Top 10 Best Manga Like Overlord (Ranked)

I bet you liked Overlord and here you are searching for manga like Overlord.

Well, yeah I can’t blame you because the story itself is so interesting that anybody would be intrigued by the ending and search for it too.

Today we will discuss the many mangas like Overlord and we will know how they made their name into the list of top 10 best manga like Overlord.

If you enjoyed Overlord you’re certainly hankering for more! If you’re looking for other game-related stories and alternate dimension stories, or stories with extremely powerful main characters, you’re at the right spot! 

Here are some other mangas similar to Overlord! Take your time, and saunter through these amazing and captivating stories!

Then you are at the right place because MyAnimeGuru has prepared a list of manga like overlord.

Books Worth Reading:

List of Manga Like Overlord

  • Solo Leveling
  • The New Gate
  • Re: Monster
  • Skeleton Knight In Another World
  • Gate: Where The JSDF Fought
  • The Saga Of Tanya The Evil
  • The Executed Sage Who was Reincarnated
  • Her Majesty’s Swarm
  • The Skeleton Soldier Failed To Defend The Dungeon
  • Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody

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1. Solo Leveling

Solo leveling manga like overlord

Overpowered is my type of game. Solo leveling was on its level with another manhwa I first read it and a brand new setting can have a massive impact on me.

Books Worth Reading:

However, as you’ve guessed that if a setting for a plot is successful, many manhwas follow the same style of setting. 

Similar to the Solo leveling style plots became overcrowded making it manga like overlord.

The result is that improved and refined manhwas with similar “settings” appear to appear everywhere because there are many who complain that solo leveling could benefit from more character or world-building, and could be less attractive among similar Manhwa. 

Art was among the most popular in the period and the way it was positioned against the other games It’s eye-catching. Definitely a match for manga like Overlord.


Anime Suggestions Similar To Solo Leveling

Books Worth Reading:

2. The New Gate

mangal like overlord

It’s a great read. I particularly like the romance, much better than the manga that has just romantic tags, with no growth whatsoever. Mc can be tough and manages to keep things promptly. He isn’t one to stand out, however, it is not entirely.

There are plenty of enjoyable moments. And all characters are fascinating If you consider them with a serious mind.

It also saw a game adaptation when the LN was in operation. I hope that this gets an anime adaptation and shocks all the fans even more. This is definitely a read to manga like Overlord.

3. Re: Monster

manga like overlord

The main focus of the story is how far the protagonist makes toward his goals since this helps the story move faster, so it is rare to get the details about the characters.

The story is at such a rapid pace that it is a reason for how every day or even several months pass.

Books Worth Reading:

The progress is certainly entertaining to watch, however, most of the time, the manga is in the third person with captions (The square boxes you will see) and there’s less dialogue making it a manga like overlord.

The story is by far the best part of the story since it swoops around various things such as discovering the characters’ backgrounds, although there are moments when the personal stories of other characters are presented. This is definitely a manga like Overlord.

4. Skeleton Knight In Another World

skeleton knight in another world

A gamer engaged in video gaming until the time he was asleep…and when he awoke to find himself playing the game as the skull! 

Armed with the deadly weapons and armor of his avatar but unable to accept its terrifying appearance of a skeleton, Arc has to find his way to a home in this brand-new, wonderful place. 

The hopes of living an easy life are shattered when he comes across the beautiful warrior of the elves that take him on a quest that is filled with adventure and conflict. Definitely a manga like Overlord.

Books Worth Reading:

5. Gate: Where the JSDF Fought

gate where the jsdf fought is a manga like overlord

On the 20th of August, an entranceway suddenly opens at the heart of Tokyo’s Ginza district, revealing the portal through which creatures, medieval knights, and other fantasy creatures come from another dimension and cause destruction in Tokyo. 

It is the Japanese Defense Force taking action against the monsters and forcing them back inside their “Gate”. The third Reconnaissance Team is dispatched to the “Special Region” headed by the officer (and the otaku) Touji Itami. Great piece of manga like Overlord.

