17+ Best Reverse Harem Anime Of All Time (Ranked)

Just like me, our readers are also getting bored of the typical harem anime with the same old not so enchanting protag somehow making all the girls fall in love with him and fight over him. I don’t know about you, but I need something different, right about now.

That’s why, we at MyAnimeGuru have brought you the 17+ Best Reverse Harem Anime of all time (Ranked) so that you may get something new to watch. Unlike harem anime which are generally Shounen or isekai, this trope is usually found in Shoujo anime are is increasingly popular among girls.

So without wasting any more time, let’s get into it.

List of Best Reverse Harem Anime

This list of best reverse harem anime will be based on the show’s popularity, the story’s quality, plot depth, and the characters’ overall likeability, among other things.

19. Kamigami No Asobi


Episodes – 12 | Year – 2014

What if you were suddenly sought after by the Gods? And what if these gods attended a school? Well, that’s what the premise of this show is when a young girl named Yui Kusanagi was told by none other than Zeus to accompany the young Gods in their daily lives.

Which young girl wouldn’t love to be surrounded by all the beautiful Gods? But well there is much more to it than simply that. Since Yui has to teach the young gods about love and deepen the bond between the mortal and celestial realms. Find out more in the best reverse harem anime.

Books Worth Reading:

18. Uta No Prince Sama

Uta No prince

Episodes – 52 + 1 Movie | Year – (2011-2019)

If you like idols, music, and dreamy gorgeous boys then this is for you. Haruka enters an elite performing arts academy in the hopes of one day composing music for her favorite idol. However, she is surrounded already by soon to be up and coming and idols and singers.

Everyone around her is uber-talented from the faculty to her classmates and if you like talent shows and similar things, you’ll the concept of this show. Get ready for this ride of dazzling music and the struggle of an aspirant toward her goal in one of the best reverse harem anime.

Books Worth Reading:

17. Romantic Killer

Romantic killer

Episodes – 12 | Year – 2022

A Netflix anime, it follows the classic shoujo trope of an otaku girl who is unbothered by the ways of the world suddenly getting herself in a situation surrounded by guys. Well, the heroine Anzu simply doesn’t care about other than gaming and chocolates.

When one day a wizard Riri says that she will be used by the Magical World’s project to see how her life changes if she shifts from her current interests to being fawned upon by 3 beautiful boys. Can Anzu maintain her NEET life or will she change? Find the best reverse harem anime.

16. Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast for Spirits-


Episodes – 26 | Year – 2018

Aoi is a college girl who can see spirits, an ability gotten from her late grandpa is one day suddenly kidnapped by the master of the “Tenshinya” and a God. Aoi’s grandpa owes the god some debts and to fulfill them she has to marry him. She refuses and says she will pay for it with her cooking.

Books Worth Reading:

If you love romance along with supernatural elements, you’ll probably like this. A young college student is surrounded by blindingly beautiful celestial gods and all of them are boys. And for some reason, they all seem to be interested in her. Can she become free? Find the best reverse harem anime.

15. La Corda D’oro

La Corda

Episodes – 25 + 2 OVA | Year – 2006

A musical with a tinge of supernatural, it has all your regular elements like a girl suddenly at a place where she belongs, all kinds of handsome and talented men getting in her, and much heartburn over which of the boys will win in the end. The perfect recipe for the best reverse harem anime.

The story sees Hino Kahoko, a student from the normal branch of her school suddenly finding herself in the traditional musical competition at their school and her only way to win is a magical violin given to her by a fairy who is also the reason for her predicament.

14. Amnesia


Episodes – 12 + 1 OVA | Year – 2013

Books Worth Reading:

A visual novel adaptation means you can expect lots of drama from this series. From the fact that the protag is suffering from amnesia and can’t remember anything about her previous life, there are bound to be many gut-wrenching moments.

Guided by a boy only she could as she tries to remember her past life and forge her life anew, she comes to know many handsome boys who can each be a part of her past or someone who will be her future. Can she regain her memories? Find the best reverse harem anime.

