Wednesday Season 2 Release Date, Plot, & More

Wednesday is one of the best action fantasy web series of all time which was a super hit last year and even is being streamed on Netflix without any drops.

Well, a good thing for the fans of the series because Wednesday Season 2 is now confirmed. MyAnimeGuru brings you all the information on Wednesday Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, & More.

Are you wondering when Season 2 of Netflix’s Wednesday with Jenna Ortega will premiere? Look no further – here is all the information we know about its release date.

Wednesday Season 2 Release Date

Wednesday Season 2 Release Date
NameWednesday Season 2
Release DateNot Announced Yet
Seasons Released 1
Episodes S1 – 8 Episodes
S2 – Not Announced Yet (Probably 8-10)
GenreAction, Fantasy, Drama
Type Web Series

Viewers celebrated with the Addams family as its premiere episode dropped just in time for Thanksgiving.

On January 6, Netflix released a video featuring Jenna Ortega as Wednesday over scenes from season one and fan events. She can be heard saying, “Over the past few weeks, I have been chased, bewitched, and imitated hundreds of times across the web – it has been an absolute nightmare. We thank you.”

According to the information we get Wednesday Season 2 will be released in the mid-to-late of 2024, but the exact release date is not yet announced.

Netflix announced on Wednesday, to the melody of Lady Gaga’s ‘Bloody Mary’ (the dub TikTok users have chosen for their dance tributes instead of The Cramps’ original ‘Goo Goo Mug’), that more misery is on its way: “The phenomenon that has been sweeping the world will return for season two.”

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Nothing else needs to be said — just the commission date! But don’t worry; we can work with it.

In an interview with TUDUM co-creator Miles Millar, Wednesday’s co-creator, Miles said: “I am delighted to create the show which has had such an incredible reach across the globe.

We can’t wait to continue Wednesday’s challenging journey into its second season and explore Nevermore’s dark and spooky world – it just needs to make sure Wednesday doesn’t become another empty pool day before then!”

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“The level of participation has been truly inspiring and thrilling,” Netflix’s head of US and Canada scripted series Peter Friedlander said to Variety in December.

“How many people would love to not just watch shows on Netflix, but finish them and then have a meaningful conversation about them? Engagement. That is our ultimate goal and focus.”

He continued, “The dancing and makeup-wearing have not gone away; people are dressing up and wanting to look like Wednesday Addams.

For me, this revival has been an ongoing part of popular culture for some time but not at such a pronounced level. It’s something we’d like to understand and research further to uncover what is driving this phenomenon.”

There was much speculation as to where Wednesday season two may air. Some suggested it wouldn’t be on Netflix but instead on Prime Video due to Amazon’s merger with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), the production company responsible for creating the series on Netflix.

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Thankfully, we know now that this wasn’t true – as we stated at the time.


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Wednesday season 2 casting: Who’s returning?

Wednesday Season 2 cast

It would have been unimaginable not to see Wednesday and her right-hand Thing return for season 2, so it comes as no shock that Ortega will be reprising the role she played in season one.

Wednesday’s love interest, almost Xavier Thorpe played by Percy Hynes White, is likely to return for season two as well. Rejected but not forgotten, the dude could get his chance now that Tyler is gone from the scene.

Are we witnessing the return of Wednesday’s former boyfriend-turned-villain? At the end of season one, he was still detained. But something tells us his guttural growl at the end could signal his impending release if this is true, then expect to see Hunter Doohan don his Hyde costume for season two.

We anticipate the following actors will complete our Wednesday season 2 casting:

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Emma Myers as Enid Sinclair

  • Joy Sunday with Bianca Barclay
  • George Farmer as Ajax Pertroplus
  • Naomi J Ogawa as Yoko Tanaka
  • Jamie McShane as Sheriff Donovan Galpin
  • Luis Guzman as Gomaz Addams
  • Catherine Zetta-Jones plays Morticia Addams
  • Isaac Ordonez as Pugsley Addams.
  • Fred Armisen as Uncle Fester

Christina Ricci’s glamorous Ms. Thornhill may make a return, despite failing to fulfill her expectations in the first season (more about that below).

