Yellowstone Season 6 Release Date & More

Yellowstone is an intriguing web series and that is why people have been wondering if the series is going to be renewed or not.

MyAnimeGuru brings you everything you need to know about Yellowstone Season 6 Release Date. Is the series going to die or be coming this year? Let’s find out.

Here is what we know so far about what awaits the residents of Montana’s most dramatic ranch in the coming months.

Yellowstone Season 6 Release Date

Yellowstone season 6
Name Yellowstone Season 6
Release DateDecember 2023
Seasons Released5
GenreWestern, Drama
Type Of Content Web series

In February, The magazine hinted that the show could end soon and be replaced with a spin-off series featuring Matthew McConaughey.

They claimed there was an internal conflict with Yellowstone actor Kevin Costner over scheduling issues; however, no official confirmation from anyone involved has yet been provided.

“Unfortunately, we do not have any information to share,” a Paramount Network representative informed Deadline. “Kevin Costner is an important element in Yellowstone and we would love for that to continue for the foreseeable future.

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Thanks to Taylor Sheridan’s incredible brain, we are constantly working on franchise expansions of his incredible world. Matthew McConaughey is an amazing talent and we would be thrilled to collaborate.”

This report comes after months of speculation regarding how Yellowstone will proceed, without any official cancellation announcements yet.

Yet this lack of communication is nothing out of the ordinary for Yellowstone–Paramount Network famously didn’t confirm that season five would happen until over a month after its fourth finale aired. With its consistently impressive ratings and the lack of an official cancellation announcement, there could still be hope that a sixth season might be renewed.

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Yellowstone could serve as the basis for various spin-offs to be streamed on Paramount’s streaming services, Paramount+. This makes it more likely that they would like to continue the show.

Producer Taylor Sheridan’s ever-expanding lineup of series includes the second season of Yellowstone prequel which premiered in 1923 and is set for a new run. Previous reports had hinted at the addition of additional episodes to the hit prequel 1883, though no date or airdate has been disclosed.

In February 2021, it was reported that Sheridan was working on a spin-off series titled 6666 that would be set at the 6666 ranches in Texas and set to premiere sometime around 2023. While it remains uncertain if this project could be related to Matthew McConaughey’s Texas roots, it seems likely.

In June 2022 Kelly Reilly, who stars as Beth Dutton on this show, spoke to Vulture about its fifth season and revealed: “People keep asking if this is it – but the truth is that it’s not.”

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However, speculations that some characters, such as Kevin Costner’s patriarch John Dutton, could be taken away have been on fans’ minds for some time. When Costner assured Dutton fans about John’s demise before season five with “I do not want to go to the grave… there are too many things to do,” he also added “I’ll tell you that I’m not going to continue doing this,” leaving open a variety of possibilities.

During May, Paramount ultimately verified that the popular series Yellowstone will conclude with the latter part of the fifth season. This will be scheduled to start in the year 2023 in November. Nevertheless, the narrative will proceed in a nameless next installment that is set to debut in December the year 2023’s end.

Although we may still have to wait a while before learning if Yellowstone will return for another season, there are enough reasons for fans to remain hopeful.

As more information becomes available, we will update this article accordingly.

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Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2 Release Date

Yellowstone season 5 part 2

Season 5 of Yellowstone began with a two-hour premiere that aired on Paramount Network in the US on November 13 and Paramount+ in the UK on November 14. As of January 1, 2023, the first half had concluded and new episodes are set to air soon!

Paramount has yet to announce an exact return date due to filming the second part of two. We do know that production on that part will begin in 2023, Unfortunately, we don’t have the exact release date for part 2 but it will premiere on November 2023. So keep checking this site for updates – we’ll let you know as soon as we know for sure.


