17+ Best Manhwa Like Weak Hero (Ranked)

Weak Hero is one of the best school life manhwas and that is why teenagers and everyone like manhwa so much.

You probably have finished reading it and came here searching for more manhwa like Weak Hero. Well, you are at the right place because MyAnimeGuru brings you the list of 17+ Best Manhwa Like Weak Hero (Ranked).

The list will be ranked based on the reader’s ratings and reviews.

So, without wasting any more time let’s get started.

List of Best Manhwa Like Weak Hero

  • Teenage Mercenary
  • The Boxer
  • Save Me
  • Lookism
  • Viral Hit
  • Dokgo
  • My School Life Pretending To Be a Worthless Person
  • Random Chat
  • Duty After School
  • Study Group
  • Nevermore
  • Pounding
  • The Villain
  • God Of Blackfield
  • Reawakened Man
  • Supernova
  • Trigger (Bulmanitnyang)
  • Gangs Of School

This is our list of best manhwa like weak hero and now we will be discussing the specifics of each manhwa in our list of best manhwa like Weak Hero.

Books Worth Reading:

1. Teenage Mercenary

Teenage Mercenary

The story revolves around Ijin Yu, who lost his parents and mother during an accident on a plane when he was just eight years old.

Books Worth Reading:

He was left stranded in a foreign country and was compelled to join the ranks of an infant mercenary so that he can be able to survive in extremely difficult circumstances.

A decade later, the man comes home to be to his extended family members in Korea which is a place which is a place where the food supply and housing are plentiful and all seems to be in order.

However, Ijin soon realizes that being an adolescent is quite a different task. Ijin will have to develop new ways to deal with the school environment with just one year left in high school. Ijin will he be able to finish a full year in high school? In particular, will the school be in a position to stand him up?

This is the most amazing manhwa similar to Weak Hero that you can read today If you’re looking to read a manhwa similar to Weak Hero, with thrilling action scenes, then read this.

Books Worth Reading:

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2. The Boxer

The Boxer Manhwa

I am enjoying the plot and personally would like to see more time spent on Yu rather than Jay. I would like there to be one main character.

However, I do believe it’s unique and enjoyable to spend time getting into the background of his rivals. 

The characters come alive. In terms of the artwork, I would not say it’s not good, but rather individual. It’s not my favorite however it’s very eye-catching and well-done. 

Books Worth Reading:

The best part is those fight sequences. The only thing we can do is say that the fight scenes are extremely, truly amazing. It’s among my top choices currently. Second on our list of manhwa like weak hero.

3. Save Me

Save Me Manhwa

The ending of this Manhwa was a complete surprise. 3rd on our list of manhwa like weak hero.

The ending was not what one anticipated, but those who took the actions they did were rewarded exactly as they should have and I’m thankful that all paid for the things they caused to Heongoh. 

I was almost crying during the last chapter (spoiler alert!). It was bad enough that be bullied about being disabled.

Books Worth Reading:

Then, the bullies forced him to eat laxatives. He threw up before the entire world and was unable to do anything since, yet again, he was disabled. 

Do you know the psychological trauma that a boy has suffered and this is to top it off? It irritates me whenever you think of it. 

However, this Manhwa is a must-read for anyone who likes drama, psychology, and school stories. 

If you’ve had the experience of being bullied, like me You will be interested in the way these bullies are treated. Heongoh was certainly saved.

Books Worth Reading:

4. Lookism


I’m going to be completely open with you. I have gone through the stages of “not caring about this story at all” to “absolutely loving and cheering for it”. 4th on our list of manhwa like weak hero.

If you can get past the slow beginning and the explicit sexualization of women in the first art style and you likely will notice that you’re reading an amazing piece of the webtoon.

In my initial reading, I would have given it around 5/10. At the maximum. However, now? I’m not going to give it a 10/10 simply because I realize that the plot and the pace aren’t perfect.

