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Synopsis Of The Villains Precious Daughter

The Villains Precious Daughter Spoilers

It’s already unfair that I suffered greatly because I closely resembled the Saintess but why did the villain kill me without any mercy at all?

Books Worth Reading:

No, it said in the book that I was bound to die.

‘My life is already ruined. Of all things, why do I have to be the one to die a ridiculous death?’

There’s still hope! I haven’t met any of the characters yet so I’ll just run away!

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But why did the villain collapse in front of me……?

With a lot of effort, I barely saved the life of the villain who was on the brink of death.

But now he’s saying that he wanted to adopt me as his daughter and raise me to be a Saintess?!

Just like that, I decided to become his daughter for a few days before leaving quietly.

“My daughter is a genius. No child is more angelic in this world other than my daughter.”

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……I think I have coaxed my dad too well.

Even the guys who originally followed the real Saintess started to pay attention to me.

What went wrong? Aren’t you guys supposed to hate me?!

The Villains Precious Daughter Spoilers

The Villains Precious Daughter

This section is going to be a bit long since I am going to cover everything I know about The Villains Precious Daughter Spoilers.

Books Worth Reading:

The Apocalypse, the Four Knights, and the Origin of the Four Ducal Families

The Four Knights of the Apocalypse include the White Knight of Conquest (Red Knight of War), the Red Knight of War (Black Knight of Famine), and the Blue Knight of Death. 

The Apocalypse tells the story of the end of the world. When that time comes, four knights will be revealed.

Two saints were sent by god(s), although I’m not certain if more than one god is involved since the MTL might sometimes say, god or gods. 

A Saint and a saintess. They chose to aid one human, the first Emperor. The first emperor then rallied four heroes and defeated the four knights. 

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The four heroes won but the land was left desolate, and the emperor and his four heroes were cursed.

Each of the four knights cursed each one of the four heroes. The four knights were sealed by the power of the Saint and Saintess in the bodies. The saints could not cure them so they had to live with the curse forever.

They also developed resistance to it as it was like fighting off another poison. The first emperor was blessed by the Church (forgot his name but it is the same as the library that Saintess has access to) which helped him build the empire. 

The four dukes of his empire were then named:

  • Oricsa, the White Knight of Conquest from the East – Oricsa
  • Petrose from West – The Red Knight of War
  • Lampeige(?) Lampeige (?)
  • Valencia, the Blue Knight of Death from the North

The Saint lost all his powers after the apocalypse and was able to remain in the empire. However, the key that allowed him entry to the library of gods was not destroyed. This key will give you access to the library of Gods. 

Books Worth Reading:

The library holds all knowledge about the world, past, present, and future. According to the Saintess, she would return with the key once again the apocalypse comes again. 

Although the Pope predicted that the Saintess would return, it was the Saintess (Rosaline) who disappeared.

The Reason for the Feud Between Oricsa and Valencia + A Little Bit About Rosaline

It was obvious that Duke Valencia held a deep hatred for the Oricsa family. Simon to Rosalia explained the reason for this hatred while they were traveling to the capital to meet the Emperor.

The Oricsa family claimed Christian was located and claimed that Duke Valencia was Christian’s biological daughter.

Rosalia was told by Simon that the feud between these two families began a long while ago. He explained to Rosalia that the Oricsa had ruled the eastern territory and it was to be handed to the Valencias. 

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After the battle with the knights, the northern lands were abandoned. In the north, which was difficult to farm and where wild beasts roamed, it was difficult to survive. 

The advancement of science and magic made it possible to live in the north with improved quality.

Oricsa’s hero didn’t want the northern lands. Valencia was certain that the east would go to Valencia so Oricsa tricked Valencia. The night before the meeting, they had a drink together.

This was where they would officially split the lands. Oricsa had put something in Valencia’s drink and he was unable to attend the meeting the following day. 

It was unclear if the poison was a sleeping potion, or if the drink contained any poison. Since then, the two families have been at odds with one another. One should be chosen, according to the Valencias (e.g. For positions, works, etc., one should be chosen based on one’s abilities, regardless of where one came from. 

They would be opposed by the Oricsas, who believe that it is their lineage that matters most. The Oricsa enjoys a close relationship with the imperial clan. 

Books Worth Reading:

The emperor was biased in his support for the Duke Of Oricsa and wanted Rosalia to be taken away from the Duke de Valencia.