6. The Saga Of Tanya The Evil

image 15

If a typical Japanese salaryman suddenly finds himself thrown into a world filled with hardship and war through a supernatural force they might initially consider escaping or hiding. 

But not Tanya Degurechaff. A pragmatic and calculating man is reborn as a soldier amid a child. 

This girl will do everything to rise in rank and discover ways to live a life with ease, and apprehension to any monarch, country, or god who is on her path.

Books Worth Reading:

Definitely a must read if you are looking for manga like overlord.

7. The Executed Sage Was Reincarnated

Executed sage is reincarnated

The Sage Dwight together with The Hero battled The Demon Lord who plunged the world into darkness. 

They were then misled into becoming”the next” Demon Lords because of their strength, and they were sent to Death Valley. Death Valley is to die.

Although his flesh was rotting away he remained the remains of a skeleton as he carried on his resentment towards the world. 

Books Worth Reading:

Dwight has made a vow to change against the broken world and with a strength that rivals that of the previous Demon King and by leading thousands of Skeletons they will start an all-out conflict.

Definitely, a must-read if you are searching for manga like Overlord.


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8. Her Majesty’s Swarm

Her majesty's swarm is a manga like overlord

This is the protagonist, a student at a college who is a fan of playing the faction that is aligned with evil Arachne in her favorite Real-Time Strategy game. 

In a single day, she discovers herself in a similar world to the one that she was in during the game, but her body is one of a 14-year-old girl. 

While the circumstances differ from what they were during the game, one aspect remains the same.

Books Worth Reading:

She is the head of the Arachnea. The insects she manages and collectively known as the Swarm praise her and plead with her to guide them to victory. 

To stay alive she organizes her Swarm and establishes friendly relationships with the elves from the nearby forest. 

However, after a slaver who is traveling through the forest murders an elven member of the Swarm and the kingdom’s knights burn down a village of elves and slaughter the inhabitants, she plans to strike back with the intention of retribution. 

In reality, revenge is an excuse for attacking all nations. Her tactics are masterful and ruthless, as anyone who has played on the field…

9. The Skeleton Soldier Failed To Defend The Dungeon

the skeleton soldier failed to defend the dungeon

Take a look at the Skeleton Soldier A tiny but incredibly loyal fighter who protects its master Lady Succubus. 

Books Worth Reading:

The dream of a tranquil relationship with the lady is destroyed when both are brutally killed by an army of warriors at some point. 

However, what could have been a sad end for an unexceptional soul is a catalyst for the beginning of a new chapter When the Skeleton Soldier’s eyes open again, it is transported to the past 20 years! 

“I need to inform Lady Succubus of the events to be expected!” But with no special skills in combat and a past of loss and failure, what can it do to stop the terrible events from happening once more? 

Keep an eye on your Skeleton Soldier on its journey as it takes on the most challenging task of all: rewriting the ending of its own story.

10. Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody

Death march to the parallel world rhapsody

Suzuki is an experienced programmer caught in the middle of a time of death march in which coders are dependent on coffee and work all day long. 

Books Worth Reading:

He’s just in need of a nap…but the next day, he’s having a vision. A dream in which he’s an alternate world, using RPG abilities that are completely off the mark. 

A dream in which he calls down a massive catastrophe. It’s a dream that strangely will not end. Definitely a manga like Overlord.

Final Words

That’s all for our list of Top 10 Best Manga Like Overlord. If you like the article make sure you share it with someone that needs it. MyAnimeGuru brings you content like this daily that you can read and share with everyone.

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FAQ Section

Is the Overlord manga as good as the light novel?

Sentences that the characters say are taken directly from the novels multiple times. Even minor characters like Brain have the same personality in both anime and novels. If you still want to read Overlord, the light novels are better than the manga.

Books Worth Reading:

Is Overlord a dark anime?

This dark fantasy series is best for video game fans. Overlord follows the story of Momonga, a DMMO-RPG player who falls asleep in his favorite game as it’s being shut down.


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