Top 15 Best Black Butler Characters (Ranked)

What if you suddenly got a demon as your servant? It’ll be cool, yes? Well, that’s exactly what happens with Ciel Phantomhive when the group that kidnapped him and killed his parents summons a demon called Sebastian who will help Ciel to get his revenge.

So, We from MyAnimeGuru bring you an article on the Top 15 Best Black Butler Characters (Ranked), where we will rank the best characters from Black Butler for you. This list will be based on the popularity of the character, their importance to the story, and their overall appeal.

Best Black Butler Characters

So let’s look at the list of Top 15 Best Black Butler Characters.

15) Ronald Knox

Cheerful grim reaper

Ronald is a trained reaper from the Department of Grim Dispatch Dispatch and he is instructed to oversee the management of reapers and bring new rules. He appears as a cheerful and joyful guy and knows for his bright and energetic personality.

Ronald is short and has spiky blonde hair. He is often seen as wearing his reaper uniform and always carrying his chainsaw-like weapon called a Death Scythe.

He has good character development and takes a vital role in the story as a reaper who does his job perfectly. He is one of the best black butler characters.

14) Prince Soma

Indian Soma

He is one of the guys from India who came to England in search of his beloved servant named Agni. He is portrayed as an arrogant and spoiled character because of his position as a son of the Maharaja of Bengal.

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But after making a good friendship with Ceil, he learns valuable life lessons from him and his experiences in England made him a good and valuable man.

Generally, it is rare to see characters from India, Soma has a good place in contributing to the story. Anyway, he is introduced as a bad guy but later she turns into a good guy.

13) Madam Red

madam red

She is Ceil’s aunt and younger sister of Ceil’s mother. And she takes motherly care of Ceil after the death of his parents, but after her husband dies from mysterious circumstances her overall character is changed. Her carelessness and good turned into grief and madness.

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After, she adopts a new persona and becomes a serial killer and targeting the prostitutes and murders them. She attains the title of “Jack the Ripper”.

Overall, She is an amazing character in black butler because she showcases the theme of both care and revenge, and her vibrant red hair and green eyes mark her as one of the most beautiful characters from the black butler series.

12) Mey – Rin

Maid with skills

Merin is a maid in the Phantomhive household and she is introduced as a clumsy and careless maid who often makes mistakes while performing her duties as a maid.

But in reality, she is a skilled marksman who got exceptional accuracy in handling firearms and as the story progresses, her true identity is revealed. She is a former assassin in a secret organization and known for her amazing shooting skills because of her training and experience.

11) Finnian

Test subject sucessful

Finnian is one of the main servants working in the Phantomhive household and he is portrayed as a cheerful and energetic character. He possesses supernatural strength and speed and has a remarkable love for plants and trees.

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Before he joins the Phantomhive household, he is used as a test subject in an organization and he was injected with various serums that enhanced his strength and speed he is one of the most powerful characters in the black butler series.

10) Bardroy

Chef of the household

Bardroy is a passionate guy with a great interest in cooking and he cooks for the household. He sometimes set the entire kitchen ablaze because of his inability to control fire. But his genuine intention is to make good food for the Phontomhive Household.

Not only cooking but is also good at handling explosives and firearms. He worked as a military soldier in the past. He shows fiercely loyal to the Phantomhive family and put himself to protect them from danger.

Overall, He is a loyal, funny, and enthusiastic character with good experience in explosives and cooking. All these skills make him the best character in the black butler series.

9) Tanaka

Stoic guy

Being one of the old members of the staff, he has been serving seamlessly for the Phantomhive household. Tanaka is displayed as a stoic character who remains unemotional with his composed demeanor.

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Usually, he maintains a distance in intense feelings and doesn’t participate in extended conversations. Although advanced in years, his body maintains its strength and flexibility.

The knowledge of Tanaka holds about the Phantomhive estate’s inner workings and history is extensive, all these make him an important character in the Black Butler series.

8) Alois Trancy

Trancy family

Alois Trancy serves as head of the prestigious Trancy family. The portrayal of him shows a young boy with blond hair and vivid blue eyes. He experienced both abuse and suffering in his past life.

Being sold into slavery as a child resulted in him experiencing significant hardship. Ultimately, he escaped and assumed the identity of Alois Trancy. To forget the trauma or past he trained hard to get powers and abilities.