Rosaline was another reason the Duke of Valencia disliked the Oricsas. Rosaline, if I recall correctly, was a descendant of a fallen noble family. Later in her life, she was granted divine powers. 

It was known that Christian, the Duke of Valencia, and Christian, the second son from the Oricsa, proposed to Rosaline. The Duke of Valencia said that Christian was abandoned by his father, believing he was incompetent. 

Christian was described by his father as being very introverted. He rarely appeared in society and only a few people knew how he looked. Everyone was shocked that Rosaline chose Christian to replace the Duke of Valencia. 

He didn’t understand why Rosaline chose Christianity, but he had always believed it was different from him.

Although the Saintess would have a unique eye color, being born in a human body (a newborn), it would take some time for the child’s consciousness to develop and her eyes to become normal. 

Simply put, the Saintess was still adapting to her body. Rosaline’s daughter, it was said, was likely to become the next Saintess. Her baby hadn’t woken up since she was 2 or 3 years old. 

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Rosaline and her family were attacked, and the child was taken. Christian Oricsa, the father, also went missing and Rosaline succumbed shortly thereafter. 

It was believed that she had made the duke promise to find her child before she died. Rosalia claimed that Saint Cordelia looked identical to Rosaline except for her gold eyes and silver hair

The Oricsa family is known for their silver hair and golden eyes. She was sure she wasn’t Rosaline’s child because of this. 

Other people, including the Duke, believe Rosalia looks exactly like Christian. They only noticed her blue eyes, which they claimed resembled Rosaline’s.

Books Worth Reading:

Some Details About Drawing Blood From Rosalia

Rosalia said that the priests who came to collect Rosalia from the duke wore the same robes as the people who took her blood at the orphanage. 

She mistook them for people from the orphanage. They were trying to get her. Rosalia had already given the priests the middle finger before they were dragged away.

Later, when Lorenzo, the younger brother of the duke, was introduced to the story, he would ask Rosalia for her blood. He was searching for a cure to save his nephew Julian. 

Julian almost died and was made into a beast at one point. Rosalia tried running to Saintess Cordelia, but she said that they were both orphans who lived in the same area. 

Lorenzo captured her and offered to help her return to her home. Rosalia did not tell Lorenzo or the duke anything about Rosalia.

They thought she was running from Julian because she became scared of him when Julian was chained up with his muzzle. They believed she was unsafe in the duchy. 

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Rosalia learned that Julian had been suddenly healed, although he was not completely freed from the curse. However, he regained consciousness as a human after all the running away. 

Lorenzo believed that Julian’s only factor of influence was Rosalia. Rosalia met Julian in prison before she fled. 

Julian was so enslaved by the curse that he grabbed Rosalia and buried his nails so deeply in Rosalia’s hands that they started to bleed.

Lorenzo attempted to take a sample from her blood behind the back of the duke. He was just trying to verify his hypothesis. Lorenzo was an expert on ancient relics. 

Lorenzo said to her that he had found an ancient ruin where he could say that the blood of the saint is similar to wine and that his eyes resemble jewels. 

It said that you will be complete if you eat the flesh of the saint and drink his blood. A saint’s gaze and voice can be enough to make anyone feel enchanted. 

Books Worth Reading:

His blood was believed to make you stronger and more healthy if you eat his flesh and drink it. Rosalia was used voluntarily to have her blood taken. Lorenzo was happy to oblige.

Lorenzo was shocked because he tried to explain to her gently, and she was like, “okay!” Here’s my left hand. Rosalia assured him that it would not hurt as much as it used to. 

I believe this was in return for the food and shelter she was receiving. Lorenzo reluctantly pulled out a syringe. Rosalia was stunned when she saw the syringe getting closer to her.

It was almost as if she was in a trance. Lorenzo put down the syringe because he was concerned about Rosalia’s reaction. Rosalia was able to return to her senses after he called her several times. 

Lorenzo stated that he wouldn’t take her blood anymore, and I believe he apologized and told Rosalia to go to her bedroom and rest well.

Julian and His Curse

The constant blessings of the saint allowed the first emperor to pass peacefully if I understand correctly. The four knights’ powers were not available to the heroes. Their descendants carried the curse. 

A curse would be passed to their descendants if a child was unable to resist it. They were often locked up if they survived their youth and reached adulthood. This is because they became like beasts.

