14+ Best Horror Manhwa Of All Time (Ranked)

In recent years the Manhwa industry has been making some of the best titles in horror comics. This is not very surprising because South Korea has been a pioneer of real-world-based horror which doesn’t rely on jump scares and graphic violence to make things but rather focuses on the psychological aspects.

This makes Korean horror much more unsettling to watch and while it is subtle it affects our psyche in a much deeper way compared to Western or Japanese horror films. This expertise for horror also translates into horror manhwa.

That’s why, MyAnimeGuru brings you the list of the 14+ best Horror Manhwa of All Time (Ranked) to get some of the best horror fixes this summer. This list will be based on the depth and quality of the story, overall popularity as well as the popularity and likeability of the characters.

List of Best Horror Manhwa

So without wasting any time, let’s start this list of the best horror manhwa.

16. One day in Seoul

One day in seoul

Chapters – 100+| Year – 2021

A classic zombie apocalypse horror, A mysterious virus is spreading throughout Seoul which turns its victims into grotesque and murderous monstrosities. These virus causes the cells to mutate horribly and is highly contagious and can infect any person through the liquids oozed by the monsters.

Yeon-U is a regular student who is delighted that he will get to spend time with his crush, So-Yeon on the school trip. But his fun will soon turn into a nightmare when he realizes that the trip will be taking him to the core of the infested Seoul. Can Yeon-U survive? See you in one of the best horror manhwas.

Books Worth Reading:

15. Priest


Chapters – 154 | Year – (1999-2007)

A fallen priest Ivan Isaacs is all that stands between the armies of hell being unleashed upon the western frontier of America and human survival. The servants of the fallen archangel Temozarela are trying all they can to revive their dark lord.

Isaac once damned has now sold his soul to the devil Belial and gained the power to kill the demon hordes. Armed with silver bullets and a blade, he is the final Bastian of humanity. It is one of the best horror manhwa.

Books Worth Reading:

14. Hellbound


Chapters – 57 |Year – (2019-2020)

People are being condemned to hell by mysterious messages. These messages simply contain your name and the time left for you. Once the time’s up, creatures of hell will come to take you to the afterlife.

These activities threaten the fall of an entire nation and amid this chaos, a cult rises that claims that this occurrence is something divine. But is this the work of a devil or God? Find out in one of the best horror manhwas.

13. Shotgun Boy

Shotgun Boy

Chapters – 68 |Year – (2021-2022)

When Gyuhwan a victim of bullying is trying to escape his bullies in the forest, he stumbles upon a shotgun, that too with shells. Determined that this will let him take his revenge upon those who wronged him, he confronts them.

Books Worth Reading:

However, his whole scenario changes when he sees that his bullies are being eaten alive by brain-eating creatures living in the forest and it seems that the next thing on their menu is Gyuhwan. Can he survive? Find in one of the best horror manhwas.

12. The Last Human

The Last Human

Zuo Tianchen is just about to die. Minutes earlier he was the last survivor of humanity that was wiped out by a zombie infestation which either killed or converted the whole population. However, just before dying, his soul traveled back to 10 years ago.

This was just the day before the terror of the apocalypse started. With all his knowledge about the future intact, Zuo is determined to save his people this time. But will be able to do it, find out in one of the best horror manhwa.

11. HIVE


Chapters – 243 |Year – (2014-2016)

Lee is a regular corporate manager with nothing exceptional about him but for the sake of protecting his family, he is ready to take any risk and fight even the scariest of monsters.

Books Worth Reading:

Even the oxygen-enhanced mutated bes are gigantic and are on the verge of wiping humanity out. Can Lee and others like him be able to safely keep humanity and their families?

10. Delusion


Chapters – 60 |Year – (2019-2020)

Iho Yun is a struggling artist in 1935 Korea. One day he suddenly gets a strange request to paint the portrait of the wealthy Madam Song. This is an unprecedented event since he was allowed to lay his eyes on the Madam and he is shocked on seeing her.

She is a young woman yet she asks him to paint an elderly version of herself. There’s also the mystery of paint tubes left by former artists which warn to not complete the painting. Also, what’s the reason every artist before either went insane or was missing?

Find the answers in one of the best horror manhwas.

Books Worth Reading:


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9. Killstagram


Chapters -99 | Year – (2019-2021)

Who doesn’t like the fame and admiration of fans? Be it, regular people or superstars, they all want to be loved by someone. But sometimes love isn’t just beautiful. Sometimes it’s painful and when love gets obsessive then it gets downright scary.

This is what is happening to Remi Do. As an online influencer, she has everything. Money, endorsement deals, fame, and followers. But one of these followers is a deranged and serial-killing stalker. Can Remi’s fame lead her to her doom? Find out in one of the best horror manhwas.


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8. The Blood of the Butterfly

Blood of the butterfly

Chapters – 83 | Year – (2020-2022)

In a world infested by giant insects, the only ones who can prevent the utter destruction of society are a group of people with special powers which allow them to fight and are known as Butterflies. Baek was one of the many admirers of these powerful people he saw on TV protecting people.