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Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2 Cast

Yellowstone season 6

Most likely, the majority of the main cast will return for season five part two: Kevin Costner as patriarch John Dutton; Luke Grimes (as son Kayce); Kelly Reilly (as Beth, John’s daughter); Wes Bentley (as son Jamie); Cole Hauser (as ranch Foreman Rip Wheeler) and Gil Birmingham (as Chief Thomas Rainwater).

Wendy Moniz, who portrays Governor Lynelle Perry on the show, has announced that she’s been promoted from regular cast member to regular in the upcoming season. To mark this momentous change, Moniz shared an Instagram post featuring pictures from her time working on the series.

Jennifer Landon (ranch hand Teeter) and Kathryn Kelly (vet Emily) will return as regulars in the series for season five.

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Josh Lucas, who portrays John Dutton’s younger version, returned to the show this year and played John for the first time. He is joined on stage by Kylie Rogers (young Beth Dutton) and Kyle Red Silverstein (young Rip Wheeler).

Q’orianka Kilcher, better known as Angela Blue Thunder, made a return appearance after being last seen in the season three finale.

There are also some new cast members, including Dawn Olivieri as a corporate shark and Country singer Lainey Wilson who debuted her character during Montana’s Under The Big Sky festival.

“I’m thrilled to announce my participation in this season of Yellowstone,” she shared with the audience. “As a singer on Abby, I look forward to sharing my music with those who watch this show.”

One character is likely not to return. Jimmy Hurdstrom (played by Jefferson White) left Yellowstone for ranch 6666 in Texas after season four. However, Taylor Sheridan’s spinoff television series The 6666 will feature him again; currently planning is underway for its sixth season.

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Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2 Plot

Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2 Plot

Yellowstone season five has plenty of exciting moments ahead, but only the crew knows what the final product will look like since production hasn’t started yet on the next round of episodes.

In an interview with TV Insider, Piper Perabo (who portrays Summer Higgins) stated: “There’s plenty of news coming. The plot is progressing nicely. I can’t wait to get back into the back half because I’m curious to see what will happen after we return – I only know what occurs before the midseason finale until its very last second. Who knows what will happen after that….”

“I think it’s clear that things are not going as planned,” Taylor remarked, “because the seventh episode doesn’t end with the fair – it ends with him practicing his speech.” She went on to explain that Taylor is an amazing actor when it comes to explaining what’s happening; for those who pay attention at all, this is exactly what he’s showing you.”

Kevin Costner recently spoke to Extra about his connection to the narrative of their new series.

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“There’s an underlying current that I can recognize… it stems from the ongoing fight in our country. Some think one man is enough, while others understand the implications of what their words could say about our nation… it’s this whole idea of everyone slamming this guy and trying to hold onto their position that makes me understand this.”

Costner has also addressed rumors that his character may die in the fifth season or future seasons, saying, “I do not wish for my character to suffer… there are too many things to consider. About this tale, I don’t know where it will go… and as with everything in life, the way you live matters.”

Furthermore, Yellowstone actor Wes Bentley has revealed the show’s director Taylor Sheridan has already devised a plan for how it will conclude.

At a meeting at the Screen Actors Guild headquarters in Los Angeles, Bentley revealed that Sheridan has informed him about how Yellowstone will conclude. But he wasn’t given specifics on what that meant – only that it will be concluded eventually.

According to Deadline, Bentley said: “[Taylor] has told me he knows how we will conclude this story. That was some time ago now, and I’m sure he wasn’t sure of the path forward then, but the man knows the way.”

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Bentley also wanted to stress that he is not yet certain how many episodes or seasons will be necessary for the show to reach its conclusion. We may still have some time before then.

Source – DigitalSpy & TownCountryMag

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FAQ Section

How many episodes are in Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2?

Yellowstone Season 5 will have 14 episodes in total, split into a part with eight episodes, and Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2 with six episodes.

Is season 5 the final season of Yellowstone?

In May 2023, Paramount announced that Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2 will be Yellowstone’s final season. However, a sequel series is slated to air in December 2023

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