The curse was passed to Julian by his maternal grandparents. Ingrid was the wife of the emperor. However, when she died the emperor made Ingrid his mistress and made him his illegitimate child. 

Julian wanted to be Duke Valencia’s heir and didn’t want to fight for the throne. If the curse is purified with extraordinary divine powers, it could be broken. 

Rosalia mentions that Julian was the only one not to be hung up on Saintess Cordelia in the novel. Saintess Cordelia was in love with the first prince.

However, he was also incompetent. Because he believed Julian was incompetent and sick, the emperor neglected Julian. He wants him to die to secure his position as the next heir.

The emperor initially opposed Rosalia’s adoption into the family of the duke. This was long before the Oricsa was introduced. Julian wrote to the Emperor and the emperor suddenly allowed the adoption. 

Julian stated that he wanted less than three years to live if I am not mistaken. It is possible that Julian meant it as a wager (a bet on how long he will live). It could be said that the Emperor considers it his dying wish.

However, Julian speaks sometimes in mysterious ways. Julian was believed to be weak, incompetent, and sick. Julian tries to match this image. Julian and the duke also played the role of distant cousins, pretending that they weren’t close.

The duke claimed that Julian was being kept in the duchy by his uncle and that he only wanted to keep Julian there. The nobles are split on which prince they should support. 

Many support the first prince, despite Julian’s superior lineage. Many believed he would die soon. Some still support Julian through the Duke of Valencia. 

They believed the duke would place his nephew on his throne. If I understand correctly, he could either act as his regent, or he could take the throne. 

This is why the emperor was biased toward the Valencias. He wanted his unborn son to inherit the throne. Julian is very concerned about Rosalia. 

They have such cute interactions. It was heartbreaking to see Julian become more and more enslaved by the curse and lose his ability to reason.


Blake Lampeige, the Black Knight of Famine, met MC at the garden. She was interested in her when she didn’t cry and could read ancient languages. 

Rosalia said that she hates him and he responded by saying, “I’ll give your heart my heart lol.”

I don’t like the male leads of the Rosalia novel. But, huhuhu, Blake is my favorite. I feel like I’m cheating on Julian T_T.

Rosalia bought Rosalia his brooch to buy silence as Blake was not allowed to meet Rosalia. Blake stated that the brooch is important to him, although I don’t yet know what its significance means. 

It’s hilarious how Rosalia tried to rip him off in the novel. Blake thought he could bribe Rosalia with cookies, but Rosalia said nope. 

She took Blake’s brooch because she thought it was very expensive, and she told him to pay back the cookies she had lost.

He would then send three carriages of cookies to her from the special bakery. Blake’s sudden order meant that the bakery had to shut down for a few days.

Julian described Blake as being lazy, but quick to act if necessary. Blake’s family is neutral. Blake was sent to Rosalia’s rescue because it was rumored that she would be the next Saintess.

Rosalia and Blake would meet next at Blake’s birthday party. Although he wasn’t invited, his younger brother was. However, he took his invitation and went in his place. 

To hide his identity, he wore a mask because the duke believed he had already met Rosalia. After Edmond brought Rosalia a dead boar, and the knights dragged the duke away.

Blake sneaked up on Rosalia and asked her to learn to dance. Although she did not want to dance, she was forced to because it was the only way to preserve all her hard work learning how to dance. 

Because she had beaten up Daniel, the other boys were afraid to ask her to dance. Rosalia was horrible at dancing, she got on Blake’s feet too often. Blake was not very good at dancing, he was a bit stiff. 

Rosalia asked him if he still had his brooch. She replied that she was taking care of it, as she intended to sell it later when she leaves the duchy lol), but Blake took it differently and was happy to hear it.

The knights arrived to take him out after the dance was over. Although they were staring at him with daggers, they didn’t want them to ruin their lady’s first dance. 

After Rosalia was in an accident on her birthday, Edmond and he would try to reach Rosalia. They wanted to check on her, but the duke had already dragged them from his territory.

Rosalia would later run away and end up at Blakes’s house. At that point, she was running with Lorenzo. After she fled, it took Lorenzo only one hour to discover that she was missing. 

He began to hunt them down. Lorenzo bought them big hats to cover their hair, but Rosalia lost Lorenzo as they walked through the crowd.

