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Murim RPG Simulation is an Action Fantasy Manhwa based on a web novel. This is quite a unique method of cultivation manhwa.

It’s extremely enjoyable, and the mc is powerful and smart without being overwhelmed. The art is very well suited to this.

Today we are going to talk about a few things on Murim RPG Simulation Wiki.

Synopsis Of Murim RPG Simulation Wiki

Murim RPG Simulation Wiki

Scouts in the notorious Demon Cult, Seolhwi is conducting an ordinary patrol when his team unexpectedly comes across the feared head from the Mount Hua Sect, the known adversaries from the Demon Cult. 

Without warning, this Mount Hua Cult master slaughters the entire group. While Seolhwi is dying in a slumber, reminiscing about his years of service to the cult, but with little to show for it, he’s confronted with a video game question, asking him if would like to begin again. 

With the chance to start again and make a new choice Seolhwi pledges to fight and grow stronger so that his climb to the top of the Demon Cult.

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Characters In Murim RPG Simulation

Let’s talk about the characters in Murim RPG Simulation Wiki.

Seol Hwi

Seoul Hwi Murim Rpg Simulation wiki

The Protagonist of the series. Seol Hwi, after he is killed in a trap, returns to the past and is the only one that can see screens with strange words. A Status Screen.

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So Ryeong

So ryeong

So Ryeong is a female cult member from the Red Demon Court.

Heuk Bi

Heuk Bi

Sima Gui

Sima Gui

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Chik San

Chik san

Juk Myung

Juk Myung

Bu II Gi

Bu II Gi Murim Rpg Simulation wiki

Yo Rim

Yo rim

Review Of Murim RPG Simulation

Murim Rpg Simulation wiki

It’s a gem that is not widely known. It took me a bit to appreciate it after I read five chapters a couple of months ago I didn’t feel any enthusiasm for it.

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It’s slow and isn’t the kind of manhwa that I expected. However, it becomes worth it after returning to it and then reading chapter 50, and then binge-reading it. 

The story is not original however, it was read slowly and with care to ensure that it is not influenced by the choices of characters.

The character’s development is not only a one-time big. Each step that benefits him could also come back against his back.

The first chapter is excellent, it has the foundation that mangas all have, however, it’s not a duplicate.

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It has its own distinct plot and a character who develops slowly and doesn’t just suddenly turn an op. 100 percent.

Murim Rpg Simulation wiki

And everything that he does must be considered carefully as even if it appears as if he chose the right route, things can be disastrous for him.

When the MC is confident and confident and confident. What I mean is that there’s nothing that flows smoothly for the character.

As well as the system is one that he is difficult to master, unlike other similar manhwa’s in which after a couple of chapters, the MC can magically know how to utilize the system.

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I also like the fact that even if he does die, it is possible to regress, however, there are life points that can be accumulated and used as a means of payment instead of death.

So this isn’t the same as a suicide hunter or suicidal snitch, where the MC could constantly resurrect without worrying about anything aside from wasting time.

Murim Rpg Simulation wiki

There’s a chance of dying and every life point and the lives the MC has there are times when he’s no life points, and he is terrified of being killed. 

The artwork is some that I think is great The characters also have an element of complexity. the MC is powerful but it takes time to fight the bad characters.

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He’s quite cool but not overly realistic to the point that everything can be considered correct.

There are choices he makes which cost lives as well as actions that cause him to be resentful if they ruin his growth. 

Overall, I would highly recommend taking a look although it’s not as fast a staged op that is a cool badass, whatever it is, it certainly did create the most unique approach to telling the story of a well-known plot. For that, it’s really enjoyable.

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Final Words

Murim Rpg Simulation wiki

Mc has a system similar to arcade games. He also can earn additional lives by taking out other martial arts. This is extremely beneficial. 

This system focuses more on decision-making and mc is able to restart his life as many times as he’s killed, other martial artists.

This is a very good read. I’m talking about all the works in the world that focus to mc displaying his flashy power.

This one is an improved Mc and he’s not an idiot who is reckless, however, someone who thinks about what to do, and knows how to handle a blow, and attempting to repay it was a huge win for me.

That was all for Murim RPG Simulation Wiki, I hope you like the article and got useful info about it.

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