13. Diabolik Lovers

Diabolik Lovers

Episodes – 24 | Year – 2013

Vampires and sexiness go hand in hand so when naive Yui is sent to live with the Sakamaki family, she is in for a shock when it turns out the family consists of 6 drop dead gorgeous boys and all of them are after her, and as it seems also for her blood.

Cause I guess just being beautiful ain’t enough. You have to be vampires too, to be sexy. Well either way can Yui resist all these suave six who not just want her heart, but her body too? Find more in one of the best reverse harem anime.

Books Worth Reading:

12. La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia

Aracana Famiglia

Episodes – 12 | Year – 2012

If being the princess of the island wasn’t enough, Felicita also has to deal with the pressure of marrying the Arcana holders. Her father is the leader and decides that whoever wins the Arcana Duello will get her hand in marriage something she doesn’t want at all.

So Felicita decides to take part in the Duello herself to carve her destiny in life but can she do so when she is surrounded by handsome men all the time who want her with all their might? Well, that is something for you to find out when you watch the best reverse harem anime.

11. Kiss Him, Not Me

Kiss him not me

Episodes – 12 | Year – 2016

Shock can change people and when your favorite anime character dies, that shock can change your entire body and soul. That’s just what happened to “fujoshi” Kae Serinuma. She in shock of her fav’s death lost so much weight that when she emerged from her room she was a slim beauty.

Books Worth Reading:

Now in her new look, everyone is head over heels for her at school, and she gets proposed by four hot boys and even a girl. But in reality, all she wants is for her Yaoi fantasies to be fulfilled when these boys date each other. But her suitors aren’t one to give up either.

See what happens in the best reverse harem anime.

10. My Next Life as a Villainess


Episodes – 24 | Year – 2020

You know you are doing it right when you not only get the men around you to fall in love with you but also the women. That too without even trying hard for it. Well, our dumb but kind-hearted lady Catarina does exactly that when she enchants not only princes and dukes.

She has also enchanted the beautiful ladies of high society and to top it all off, it is also an Isekai anime since our protag gets reborn into the world of her fav Otome game. A hot pot of all the cool tropes, it is bound to make you entertained. Easily among the best reverse harem anime.

Books Worth Reading:

9. Hakuoki


Episodes – 34 | Year – (2010-2012)

Those who love historical dramas will love this show. It is set during the last days of the Shogunate and deals with how the shogun and various opposition make their moves in the turmoil of the changing times and how a young girl tries to find her father in all this.

Chizuru’s father is a doctor who was allied with one of the many groups. But when he went missing, she tried to find him and encountered the Shinsengumi who took her into their custody. For some reason, all the members are gorgeous. Can Chizuru deal with her new allies? Find the best reverse harem anime

8. Brother’s Conflict

brothers conflict

Episodes – 12 | Year – 2013

Every girl wants to be fawned about by beautiful men. But what will you do when these men are your brothers? Well, that’s what happens when Ema Hinata’s father remarries and she gets to know that she now has 13 step-brothers of the Asahina family, all of whom are drop-dead gorgeous.

Books Worth Reading:

Not to mention each of them seems to be smitten with Hinata and wants to be intimate with her. This leads to some rather erotic couplings and Ema seems to be handling this newfound attention rather hard to process. See how Ema deals with the Asahinas in this best reverse harem anime.

7. Vampire Knight

vampire Knight

Episodes – 26 | Year – 2008

Well, what did I say? Vampires and sexiness go hand in hand. This series is about the love triangle between human Yuuki Cross, her fellow prefect Zero, and her vampire senior Kaname. Things go sticky as Zero has a deep hatred for the nightbreed.

While Yuuki is smitten with Kaname, other vampires have taken a keen interest in her and will try their hand to get her. Will Zero tolerate all this and can Yuuki take all this vampire prettiness, and find the best reverse harem anime?