7) Elizabeth Midford

Best Black Bulter Characters

Elizabeth Midford the only cousin of Ceil. She comes from a wealthy family and is portrayed as a joyful and cheerful character. Despite her character, she has a deep love for Ceil and she puts herself in to protect him.

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She gives a touch of lightness and optimism in the dark and somber atmosphere of the Black Butler series. Her small cheerful activities and relationship with Ceil make her the most important in curving the series story.

6) Lau

Opium dealer

Lau is a knowledgeable guy who runs an opium den in the underground. He is portrayed as a carefree and easygoing character. As a businessman, he is highly skilled in trading, and finance, and maintains connections with different individuals from various sectors.

Despite, his illegal dealing with opium doesn’t mean he is purely evil. He has his moral code and principles and acts well with good respect for others. And he is accompanied by his loyal butler named Ran-Mao

Overall, he is a complex character who maintains a fine line between legality and illegality and plays an important role in the story development of the Black Butler series.

5) William T. Spears

supervisor of reapers

William is characterized as a rigid, unfeeling, and practical person and serves as the supervisor for the Grim Reaper Dispatch Department. His conduct is professional, and he approaches his role as a Grim Reaper with full seriousness.

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As supervisor of the Grim Reaper Dispatch Department of the Black Butler series, William ensures that there is a balance between life and death by overseeing soul-reaping activities. The task of assigning tasks to his subordinates, the other Grim Reapers lies on him.

4) Undertaker

guide of souls

The undertaker is a mysterious individual who plays a significant role in supernatural elements like souls, spirits, etc… He is in a funeral director outfit and often carries a shinigami-themed cane.

Despite his appearance, he possesses a dark sense of humor and is tied to the realm of death. He is Shinigami, who is responsible for guiding of soul’s afterlife. He had a vast knowledge of the human body anatomy which is used to carry his work.

Undertaker’s presence adds an element of darkness and evilness to the Black Butler series and plays a vital role in the path between life and death.

3) Sebastian Michaelis

Mr. Handsome

Sebastian is one of the handsome and elegant characters in the Black Butler series, and he serves his young master Ceil Phantomhive efficiently and manages the household. He carries out every task in the household and everyone knows about his constant commitment to Ceil and his dedication to achieving perfection in every task.

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As a demon, he possesses a lot of supernatural abilities in various fields including combat, cooking, and household management. And throughout the story, he plays an important as an equal to the main protagonist.

2) Grell Sutcliff

Powerful Reaper

Grell is biologically male but he claimed as a female. Grell is one of the best grim reapers in the Black Butler series because of her energetic and enthusiastic attitude. Grell often talks in a dramatic or melodramatic manner.

As a grim reaper, Grell carries a chainsaw as his weapon of choice. He possesses specular combat skills and is always eager in taking part in fights. Grell has a strong attraction towards Sebastian Michaelis later it becomes an unrequited love.

Grell is responsible for inserting unexpected twists and turns in the story and he is truly loyal to his Realm of Grim Reapers.

1) Ciel Phantomhive

MC of the Black Butler

Here comes the MC of the Black Butler series, the management of numerous industries and enterprises falls under Ciel’s jurisdiction as he leads the Phantomhive family. Ciel’s most noticeable attribute is his agreement with a demon named Sebastian Michaelis.

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Ciel is assisted in obtaining retribution against those who have wronged him by Sebastian, who acts as his faithful butler. Incredible strength, speed, and other supernatural abilities are possessed by Sebastian making him an invaluable ally to Ciel.

Ceil’s past is marked by tragedy and loss, he lost his parents and got abused, and as a result, he becomes emotional and drives his feelings toward justice and vengeance.


With this, we have concluded our list of the Top 15 Best Black Butler Characters (Ranked). All these characters show us how much they play a vital role in the story. Every character is Iconic and their skills also differ and this makes the fans easily fall in love with them.

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FAQ Section

Who is the most loved character in Black Butler?

Sebastian is, of course, a fan favorite to many. Not just because of his looks but also because of how he handles things and how his emotions are portrayed.

Who is the strongest butler in anime?

Sebastian Michaelis reigns supreme as the best butler in anime.

Is Grell a female or male?

So, if your question is “What is Grell’s sex”, Grell is biologically male. However, because Yana Toboso hasn’t stated whether Grell is MtF or just a Drag Queen, the safest option is to refer to Grell by gender-neutral pronouns “they” and “them”.

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