon

Soi fon

The captain of the 2nd division is Soi Fon. She is one of the best bleach female characters and extremely powerful.

Initially serving under Yoruichi when she was the 2nd division capt, she was eventually promoted to Capt. after Yoruichi’s exile.

Soi Fon is very stringent and doesn’t like to waste time and doesn’t care about right or wrong but simply following orders. She is also extremely fond of her former capt.

5. Retsu Unohana


She is one of the oldest members of the Gotei 13. She was the first Kenpachi as well as the first capt. of the 11th Division. She later became a master healer and became capt of the 4th division.

She also encountered a young Zaraki during her 11th division days and fought him, winning but getting injured leading to her relinquishing her title.

Books Worth Reading:

Her Lt. was Isane who later succeeded her as the capt. She died during Yhwach’s invasion and was eventually cast to Hell by a failed ritual. She is easily one of the best bleach female characters.

4. Rangiku Matsumoto


Easily one of the most popular bleach female characters, Rangiku Matsumoto is the Lt. of the 10th division under Capt. Hitsugaya.

She was childhood friends with Gin Ichimaru, the former 3rd division capt. She is playful, laid back, and chill though she was very sad after Gin’s death. She was one of the shinigami who were undercover in Karakura town along with Renji, Ikkaku, Toshiro, and Yumichika to keep watch on the Arrancars.

3. Yoruichi Shihouin


One of the best bleach characters, she was the former leader of the Stealth Force as well the former Second division capt. She is extremely powerful and extremely fast being a master of flash steps.

She is a close friend of Urahara and was exiled alongside him 110 years ago when Aizen framed Urahara for being a traitor. She helps Urahara escape execution and escaped to Earth.

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On Earth, she gained the power to transform into a cat. She helped Ichigo many times and also fought Aizen in the fake Karakura town.

2. Orihime Inoue


She is one of the best bleach female characters and one of the main characters. She is Ichigo’s classmate and has romantic feelings for him. In the epilogue, it is revealed that she married him and had a son.

While born as a normal human, she gained spiritual powers when exposed to Ichigo and Ishida’s battle and their riatsu. She can heal even the most severe of injuries, for which Aizen kidnapped her.

She is clumsy and meek by nature, due to being bullied as a kid and her brother dying, but she is capable of fierce courage when it comes to protecting her friends. Arisawa is her best friend.

1. Rukia Kuchiki


One of the main characters, Rukia is one of the most popular bleach female characters. She is the one who gave Ichigo his powers and plays a central part in the story in all arcs.

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She was formerly the 13th division Lt. and is the current 13th Division Capt. and the adoptive sister of the 6th division Capt, Byakuya. She was ordered to be executed by the soul society for giving Ichigoshinigami powers who then travelled to the soul society to save her.

In the epilogue, she went on to marry childhood friend Renji and had a daughter who is also a soul reaper. Rukia is easily the best bleach female character.


With this, we have a definitive list of the best bleach female characters according to their popularity, significance to the story, and powers. However, the list will keep growing if we iterate through each of the characters that are present in Bleach.

If you want to know more about Bleach characters then, refer to this article “Category: Characters | Bleach Wiki | Fandom“.

FAQ section

Who is the strongest female character in Bleach

It is hard to answer but, it is probably the Soul Queen as she was the wife of the Soul Queen.

Who is the female soul reaper?

Rukia Kuchicki is the soul reaper and also the first to feature in the Bleach franchise.

Who does Ichigo Love?

Ichigo Kurosaki is the protagonist of Bleach as well as the love interest, longtime crush, and eventual husband of Orihime Inoue.
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