Gwendoline Christie’s Larissa Weems may have taken her final bow, but there was something uncertain about her death that left the viewer uncertain. There’s always the possibility that she may return; after all, resurrections are commonplace in our world – hers was cut in half!

Though The Sandman(in which Christie also appears) is renewed for season two, there may be potential conflicts in schedules. We sincerely hope this is not the case as Christie is addictively good in both Lucifer and Weems and it’s essential to have both!

However, Dr. Kinbott’s fate was less ambiguous. Riki Lindhome’s character appears likely to have perished during the Hyde attack and thus won’t return for season 2.

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Wednesday Season 2 Plot

Wednesday Season 2 plot

Recently in Variety (published January 30th), Emma Myers, Wednesday’s roommate on the show with Enid Sinclair, stated that anything is possible on The show.

“We haven’t discussed our game strategy,” Myers revealed to the publication. “So I don’t know what that looks like for us.”

However, in response to those who were supporting Enid and Wednesday Myers, she revealed her hopes for the second season.

“As far as love interests are concerned, for Wednesday I believe she must endure her time as a singleton,” she revealed.

“She was caught up in a mess with her guys and now she’s taking responsibility. If I had experienced this firsthand, I would never consider being with anyone again.”

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Regarding the remaining plot direction, we spoke of “loose strings.” And boy, were they truly floating away in the breeze!

Wednesday afternoon, her boyfriend revealed to Nevermore that he was responsible for terrorizing Nevermore; this realization brought about a deep-seated pain that she refused to endure despite her fondness for suffering.

With double deception, Mr. Thornhill guided him and revealed him as an angry normie with an uneasy relationship with those considered outcasts.

Though we’re uncertain that Tyler will remain Ms. Thornhill’s ‘pet,’ it appears likely he has managed to escape. We anticipate even a return of Tyler on Wednesday’s timeline: as either a lover, friend, or foe – through which role he takes remains undecided.

Bianca’s name was mentioned a couple of times to indicate the unsettling presence of Morning Songs, an evangelical group led by her mother which can easily lure new members in. Bianca was coerced into joining them by her mom which only served to further solidify its hold over her.

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There’s certainly room and potential for Morning Songs to ascend into a main villain role during Wednesday season two. Be on the lookout for this development.

One mystery that needs unraveling is who sent Wednesday the text message. Shortly after she gave Xavier her brand-new smartphone, Wednesday received an unsettling text message with stalker-like pictures of herself attached.

Who sent this message? It remains unknown, but it’s certainly enough to set Wednesday’s heart aflutter and set up a season 2 storyline in motion.

Will Wednesday Season 2 air on Netflix?

Wednesday Season 2 where to watch

A news report from Deadline suggests that season 2 of Wednesday may not make it onto Netflix due to being produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayor (MGM).

MGM recently closed an $8.5 billion deal with Amazon which means MGM owns the rights to Wednesday and it could premiere within Amazon Prime Video’s streaming services.

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Deadline reports that Amazon does not plan to create an exclusive streaming system for MGM shows, suggesting they could remain on their current streaming service.

The show may remain available across both services; however, MGM, Amazon, and Netflix have yet to announce any changes regarding which streaming platform the show will reside on.

Source – DigitalSpy

Final Words

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FAQ Section

When did Wednesday Season 2 come out?

So, unfortunately, fans will be waiting until 2024 to see Wednesday season 2. We wish it wasn’t so, but that’s the reality of the situation. More unfortunately, Wednesday isn’t the only big Netflix show we’ll miss in 2023.

What is the Wednesday series rated?

With the series being rated TV-14 for fear, language, and violence, some content might prove too mysterious and spooky for kids under 14.

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