If you decide to give it an attempt, I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did.

5. Viral Hit

Viral Hit

The art style is lovely and I love the expressions. Certain characters are hilarious and others are a bit silly but everybody is like that at times. 

Books Worth Reading:

5th on our list of manhwa like weak hero. I discovered this because I read Lookism in the middle of the night. Lookism is an excellent read. I also enjoy the stories of each person, especially Taehoon’s T-T story. I am a fan of how to fight or Hit.

It’s really enjoyable in the beginning, but it might be boring, but once you are absorbed and involved, it’s going to make people addicted. 

It highlighted a variety of problems that you might come through in life and is similar to Lookism. Character development is insane. it’s not my thing however, you can be accustomed to it.

6. Dokgo


We’re all aware of the dangers of bullying however have you thought about whether bullying could kill someone? The truth is that it can.

Books Worth Reading:

Kang Hu became habituated to bullying. One day, he passed away due to bullying, breaking his family into pieces. 6th on our list of manhwa like weak hero.

After one year after the death of Kang Hu, his younger brother is seeking revenge on the bullies who abused him to the point that the teen passed away.

To achieve his goals, he enrolled in the same school where his brother was a student with the sole purpose to eliminate the group of bullies who abused his brother because they enjoyed this.

A fantastic manhwa that has the story of revenge, and the main character is an undergraduate student Why not give it the chance?

Books Worth Reading:

7. My School Life Pretending To Be a Worthless Person

my school life pretending to be a worthless person

The MC who’s awkward in chill mode and a psychopath when pissed is fascinating to look at. There are some funny elements as well. 

8th on our list of manhwa like weak hero. The amount of chapters released up to the present is only 23 chapters, we don’t know how long the plot will unfold. But it’s definitely on my to-watch list.

The world-building in this manhwa is distinct in certain ways. Some characters could seem at times a little childish. It’s understandable since they’re all high schoolers. 

The art of this manhwa is excellent, but the film isn’t always action-packed. You should give it a shot for a contemporary manhwa with a fantasy setting set in the high school.

Books Worth Reading:

9. Random Chat

manhwa like weak hero

This is a truly fascinating and excellent manhwa.

The characters are fascinating. My favorite persona is that of Taeyang. Taeyang Lee is the one who bullies the MC. I’m able to say with certainty that I initially hated the character. 

9th on our list of manhwa like weak hero. After I discovered his history, which does not justify his actions against the MC I realized how complex his personality was. 

It’s hard to articulate why I love him, but, hey. Another thing that I love about this tale is that all the protagonists have motivations (as I can recall) I won’t go into detail about the motives of each character can be explained, but it gives a hint of the reasons why they took the actions they did.

I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking a Manwha for reading.

Books Worth Reading:

10. Duty After School

Duty after school

Have you ever wondered if aliens are real? What happens if they struck Earth in the future? And how will humanity survive or fight them?

The manhwa story unfolds when aliens invade and attempt to conquer Earth However, to stop this from happening certain students from certain schools are required to fight them.

Will they be able to stop the invaders or will aliens take over the planet?

There isn’t any commonality between the two manhwa and Weak Hero but it’s an excellent manhwa to think about reading following Weak Hero. It is highly recommended manhwa like weak hero.

Books Worth Reading:

11. Study Group

Study Group

Amazing. Unique plot. There are many twists and turns which leave you on the edge of your seat. 11th on our list of manhwa like weak hero.

It’s fascinating to look at the story unravel and to realize that every detail you previously read about is a crucial element in the next chapter. Each character in the story has their side of the story as well as a reason for why they behave the way they do. 

The art was stunning and very well-drawn. The art is what makes Manwha more impressive.

12. Nevermore


I enjoy James as well as Samuel’s personalities (so much) the most, and how their relationship develops but how the other characters are created is amazing. 

12th on our list of manhwa like weak hero. Do you begin by loving them, only to be angry with them, to love them once more? Or, the reverse?

