14+ Best Manhwa Like Superhuman Era (Ranked)

You are searching for a manhwa-like Superhuman era? Then, you are in the right place. Today on MyAnimeGuru we are going to compile a list of the 14+ Best Manhwa Like Superhuman Era (Ranked).

If you don’t have much familiarity with the plot of this manhwa, Don’t worry I’ll give a bit explanation of it. This story follows a teenager who is who saves this world from superhumans and monsters. But nobody knows a single piece of information about him and where the monsters came from.

Later certainly, he made a balance between the superhumans and humans and created a new era in which both groups worked together for their bright future. It is one of the best superheroes manhwa. You should give it a try!

Best Manhwa like Superhuman Era

So let’s see the list of 14+ Best Manhwa Like Superhuman Era (Ranked).

15) Volt

past become dangerous

Chapters: 24 | Year: (2018-2019)

The story of this manhwa focuses on a superhero named Volt who lives in a strange place known as “Reverse Town”. Like every superhero, he also has an adverse background and his past becomes a big danger to the entire mankind.

Will he solve the mysteries of his past and save humankind? What kind of past does he possess? The best option is to find is to read this manhwa. And this manhwa is best recommended for the fans of Superhuman Era Manhwa.

Books Worth Reading:

14) Vulcan

Firefighter control fire!

Chapters: 30 | Year: (2016-2017)

What if a firefighter can able to control and manipulate fire? Yeah, this story follows a superhuman firefighter known as Vulcan. He can withstand the heat and control it. He faced various challenges and eliminated certain criminal organizations.

Along with his team later he uncovers the secret behind his superhuman ability and he was given a great responsibility to bring justice and inspire others to be courageous and selfless.

Books Worth Reading:

This manhwa explores the theme of supernatural ability with firefighting and shows the human spirit can control fire and is best suited for Superhuman Era lovers.

13) SideKicks

sidekick of hero

Chapters: 131 | Year: (2014-2016)

This story happens in a world of Heroes and sidekicks, Who are sidekicks? They are the people who aspire to be a superhero but they to work with other heroes to become one.

In this manhwa, Lumia is also called a dream girl who possesses the ability to put sleep anybody and Darkslug is a normal human chosen as her sidekick. Both Dream Girl and Darkslug will join and eliminate the dark forces and evil doers from the earth.

Both Superhuman Era and Sidekick possess the same concept but the only difference is The Superhuman Era focuses on the superhero as MC but Sidekick focuses on the journey of becoming a superhero.

Books Worth Reading:

12) The Great Monster War

Best Manhwa Like Superhuman Era

Chapters: 70+ | Year: 2019

This manhwa follows a normal teenager named Phillip, by undergoing certain mysterious events that made him turn into a Zombie. As a zombie, he lost his humanity and explores various emotions while under the transformation.

How will you guys do if you suddenly change into a zombie? Well, Philips undergoes various internal struggles and navigates his emotions toward the undead society. This manhwa is not much similar to the superhuman era but it can be the best manhwa who like Superhuman Era.

11) Savior

Souls got lost

Chapters: 70 | Year: (2021-2022)

The theme of this manhwa is based on the mystical realm of the afterlife. A group of individual souls was guided by a Grim Reaper, suddenly the Reaper got killed and the names of the departed souls got vanished from the death list.

Books Worth Reading:

The story goes on thrilling as the mystery of these souls is solved. Without the names in the death last, how do the souls enter the realm of the afterlife?

10) Hero Co., LTD.

Company of superheroes

Chapters: 26; Volumes: 4 | Year: (2009-2010)

What if we can rent or hire superheroes? This manhwa travels in a world where superheroes can be hired and a unique organization called “Hero Co., LTD” is recruiting superhumans by observing their powerful abilities and providing correct heroes to the people.

In this manhwa, we can see the daily adventures and dangerous missions undergone by them. By the way, they can grow both as a superhero and as an employee of the company.

With themes of heroism, identity, and teamwork this is a wonderful and unique manhwa to read and also recommended for the Superhuman Era fans.

Books Worth Reading:

9) UnOrdinary

Filled with heroes

Chapters: 305+ | Year: 2016

What if a world is filled with full of heroes? Yeah, this manhwa is set in a world where supernatural abilities are common among people, but not everyone possesses this ability, and this story is based on that guy named John.

In the society of the world, the people with abilities are categorized to many types ie. Humans with strong abilities are considered “Elites”. Later John uncovers a dark secret that he possesses incredible powerful ability. Will he be able to use his ability and become the No.1 hero?

This manhwa shared the same theme of superhumans and monsters as the Superhuman Era so it is the best-recommended manhwa.

