15+ Best Vampire Anime To Watch (Ranked)

Vampires have been insanely popular for decades now. Every medium of fiction, be it games, movies, or comics are full of vampires. After all, what’s not to love about these bloodthirsty denizens of the night?

Japan isn’t too behind the West in their obsession with these bloodsuckers as countless anime with vampires as their theme have been made. As such we at MyAnimeGuru have curated this list of the 14+ Best Vampire Anime to Watch for you. So shall we begin!

From their status as the dammed who can’t face the sun, to their nefarious habit of drinking blood and turning people into ghouls and in the worst case others like themselves, their reputation precedes them as some of the most famous fictional monsters.

List of Best Vampire Anime

This list will be based on how popular the series is, their significance in Vampire fiction, how scary they are and how likable are their cast. So let’s start this list of best vampire anime.

17. Karin

Episodes – 24 | Year – 2005

We meet the strange vampire Karin, who unlike others of her kind doesn’t bite others for blood, instead, she produces blood. Yes, you heard that right, Karin has to inject blood into her victims instead of taking it, lest she produces too much blood giving her nosebleeds.

Somehow she makes her life as a normal student until one-day transfer student Kenta comes into her daily life. This new addition to her life causes various new emotions to emerge within her leading to much complicacy. A fun show, it is one of the best vampire anime.

Books Worth Reading:

16. Vampire Princess Miyu


Episodes – 26 + 4 OVA | Year – 1988-1997

Miyu is a young girl who is bound to a treacherous destiny where she has to hunt the evil Shinma, dwellers of the dark who feed on humans. She is the royal princess of the dark and has the gift of eternal happiness in her possession for mankind to give.

See her journey as someone who is trapped between two different worlds on her dark journey accompanied only by her loyal companion Larva. Follow her in her quest on a path laid with sorrow and unhappiness in one of the best vampire anime.

Books Worth Reading:

15. Call of the Night

Call of the night

Episodes – 13 | Year – 2022

A playful yet interesting take on the classic vampire tale of the suspenseful night, we see middle-schooler Kou wander the streets at night aimlessly in search of something, he doesn’t know. Driven by part insomnia and part wanderlust, Kou one day meets a young girl named Nazuna.

This young girl however might be a vampire and offers him the gift of immortality and nightlife. Will Kou take Nazuna’s offer or choose his humanity, in their fun times spent roaming the night streets? find out more in this chill sol story and one of the best vampire anime.

14. Case study of Vanitas

case study of vanitas

Episodes – 24 | Year – 2021

Noe is a young vampire in 19th-century France and is the search of a legendary book called Vanitas which is said to grant mystical powers. However somewhere in his long journey he is driven insane and attacks a human who repels his attack and treats him.

Books Worth Reading:

He claims to be a vampire doctor in a quest to cure the vampire race. The biggest surprise is he is named Vanitas and asks Noe to join his mad crusade. What will now happen to Noe and Vanitas in their journey? See one of the best vampire anime

13. Vampire Hunter D

Vampire Hunter d

Episodes – 2 Movies | Year – 1985,2000

In a dystopian world, 10,000 years in the future the world has been overrun by vampires and the humans live like peasants even though they are in possession of high-tech weapons and cybernetic tools. They live under the control of vampire lords.

In the domain of one such lord, a young girl is bitten and is chosen as the Count’s next plaything. However not ready to forsake her life, she asks the help of D, a vampire hunter who decides to get rid of the count and his reign of terror. It is one of the best vampire anime.

12. Dance in the Vampire Bund


Episodes – 12 | Year – 2010

Books Worth Reading:

Mina Tepes is the undisputed queen of the vampires and plans to build a sanctuary for her kind at the cost of Japan and live in peace and pay the country to reach her goals. However, her public declaration is not well received by everyone and many try to usurp her power.

In the meantime, High-schooler Akira learns that he has a hidden past after an accidental meeting with Mina and he realises that he isn’t what he thinks he is as he turns out to be a werewolf, sworn to protect Mina at any cost.

See how the lives of these 2 individuals intertwine as they face the dangers posed by Mina’s enemies together in one of the best vampire anime.

11. Rosario+Vampire


Episodes – 26 | Year – 2008

Tsukune Aono is an average 15yr old without any special skills or intelligence. After he decided to flunk his high school entrance exams, his parents somehow got him into the Youkai Academy. But this school is special, and that’s just not its weird name.

Books Worth Reading:

All the students in this school are monsters – witches, vampires, werewolves and much more. These monsters maintain their human appearances during the day but one day Aono sees the reality of one of the students Moka who turns out to be a succubus.

Now what will happen to Aono in one of the best vampire anime?

10. Strike The Blood

Strike the blood

Episodes – 56 | Year – 2013-2022

Itogami Island is a special man-made island where all kinds of monsters such as vampires, spirits and witches live authorised by the government to save them from extinction. One day a resident of the island Koujou, a normal human was forcibly turned into a vampire, too the Fourth progenitor.

The powers of the 4th are so destructive according to legends, that an anti-terrorist agency sends one of their sword shaman, Yukina to investigate and potentially exterminate him. Can Koujou find who converted him and most of all, can he survive, in one of the best vampire anime?

Books Worth Reading:

9. Blood-C


Episodes – 12 | Year – 2011

It follows Saya who while clumsy is very kind and is loved and admired by her classmates and her father who is the shrine priest. But one day her simple life gets complicated when mysterious monsters suddenly appear in the town.