The plot is interesting too and the premise is one of my favorite (enemies to lovers ) tropes we go !!!) Though I think the ending could benefit from some tweaks (some issues were unclear or were not clear enough) However, the overall story is a great read.

13. Pounding


Pounding is the story of one boy, Soyoon who makes an individual who is on the brink of death to save his friend, Minwhan, Soyoon is an exceptional student who is being harassed at school. while Minwhan is a wild fighter who is a hunter.

The story is written well-written, the characters are written well, and the split personality issue makes it fascinating, and overall it’s a good read, and you can read it in one sitting. It’s a pity that we didn’t get the second season of this. A good read manhwa like weak hero.

14. The Villain

The Villain

This is a great manhwa however I can’t give it 10/10 because the plot was a bit slow. 14th on our list of manhwa like weak hero.

It had similar issues to one punch man, which is that the mc is just so powerful that he finishes the fight far too quickly. 

So, just like one punch man, you don’t get to see the main protagonist throughout the manhwa. But when he does appear, the excitement. 

Also, I didn’t rate it 10/10 due to the ending being silly, as the author changed the mc’s nerf so that he could fight Elly, which isn’t a good thing given his past accomplishments such as beating a man without sweat that elly was able to barely beat. 

Overall, the book was excellent, except for the ending. It’s an absolute must read

15. God Of Blackfield

God Of Blackfield

The story is an interesting concept. It’s not an ordinary reincarnation, as it follows an identical timeline and revenge for an old life. Not just the new body, Bla Bla

It begins with a great storyline and then has some characters that are boring and then is back to being charming!

SO Tots would recommend this. Also, MC is hot. art is stunning. A worth reading manhwa like weak hero.

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16. Reawakened Man

Reawakened man manhwa like weak hero

Revival Man. A.K.A- Korean Jesus. A man is killed by a group of thugs when trying to shield his young neighbor. He wakes up three days later in a sleeping place and believes it was an illusion. 16th on our list of manhwa like weak hero.

Once the gangsters arrive, he’s dead yet again. Then he reads news about the site of his premature death on the news. He learns that he resurfaces three days after death and will always appear in his bed.

The development of the story is quite excellent. Our protagonist begins as a normal person who has nothing to do but when he dies, he discovers his power

After defeating someone, and utilizing the power of immortality, he thinks that he can take down any person. 

When he is defeated by an opponent with more intelligence He realizes the arrogance of his character and decides to improve his strength. He develops into a human being, taking new lessons and growing stronger.

17. Supernova

Supernova manhwa

Supernova can be described as an excellent manhwa that depicts the demanding and difficult life of the typical student. 17th on our list of manhwa like weak hero.

As in every other school, the character’s friend is getting victimized.

He attends a school in which the dichotomy between strong and weak is evident Being rich is a sign of being strong while being poor is just a punching bag and a mocking stone to the rich students that dominate the school.

The story begins with the MC’s best friend taking suicide. The incident ignites our hero’s passion to get revenge. This is the only thing that can be done! The universe will aid anyone brave enough.

18. Trigger (Bulmanitnyang)


Nam Ji-il the main protagonist, is enrolled in the new high school, which is famous for its inmates. The initial day at school he’s been a delinquent’s most wanted target.

When he is suffering from an ongoing heart condition, his sluggish body is a victim of assault and various kinds of bullying. However, the life of his upside-down because of an unplanned incident. Recommended manhwa like weak hero.

19. Gangs Of School

Gangs of school

The story of our protagonist isn’t exactly a pleasant one His father even killed himself, causing his family to fall apart and went into a worse situation than before.

The responsibility for the family is placed in his hands. He has to take charge of his mother’s mental health is in a bad state due to his father’s passing and also look after his sister who is blind.

To build up his strength so that no one can ever attempt to harm him To be strong, he creates his gang at the school of Busan. Last but a worthy read manhwa like weak hero.

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