14+ Best Manhwa Like Return Of The Legend (Ranked)

So you have finished reading Return of the Legend and liked it very much. That is why you are here searching for more manhwa like Return of the Legend. Don’t worry, you are at the right place because today on MyAnimeGuru, providing a list of 14+ Best Manhwa Like Return Of The Legend (Ranked).

If you don’t feel familiar with the story, Don’t worry! I’ll explain a bit. Jang Tae-san is a guy working in a good and reputed company. His life was normal until his company ran bankrupt and fired all employees. So he becomes jobless and his life becomes harder to survive.

In an accident, he saved a child and died. That’s all the story? No. After he is reincarnated 14 years before in time. Now will he rectify the mistakes and make his life prosperous? The below-listed manhwas have similar stories to Return of the Legend manhwa.

Best Manhwa Like Return Of The Legend

So let’s look at the list of 14+ Best Manhwa Like Return Of The Legend (Ranked).

15) A Gentleman’s Unique Taste

beauty loves bad

Chapters: 49 | Year: (2018-2019)

How it would be if a gorgeous girl likes a Bad Boy? Pretty bad for an ordinary handsome guy right, Han Tae Hee belongs to a wealthy family known for her beauty and intelligence. Her only flaw is she is only attracted to bad boys.

On the other hand, Joo Woo is polite and possesses all qualities of a true gentleman, falling in love with TaeHee. She initially rejected him and later gradually he creates love in her heart. Will he be able to make her fall in love with him?

Books Worth Reading:

This manhwa is not similar to the Return of the Legend manhwa but the designs and storytelling of this manhwa reminds me of the Return of Legend manhwa.

14) The Producer’s Second Life

Will he become best producer?

Chapters: 90+ | Year: 2021

This story follows a life of a producer named Sang-ji who is always pressurized and depressed about his job and family. He got so many failures in his music industry and almost it went to shutdown.

Books Worth Reading:

Suddenly in an accident, Sangji died and got his second chance through reincarnation by the time before 10 years. He was determined to use his knowledge and experience from the future to make his name as a successful producer in the music industry. Will he be able to achieve it?

This manhwa has the same concept as Return of the Legend, the only difference is in Return of the Legend the MC is an employee but in this manhwa the MC is Producer.

13) God of Cooking

Will he become god of cooking?

Chapters: 48 | Year: 2020

What if an underrated chef becomes a God of Cooking in another universe? Yeah, this story centers on a chef named Kim who has a great dream of becoming the best chef in the world. But in the modern world, he faced many difficulties and struggled to gain recognition.

But one day he is teleported to a parallel universe and in the universe the chefs are considered gods. And a cooking competition for the title “God of Cooking” is conducted there. With his skills and confidence, Kim joined the competition. Will he win the title?

Books Worth Reading:

The theme of teleportation to another parallel universe is similar to reincarnation so it is a best-recommended manhwa for the Return of the Legend manhwa readers.

12) Second Try Idol

Kpop idol dream

Chapters: 90+ | Year: 2020

No cap the MC of this manhwa is damn good! His name is Seo Hyun he has a dream to become an Idol but unfortunately, he met in an accident injured severely including many scars on his face. This incident breaks his dream of becoming an Idol.

So he opened an Idol trainer academy to train other students, how to become an Idol. But it is not forever again he got reincarnated to the past after meeting with another accident. Can he make his dream come true at this time?

Both Manhwas share the same concept of reincarnation but the difference is the career of the MCs in both Manhwas. It is the best manhwa for the readers of Return of the Legend.

Books Worth Reading:

11) The Stars Are on My Side

Weak become strong

Chapters: 67+ | Year: 2021

Baek Homin is a teenager who is focused on this manhwa storyline. I will share some information about world development in this manhwa. A world full of mysterious towers is where Baek lives. These towers are where humans reside since everything else was destroyed.

Astra refers to those who possess the capability to scale the tower. The protagonist we follow seems to lack strength. However, everything transforms as he obtains the capability to recall all of his former life’s memories. And have a guess what? Being an Astra defined him in each of his previous three existences.

Well, the story doesn’t seem to be similar but the personality of both MCs share a lot of similarities. For instance, they both were pretty weak in the beginning.

10) Wife After Love

best love story

Chapters: 87 | Year: (2020-2021)

Books Worth Reading:

What happens if we separate a newly arranged married couple? Confusing right? This story follows a married couple who doesn’t seem to have matching thoughts and personalities. They had more oral arguments and got separated for three straight years.

But At the time they missed each other and regretted their past incidents. They both came to know about the hidden love in themselves and After three years times skip they met each other and felt sorry for their actions.

Instead of reincarnation before time like other manhwas, this manhwa shares a different concept of a time skip with love which is soo amazing and best recommended for the Return of the Legend readers.

9) Rookie Talent Agent Knows It All

all things by agent

Chapters: 80+ | Year: 2021

The story follows an agent named Yoonho who is considered a genius and intelligent. He is the vice president of a top national company and his wife is also a top model. They both lived a joyful and peaceful life.

Books Worth Reading:

Unfortunately, he was attacked by a deadly disease that cant be cured. But the only sad thing is after his illness everybody left him alone and he spends his last time lonely on his deathbed. So miserable right? After he got reincarnated into the past. What will he do after his reincarnation?

It is a short manhwa and can be completed within one day. And the story is pretty good and similar to Return of the Legend Manhwa.