8) Shadow

Cleaning of mess

Chapters: 12 | Year: 2014

Books Worth Reading:

The manhwa shares a different and unique plot, a department that is responsible for cleaning up the mess caused by the superheroes and there is a separate organization responsible for this job.

Mostly the battle between the heroes leave the city destroyed and leaving debris and destroyed buildings and many dangerous situations for the citizens and the Superhuman Assistance Department worker are hired to clean up this mess.

7) Blade of the Phantom Master

Blade of the Phantom Master

Chapters: 271 | Year: (2017-2019)

The setting of this story is an invented place called Jushin which is located in feudal-era Korea. The Amheng Osa disguised themselves while traveling throughout rural areas. This character is emitting the secret vibes of Lim Kang from Superhuman Era. He is only a superhuman, not a secret agent in service.

The initial scene in Jushin’s portrayal reveals that it had already been ruined and divided into multiple kingdoms controlled by cruel warlords. One can witness Munsu’s persistent wandering across landscapes as among the last of Amheng Osa’s characters in Blade Of The Phantom Master.

Books Worth Reading:

6) Guilty Axe

lose fife for friend

Chapters: 11 | Year: 2021

A young boy named Dantae caught himself in a dangerous encounter with a demon named Sin. At the very same moment, his friend is also in danger, in the try of saving him Dantae losses his own life.

But his story doesn’t end there instead he was given two choices, One is he can enter heaven a enjoy a peaceful life and the other is to stay in the world and dedicate himself to helping others. What choice will he take?

The engaging characters and the life after death are also beautifully portrayed in this manhwa and it reminds me of the Superhuman Era.

5) Food Runner

Arcade in school

Chapters: 102 | Year: (2021-2023)

Books Worth Reading:

This story revolves around a student named Minho who is studying in a reputed high school. One day, the play zone of the school is fixed with many arcade games.

One of the arcades is named “Food Runner” which is so impressive and addictive. Our Minho always used to play it at lunchtime and often by bunking classes. After he got completed every task in the game and it unlocked a secret door for him. What is behind the door?

4) Apostle’s Creed

Soul overwatcher

Chapters: 89 | Year: (2015-2017)

The loss of her younger brother disturbs So-Yeon who is the main character of this story, and she battles against the wicked entities accountable for his passing. Her title as a guardian is that of an Overwatcher. To keep the darkness away and provide guidance toward inner peace for lost souls is her role.

The safety of an Apostle, the sole individual able to open the gate, is entrusted to every Overwatcher. The statement declares that Apostles must grant one wish of their defender after they have successfully exorcised a thousand ghosts.

Books Worth Reading:

3) Reality Quest


Chapters: 85+ | Year: 2021

I will give you some information about the storyline of this manhwa. The narrative revolves around Ha Do-Wan, a teenager who faces bullying in his school. Playing games forcefully for a full week was mandatory for him. His body couldn’t tolerate it. Events must unfold in the world of manhwa – isn’t that so?

His past self was the body he inhabited upon being reincarnated after death. All of his game-playing experience had equipped him with essential abilities. Now will he be able to take revenge on the bully?

This is a good theme-based manhwa and shared the themes of reincarnation with supernatural abilities which is a desire for the Superhuman Era Fans.

2) Solo Leveling

Best Manhwa Like Superhuman Era

Chapters: 200 | Year: (2018-2023)

Books Worth Reading:

Here comes the popular fan favorite Manhwa Solo Levelling, the story of this Manhwa is based on a world with monsters and humans. The monsters came from the mysterious portal from another dimension. There are hunters to hunt these monsters.

The main protagonist Sung Jinwoo is a weak and low-level hunter, while on a mission he is trapped in a dungeon and gained a unique ability called “Player Reborn” which allows him to level up his strength and ability like in a video game.

The only difference between the two manhwas is, Superhuman Era’s MC is introduced as a strong hero but in Solo Levelling, Sung Jinwoo starts as a weak hunter and goes on leveling up.

1) Tower of God

Best Manhwa Like Superhuman Era

Chapters: 570+ | Year: 2010

A mysterious tower is where Twenty-Fifth Bam ventures in search of Rachel, his lost friend, as the story goes. A colossal and risky framework named the Tower of God is composed of several layers that contain various difficulties, evaluations, and potent rivals.

Books Worth Reading:

‘Regulars’, are known as those who climb up the tower to reach its topmost level while being driven by aspirations and dreams. Immense power and untold riches are within their reach.


With this, we have concluded our list of the 14+ Best Manhwa Like Superhuman Era (Ranked). The concept of superhumans and their superpowers is blended with each manhwa.

From “Tower of God” and “Solo Levelling” to “Volt”, each series brings its own twist to the genre and all these Manhwas are best for the fans of Superhuman Manhwa readers.

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