14+ Best Manhwa Like Guard Pass (Ranked)

So you have finished reading Guard Pass and you liked it very much. That is why you are here searching for more manhwa like Guard Pass. Don’t worry, you are at the right place because today on MyAnimeGuru, providing a list of 14+ Best Manhwa Like Guard Pass (Ranked).

If you don’t feel familiar with Guard Pass, then ill give a bit of explanation about the story. Lim Se-Jun likes to eat a lot, so he is fat and large. He has a lot of self-confidence in him and doesn’t care about others teasing or bullying him.

He has a best friend who saves him from bullies named Seo Ha-Jin, but one day she was beaten severely by a group which made Se-Jun learn Jiujitsu and lose weight so that he could take revenge for his friend.

Best Manhwa Like Guard Pass

So let’s look at the list of 14+ Best Manhwa Like Guard Pass (Ranked).

15) Trigger


Chapters: 70+ | Year: 2020

Nam Ji-il is a high school student in a famous school known for its delinquents. On the first day of his school, he is bullied and well known as a bread shuttle boy in the entire school.

He has a severe chronic heart disease which makes his body weak. His body can’t resist being bullied, so suddenly as an unexpected event, his life reaches its turning point. Want to know about the event? Read the manhwa.

Books Worth Reading:

This manhwa has a similar story to the manhwa Guard Pass and has the best characters and plot along with the story. It is recommended for fans who like Guard Pass Manhwa.

14) Die, Dai

die. dai

Chapters: 34 | Year: (2018-2019)

The story of this manhwa is based on a boy named Dai, who always gets teased and bullied in school for his weakness and appearance. It makes him feel low and sad about his life.

Books Worth Reading:

But, his life got changed after his mother got murdered by a mysterious group and that’s makes him take revenge on those who destroyed his life. He trained a lot and become more masculine and punished those who bullied him.

This story shares the same revenge theme as Guard Pass so it is a best-suited manhwa for the fans of Guard Pass manhwa.

13) Hanlim Gym

Hanlim Gym

Chapters: 130+ | Year: 2020

Hanlim Gym’s story centers around a student named Yeongha, who faces daily bullying. On a certain day, he determines to fight back and finds out that confronting his bullies requires minimal effort. He becomes the strongest guy in the entire school soon.

Nonetheless, he discovers Suho Kang, his school rival who is also skilled at playing PVP games. Defeating Yeongha in a fight comes easily to him. By joining PVP games, Yeongha plans to get his revenge on Suho. Is he capable of challenging Suho?

Books Worth Reading:

12) Ultimate Outcast

outcast revenge

Chapters: 82 | Year: (2016-2017)

Kang Hae is a student who is constantly bullied by his classmates because of his unusual appearance and introverted nature soon he becomes an outcast in his school. He witnessed the death of his only friend who support him in school.

One day he found a mysterious smartphone app called “Evil Ability”.By using it he gets supernatural powers and with his new abilities, he decides to take revenge on the bullies and those killers who murdered his friend. Will he be able to get revenge?

This manhwa shares the themes of bullying, revenge, and personal growth which is quite similar to the Guard Pass manhwa.

11) Boss in School

boss in school

Chapters: 117 | Year: (2017-2018)

Books Worth Reading:

Seth Kwon is a born fighter and has great skills in martial arts and every single self-defense technique. But he decided to stop fighting due to the promise he had given to his mother,

But everything changed when his father dies due to his negligence and Seth’s promise to his mother. But his father’s last words  “Stop getting your ass kicked” made him the strongest and toughest guy to fight.

The story explores themes of power dynamics, friendship, and the bond between parents perfectly and the best-suited manhwa for the fans of Guard Pass.

10) God of Blackfield

need more  experience

Chapters: 130+; Volumes: 2 | Year: 2020

The focus of God of Blackfield lies on Kang Chan, who gained the title “God of Blackfield” for his violent ways during combat. He couldn’t last long because he was shot from behind and died. Three years after he became an average high school student through reincarnation.

Books Worth Reading:

Right now, he has no clue about how to survive high school with bullies always present around him. Girls consider him a loser since he cannot speak with them. How will he deal with the battlefield that is high school? and this manhwa gives the same theme as Guard Pass.

9) Designated Bully

project Designated bully

Chapters: 56+ | Year: 2022

Daegun is a part-time working student being dropped from his school for lack of knowledge. So while working he was preparing to get his GED. Some group of punks disturbs him while he is doing his work. He teaches a lesson to them and this was seen by women working in an educational foundation.

She asked him to join the school and start a project named “Designated Bully” in which Deegun is asked to take down the other bullies in the school and restore the school’s name.

8) Crimson Stone

Goblins also seek revenge

Chapters: 30+ | Year: 2022

Books Worth Reading:

In this manhwa, there is a group of goblins named Hong-Hye who are responsible for maintaining peace in the world. one of the goblins named Rin left the group because his college betrayed him.