8) Long live the Drama King

The producer gave up

Chapters: 95+ | Year: 2021

This story focuses on a gentleman called Lee Hyunseok. As a Producer-Director, Lee is employed. He created his first drama which is a great failure and he gave up on his dream. Whilst on his deathbed, he had the opportunity to express one final wish. Making the drama was his final desire.

His setup was quite dull. The amateur actors, bad writers, and low budgets ruined the production. Can he craft the most outstanding drama? I strongly believe that is unlikely! This manhwa boasts an incredibly impressive art style. I am confident that you will adore it.

Books Worth Reading:

7) Past Life Regression

Poor to rich

Chapters: 40+ | Year: 2022

In the title itself, reincarnation is defined the same in this manhwa. The main character of this manhwa is Seonhu who got the power to reset or change the time.

Using his powers he becomes the richest man in the world and his aim is to make his own monopoly and own government to bring peace to this world. Because he has a bad past and suffered a lot from poverty and illness. Will he be able to change the world?

6) Is this Hero For Real?

teleported to another world

Chapters: 75+ | Year: 2022

A teenager named Kang Hansoo is teleported to a world of monsters and magic with the help of a goddess. His classmates were also teleported by him. Although he doesn’t seem to like the place because he was good on Earth and he wanted to go back.

Books Worth Reading:

As promised the goddess brought him back to the earth. After opening his eyes to earth he was alone. The Goddess just teleported him alone, not his friends. Will he be able to go back to the other world and save his friends?

I’m pretty sure you would love the manhwa because the story contains more twisted plots than you expect and it is a recommended manhwa for Return of the Legend readers.

5) A Man’s Man

Toxic environment

Chapters: 140+ | Year: 2020

This manhwa has a strong fanbase and is an interesting one to read. The story follows a guy named Yuhyeon who is the president of a huge electronic company called Hansung.

The company was very successful and he earned a lot of money but the only drawback is the company is situated in a toxic environment. So his company employees frequently fall into illness. So he decided to change the location of his company. But in the future, he doesn’t realize how it affects his company.

Books Worth Reading:

However, the MCs of both manhwa possess the same qualities, but the difference is the MC of Return of the Legend failed in the past and the MC of this manhwa fails in the future.

4) Again my Life

Chapters: 142; Volumes: 8| Year: (2019-2021)

This manhwa’s narrative revolves around a protagonist named Kim Hi Wu. A prosecutor is who Kim is. Being able to solve many cases at such a young age has made him become considered a genius. Unfortunately, everything alters as he passes away while investigating a ruthless leader.

As something happens, he gets reincarnated back in time. The pledge he made was to seize that leader this time and obtain his vengeance. Could he accomplish this task? I am certain that he is capable.

3) Kill the Hero

Chapters: 135+ | Year: 2020

Books Worth Reading:

The story follows the adventures of a guy named Kim Woojin who got teleported to a world of monsters and dungeons. He was given tasks to clear the dungeons to protect humankind and humanity.

Finally, he discovers that he is the final boss of the world and that the monsters defeating him were the heroes of the world. Will he finish all dungeons and manage to save this world? I think he finishes all of them and returns to his original world.

This manhwa has a good story and it is also similar to Return of the Legend while reading this you will get the same feeling as reading the Return of the Legend.


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2) Goodbye, In-Law

Best Manhwa Like Return Of The Legend

Chapters: 75; Volumes: 8| Year: (2018-2020)

The story of two teenagers named Haneul and Dahae is followed by this manhwa. In their teenage years, mutual hatred existed between them both. Upon graduating, it appeared doubtful that they would have another encounter. Their siblings’ wedding required them to reunite once more.

Books Worth Reading:

A fatal accident took place during the wedding which caused the death of both of their siblings. Afterward, Dahae and Haneul awoke in their adolescent years. While this was happening, their siblings remained among the living. Do they have the capability of saving them?

Well! The feature of this manhwa implies traveling via reincarnation. Despite everything, the MCs of this show remained alive. They were simply reborn during their sleep. And this manhwa is best suited for Return of the Legend readers.

1) Medical Return

Best Manhwa Like Return Of The Legend

Chapters: 148| Year: (2019-2022)

This story revolves around a genius surgeon named Kim Jihyun who has completed many surgeries and saved many people. Unfortunately, he got died in an accident and got reincarnated as a teenager with all his memories.

Using his advanced knowledge and experiences he aims to become the world’s greatest surgeon in his field. He also faced many in his academics and personally. Will he become the greatest surgeon by overcoming all his obstacles?

Books Worth Reading:

This manhwa shows the aspiring story of a guy to become a doctor after being reincarnated. Pretty good right? So this manhwa occupies the 1st place in this list of best manhwa like Return of the Legend.


With this, we have concluded our list of the 14+ Best Manhwa Like Return of the Legend (Ranked). From “Medical Return” and “Kill the Hero” to “A Gentleman’s Unique Taste”, each series brings its twist to the genre with the amazing touch of reincarnation making all these Manhwas best for the fans of Return of the Legend Manhwa readers.

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14+ Best Manhwa Like Ranker’s Return (Ranked)

FAQ Section

Is the MC of Return of the Legend matured?

MC is not a good person at all. He’s super annoying, arrogant, and very disgusting. He hits on his childhood crush that’s a teenager, while He has the mind of a grown adult

How does the MC die?

Jang Tae-san is a guy working in a good and reputed company. His life was daily until his company ran bankrupt and fired all employees. So he becomes jobless and his life becomes harder to survive. In an accident, he saved a child and died.

Interested in watching anime and reading books, the anime lifts me while I was in a bad mental state. Also like to play video games and is enthusiastic about learning new things.

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