Now as the shrine maiden, she is tasked with getting rid of the monsters even if it costs her life. Can Saya manage her simple life while hunting monsters by night? Find out in one of the best Vampire anime.


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8. Monogatari Series


Episodes – 102 Episodes + 3 Movies | Year – 2009-2018

Koyomi Araragi is a regular high schooler who in his 2nd year befriends the beautiful Hanekawa, the top student. He hears from her about the rumours of a blonde vampire in their area which he dismisses as just a rumour till one day after-school at night he meets the vampire.

Books Worth Reading:

This vampire known as Kiss-shot is lying in a pool of her own blood with all of her 4 limbs severed. As Koyomi tries to save her, she asks for his blood. Once he does that, she recovers, but now Koyomi is also a vampire. How will he accept his new reality, in one of the best vampire anime?

7. Blood+


Episodes – 50 | Year – 2005

Saya Otonashi is a normal high schooler who is suffering from amnesia and can’t remember what happened in the past year of her life until one day a mysterious man meets her and gives her a Katana and find herself fighting against monsters called Chiropteran.

These monsters are immortal and feed on people’s blood and can disguise themselves as humans to hide in society. Red Shield is an organisation that is single-handedly waging a war against these monsters and Saya is now a part of that. Can Saya learn the truth of her part, see in one of the best vampire anime.

6. Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight

Episodes – 26 | Year – 2008

Books Worth Reading:

Cross academy is a unique school, in that it has two classes. One is the day class which is held normally. Then there comes the Night Class which is attended by none other than Vampires. The whole class is full of gorgeous looking elites who are in secret not humans.

Yukki and Zero are prefects of the day and try to maintain order between the humans and vampires and act as guardians. But can they do their job, since Yukki got a massive crush of the vampire’s dorm prez, Kaname while Zero has a hatred for vampires? Find out in one of the best vampire anime.

5. Trinity Blood


Episodes – 24 | Year – 2005

In the distant future, the world has been destroyed by Armageddon while the war between humans and vampires still rages on. The Vatican in order to protect the humans, takes the help of allies such as that of, Abel Nightroad, a travelling priest as well as a vampire hunter.

Abel is Crusnik, a vampire who drinks the blood of other vampires as well as a member of AX, a secret service aimed at special operations. When Abel’s brother Cain tries to continue the war and rule the world, it is up to Abel and AX to save the world in one of the best vampire anime.

Books Worth Reading:

4. Seraph of the End


Episodes – 24 | Year – 2015

In a world where humanity has been wiped out by vampires, only children under 13 remain. These children are used as slaves by the ruling vampires. What’s the greater purpose of these children, nobody knows, except that it can’t be something good.

Yuichiro is one such survivor and wants to exterminate all vampires. For that, he will need Cursed Gear, ancient artefacts possessed by demons. But to acquire these, he has to work in a team, which he simply doesn’t want to do. Can Yuichiro achieve his dream in one of the best vampire anime?

3. Castlevania


Episodes – 32 | Year – 2017-2021

Perhaps one of the best iterations of Dracula in anime fiction, it tells the tale of Vlad Tepes, the ruler of Wallachia and known to the world as Dracula. Dracula unleashes the hordes of hell upon Wallachia as revenge on the church for killing his beloved wife.

Books Worth Reading:

Now as the land has been turned into a wasteland plagued by monsters and forces of evil, Trevor Belmont, the last son of the exiled Belmont clan tries to stop this ruin and defeat Dracula.

On his journey, he is accompanied by Sypha, a witch and Alucard, Vlad’s estranged son. Can this trio stop Vlad, see in one of the best vampire anime.

2. Shiki


Episodes – 22 | Year – 2010

In a hot summer, a family moves into a small village occupying a villa nearby. Once this family comes, strange things start happening in the village, with people going missing and a strange disease spreading throughout the village, which kills hundreds of people.

It’s the survivors however who are to be feared however since they have now become undead vampires known as Shiki. Can the village doctor who uncovers the truth with the local priest save the people or are the people doomed to be turned into undead? Find out in one of the best vampire anime.

Books Worth Reading:

1. Hellsing / Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing-best vampire anime

Episodes – 23 + 3 OVA | Year – 2006

Perhaps the single best vampire fiction in anime while also being one of the best adaptations of Count Dracula, it tells the story of Hellsing, a British organisation that has been battling supernatural monsters and vampires to protect the people.

This org is overseen by Integra Hellsing and she commands her own army but her strongest weapon is none other than Alucard, the strongest vampire himself. See how he fends off the ghouls while also battling the Vatican as well as a group aiming for world domination named Millenium.

It is easily the best vampire anime ever.


And this folks, was our list of the 14+ Best Vampire Anime to watch (Ranked). I hope you liked this list since it took a long time to curate it, as we included both classic horror titles while also adding a few hidden gems and more raunchy inclusions.

Books Worth Reading:

Now you can fulfil your love for vampire fiction all day long.by watching the best vampire anime. If you want more such content, please stay connected.

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FAQ Section

Who is the strongest vampire MC anime?

Alucard from Hellsing is the strongest.

Who is the strongest female vampire anime?

Mina Tepes is one of the most iconic and strongest female anime vampires. She’s a pure vampire and is one of the oldest of her kind.
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