Rin is also known as the “Black Ghost” of the goblin group who possesses mysterious and dark power which makes him a significant place in the group. Will he be able to take his revenge?

The story of Guard Pass and Crimson Stone seems to be quite different but the theme of revenge stays the same in both manhwas.

7) To Not Die

to not die
Best Manhwa Like Guard Pass

Chapters: 85+; Volumes: 2 | Year: 2021

We are introduced to Dajun, who confronts bullying every day in school. The torture he encounters daily exhausts him, leading him to contemplate suicide. He realizes that instead of ending his life for bullies than making them suffer.

Books Worth Reading:

He has prepared himself for retribution, but shortly after recognizes that there are others whom he must exercise caution around beyond just the bullies. He must also be cautious of other entities pursuing him.

The story of this manhwa is similar and good to read for the fans of Guard Pass because both explore the theme of bullying and revenge.


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6) The Ember Knight

The EMber Knight

Chapters: 115+ | Year: 2021

How does it feel your twin brother is killed in front of your eyes? Quite horrible. Yes, the brother of Na-Jin is murdered and tortured in front of his eyes. They both look similar but they possess different fighting skills.

Na-Jin lacks skills in fighting so he can’t able to save his brother, so he trains himself and becomes a prodigious knight. So will he be able to take revenge for his brother by killing the group who killed his brother?

Books Worth Reading:

5) Study Group

new study group

Chapters: 205+; Volumes: 2 | Year: 2019

How can a studious boy survive in a criminal school? Yeah our MC of this manhwa is a very studious guy studying in a school of future criminals. He faces many challenges to study and survive there.

Nobody wants Gamin to be in their group, so he decided to create his study group with his former tutor named Hankyeong, who wants to live a decent life by teaching. By seeing the environment of the school he regrets it immediately.

4) Lookism

look matters

Chapters: 450+ | Year: 2014

Daniel is an average high school student who is unattractive and fat. Due to his appearance, he was bullied every day at his school. He always put his face down while walking.

Books Worth Reading:

Suddenly, one morning he woke up as an attractive man that nobody can believe. After that, he grows his hopes and becomes popular in the school, and gets rid of all bullying he faced. How did he suddenly become that attractive?

Lookism story is very similar to Guard Pass manhwa and both explore themes of bullying and self-improvement and it is the best manhwa for a fan who likes Guard Pass.

3) Viral Hit

new tuber

Chapters: 180+ | Year: 2019

A NewTube channel featuring fighting wouldn’t usually feature Ho-Bin Yoo, who is a thin high school student. After receiving guidance from an enigmatic NewTube channel, Ho-Bin quickly defeats opponents stronger than himself.

He is receiving more money than he thought possible. Can Ho-Bin continue with this pace, or will he eventually come across as his equal?

Books Worth Reading:

2) Teenage Mercenary

Child mercenary

Chapters: 135+ | Year: 2020

By the age of 8, I-Jin lost his parents in a plane accident and stayed at an orphanage in an unknown land he was forced to do a child mercenary to stay alive.

After years he went to Korea to see and reunite with his remaining family, where food ad shelter made him lead a peaceful life. He is asked to join a military high school and in the first year itself he got enough, and his mind is full of regrets. Will he be able to survive in the high school?

This story explores the theme of hard work, family, and education which can be the best manhwa to read for a fan who likes Guard Pass.

1) Get Schooled

reject bullies

Chapters: 110+ | Year: 2020

Books Worth Reading:

Hwa-Jin is a faculty working in the Ministry of Education. His teaching techniques are quite aggressive and pretty violent. He is good at teaching the bullies a lesson.

There is no other teacher who can equal his job because until the bullies are taught and punished there is no other education in the school.

If this kinda man exist in every school there is no such thing called bullying, so this manhwa deserved to be at the top of this list.


With this, we have concluded our list of the 14+ Best Manhwa Like Guard Pass. And all these manhwas are best for the fans of Guard Pass readers.

Credits: Anilist

Books Worth Reading:

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FAQ Section

Who is the main character in guard pass?

Lim Se-Jun, who likes to eat, is fat and has a large physique. He has high self-esteem and a firm personality that doesn’t even care about being teased for being fat. He has only one friend, Seo Ha-Jin.

What webtoons to read if you like lookism?

I also like those two webtoons, so some from my list that I would recommend if you like action are Viral Hit, MicroHUNTER, Unholy Blood, The Boxer, Shotgun Boy, Jungle Juice, Neon Revenge, Dice, Eleceed, and Random Chat.

Interested in watching anime and reading books, the anime lifts me while I was in a bad mental state. Also like to play video games and is enthusiastic about learning new things.

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