Books Worth Reading:

But one day things take a strange turn when as the result of a tragedy Baek is brought to the very scientist who created these Butterflies. This encounter can prove to be the answer to many of his questions, such as why he loses control when he sees blood and why cant’s he remember 13 years of his life.

Find the answers to these questions in one of the best horror manhwa.

7. Jack: The American Ghost


Chapters – 101 | Year – (2013-2016)

Ma Go-Hun and her father manage a haunted house and they are both sentimental about the property since it has the memories of Ma’s dead mother with whom she spent much time here. But one day when an eviction notice comes, they have to abandon the house. But Go-Hun won’t give up this easily.

She wants to save her mother’s house so takes part in a challenge in the United States where you’ll be given a million-dollar prize if you’ll be able to survive a night at the house of Jack, a supposedly extremely scary place. Can Go-Hun achieve her goal; find one of the best horror manhwas?

Books Worth Reading:

6. Tales of the Unusual

Tales of the unusual

Chapters -380 | Year – (2013-2022)

Sometimes you don’t need complex or lengthy stories to scare people. Sometimes even simple stories which at first sight may look rather ordinary might turn out to be much more haunting. This is exactly what’s told in this manga.

An Anthology series of many chilling scary tales which will leave you breathless, it uses the fear of the unknown as a plot device to make things interesting. It is one of the best horror manhwa.

5. Distant Sky

Distant sky

Chapters -114 | year – (2014-2018)

Isolation can be scary and many fear loneliness. After all, people are used to living in a society where constant social interactions are the norm. So how would you feel if one day all the people you know or talk with will suddenly disappear from your life?

Books Worth Reading:

That’s exactly what happened with Han when he suddenly wakes up one night to see everyone around him has disappeared and his city is in complete darkness. There are no people, no cars, no electricity, and not even stars. Can Han find any survivors and find out what happened? Find in one of the best horror manhwas.

4. Ghost Teller

Ghost Teller

Chapters -92 | Year – (2017-2020)

A vibrant theme is explored in the form of a storytelling session where supernatural beings and spirits tell ghost stories themselves. It gives a deeper dive into the psyche of the human mind and lets the readers realize that even in the mundane world there exist many scary things.

These six spirits gather and tell bone-chilling stories which will leave you thinking about what’s real and what’s simply a story. As such you should want to read this, as it is one of the best horror manhwa.



Chapters – 68 | Year – (2019-2020)

Books Worth Reading:

Islands can be mesmerizing for their scenic beauty but they can be equally scary. Just imagine you are on an island in the middle of nowhere with no resemblance of time and no help approaching and no human contact for years to come. That’s when you realize the sheer terror of being trapped on an island.

PigPen starts with our protag finding himself amnesiac on a beautiful beach with no recollection of how or why he is there and worst of all, he doesn’t even remember his name. Thus begins his challenge to somehow solve all the mysteries and horror of his condition. It is one of the best horror manhwa.

2. Sweet Home

Sweet Home

Chapters – 141| Year – (2017-2020)

Sometimes extreme situations awaken the hero in even the most dimwitted and cowardly people. Such a thing happens to Hyun too. A hermit who was a victim of the social hierarchy was broken even more when his only resemblance of any emotional support was taken away due to a family tragedy.

Utterly broken he shuts himself in his room until something weird happens. The world has suddenly been overrun by monsters hellbent on wiping out humanity. As it seems now there is no other choice but for Hyun to step up and join other unlikely heroes to save the world.

Books Worth Reading:

Can Hyun and this bunch of reluctant heroes survive? Find in one of the best horror manhwas.

1. Bastard

Bastard- Best horror manhwa

Chapters – 94; Year – (2014-2017)

Sometimes the scariest things in life are right next to you, and this is especially true for Jin. Even though he suffers horribly at the hands of bullies at school, the thing that scares him the most waits for him right in his home. It’s his father that he is most frightened of. Why you ask?

Because his dad is a serial killer who has been killing people to satisfy his killing spree for years. Jin is disgusted with it but can’t fight back the cause of his fear and helplessness. But when his dad’s next target is none other than Jin’s crush Yoon, he decides to finally rebel. It is one of the best horror manhwa.


And Thus folks, this was our list of the 14+ Best Horror manhwa of all time (Ranked).

Books Worth Reading:

It took a long time to curate this list since we decided to include both popular titles and hidden gems so that when you want to read the best horror manhwa, you’ll get a varied list.

So we hope you liked this list and till the next article comes, please stay connected and binge on the best horror manhwa while you wait for more cool lists. Till then, see ya.

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FAQ Section

What is the most gory Manhwa?

Bastard is one of the most violent and Gory Manhwa.

Is blood allowed in Webtoon?

It is ensured that there is not an excessive amount of blood or gore.
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