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6. Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Play

vampire Knight

Episodes – 52 | Year – 1995

Books Worth Reading:

A classic, instead of one girl having all the boys, former best friends turned rival priestesses, Miaka and Yui instead have each have their group of handsome men fawning over them as they each try to summon their respective gods in the battle for supremacy between two nations.

While at one moment in a library in modern Japan, the very next moment they find themselves in a mystical land of ancient China where they are each proclaimed as the Shrine priestess of their respective gods. What happens next, find in the best reverse harem anime.

5. The Wallflower

The Wallflower

Episodes – 26 | Year – 2006

Sometimes small things can break someone’s heart. That’s what happened with Sunako Nakahara when she was called ugly by the boy she had a crush on. This traumatized her and she gave up on everything beautiful, becoming a horror movie fanatic and shut-in who didn’t care about her looks or fashion.

But what will she do when four handsome guys start doting on her? Well, there’s a reason behind that too since if they manage to make this horror maniac a lady within 3 years of high school they won’t have to pay any rent. Can the four change Sunako? Find the best reverse harem anime.

Books Worth Reading:

4. Kamisama Kiss

Kamisama Kiss

Episodes – 25 + 4 OVA | Year – (2012-2017)

Sometimes bad luck is given by God and sometimes you become so unlucky that you become a god yourself. That’s what happens with Nanami as her debt-ridden father had left her lonely and homeless. She is given a chance to redeem herself.

But when she saves a man from a dog, what she thought would be a house to live in, turned out to be a shrine where Nanami was the new shrine deity. Can Nanami deal with the many spirits taking an interest in her? Find the best reverse harem anime.

3. Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran HSHC

Episodes – 26 | Year – 2006

Haruhi goes from just being a poor honors student to becoming the centerpiece of the hottest commodities in Ouran High School, the host club. This host club has among its members the hottest and most beautiful boys in the school.

Books Worth Reading:

And Haruhi now has to play off as a boy to pay her debt and play the role of a body and woo the many affluent ladies of the school while also having the attention of the boys in an iron grip. See the misadventures that follow in one of the best reverse harem anime.

2. Yona of the Dawn


Episodes – 24 + 3 OVA |Year – 2014

Being surrounded by beautiful men all day can be tough. It’s even tougher when you know these men are the dragon warriors. But for Yona that’s the least of her worries as, as the exiled and betrayed princess of Kohka Kingdom, she has much to fight for.

Her cousin Soo-Won killed Yona’s father and became the new king. Accompanied by only her loyal companion and bodyguard Hak, she must now find the warriors to get back what was taken from her. But no one told her they would be this girl gorgeous.

Watch more in the best reverse harem anime.

Books Worth Reading:

1. Fruits Basket

fruits basket best reverse harem anime

Episodes – 63 | Year – (2019-2021)

Surrounded by the beautiful members of the Sohma family, young Tohru Honda’s life is about to become as outrageous as it gets. While the whole school fawns over the Sohmas, for Tohru they aren’t much different from normal people.

Except for the fact that they aren’t in fact normal. They are each suffering from a curse that turns them into animals when touched by the opposite gender. How will she deal with these new eccentric yet beautiful men in her life? Find the best reverse harem anime


With this, we have completed our list of the Best Reverse Harem Anime. It took quite a while to curate this list since we added both popular titles as well as hidden gems which will make sure that you’ll enjoy your time watching all these titles.

If you liked this article then please keep supporting us and till our next article comes, please enjoy watching the best reverse harem anime.

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FAQ Section

What is a reverse harem called in anime?

a heterosexual female or gay male protagonist paired with an all-male/yaoi harem series is informally referred to as a male harem, a reverse harem trope.

Is Fruits Basket a reverse harem?

Although it’s hard to find, there are tons of great reverse harem anime, such as Fruits Basket. Despite the series being almost two decades old, it is the best reverse harem anime.

What is a boy harem called?

When a male (yaoi) or female (hetero) is the center of attention for a group of males, this is usually called male harem, reverse harem, or sometimes 逆ハーレム or gyaku hāremu. Gyaku translates to reverse or upside down.
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