She was hungry so she stopped at a crepe shop to get some food before continuing her search for Lorenzo. She didn’t have any money so she gave her first piece of jewelry that she found in her purse. 

It was Blake’s brooch, and she forgot that it had his family’s insignia. The seller was a little scared and asked her if she was lost. He said he would notify the knights so that she can return home. 

Rosalia received a carriage and was given another piece of jewelry by the seller. She thought she would go home, but was instead taken to another mansion.

Blake’s father greeted her. The seller must have mistakenly believed she was from Blake’s extended family, which she realized later. Blake’s father tried to be close to Rosalia.

He said, “Feel at Home, Duke Valencia, you’re here” (he didn’t, Rosalia pointed out that it was not IIRC). She stayed at Blake’s house for a few more days.

Blake appeared suddenly and stared at Rosalia. He asked Rosalia if she was alright. She replied that she was fine.

It’s about the accident at her birthday party. He said that he was relieved, but was concerned about her.

The Duke of Lampeige wishes his sons to be friends with Rosalia. Blake’s brother was spoilt by his parents. 

Although I do not know why the duke was so envious of Blake’s favoritism that he would constantly find fault with him and tell him to be a better example for his brother.

Blake’s brother, Blake, asked Blake if she has any extraordinary divine powers. That’s why the Duke took her in even though she was filthy and from a poor background. 

Rosalia realized that this is how the ducal couple talks about her since children reflect their parents. Rosalia tried to intervene but Rosalia said no.

She talked about how she didn’t eat grass because she was so hungry, and why vegetables were not good for her.

The ducal couple looked at her in pity. Not compassionate pity, but more like compassion for an animal or beast. She was then like why aren’t you looking at me that way? 

Your pity is not necessary. She finds it hilarious that the duke wanted her close to his sons when she didn’t view her as a human or an equal. 

Blake’s brother couldn’t answer Rosalia so he felt trapped and the duke became mad at Blake for being rude.

The little brother ran away crying as the duchess chased him. Blake was reprimanded by the Duke again, and he left Rosalia and Blake alone.

Rosalia asked Blake if Blake liked Rosalia because she didn’t cry like her brother. He said yes. Blake said that he finds his brother irritating, even though he was a whiner and a crybaby to his parents. 

Rosalia explained to him that Rosalia is childish and that she whines and cries a lot, so he couldn’t stop liking her. Rosalia also stated that she thought whining and crying were annoying.

She said that it was okay to express your frustrations and cry. After what had happened, she left the room. She felt nauseated. 

After a few hours she thought she would be fine, but then it got worse and she called a maid to get medicine. 

Because Rosalia was so pale and ill, the maid became so concerned that she reported it immediately to Blake’s father. Rosalia was then able to eat in her room.

She realized that she had lost her doll a few days later and asked the maid to find it in the dining area. But she was not told. 

A maid informed her that Blake wanted her to meet him and was holding her doll as a hostage LOL. They spoke again after she met Blake. 

Rosalia insisted that Blake should not like her and that he hates her. Blake asked Rosalia if she liked him more if he whines and cries as well. 

Rosalia was what? Blake said to her that he would cry and whine for her only so she could pay more attention. Rosalia tried to change things and flicked her forehead at Blake.

She told him to be grateful for his family because he still has one. Rosalia said that she didn’t know her parents, and she encouraged him to be grateful for the privileges he enjoys.

Blake was staring at Rosalia as if he were staring when he heard a voice. The Duke of Valencia stood behind Rosalia, and was saying how dare you to hit my daughter’s forehead with your fingers? 

He complained that Rosalia had lost weight and that Blake had been cruel to her family. He took Rosalia home. Lorenzo was still in the drawing room when they were about to leave. 

Lorenzo ran after the duke and was like, “Hyuuuuuuuuungnim” why have you left me lol.

The Duke of Lampeige welcomed the Duke of Valencia. He tried to communicate with him to allow his sons to come and say goodbye to Rosalia. 

Blake’s brother said goodbye while hiding behind his father. Rosalia waved goodbye to Blake and said goodbye. Lorenzo was giggling in the carriage. 

Rosalia came closer to the carriage and grabbed her hand. Blake came closer to Rosalia and grabbed her hand. Rosalia turned and Blake whispered to her, “Let’s see each other again.” 

Rosalia felt something touching her cheek. Rosalia was grabbed by the duke in the carriage and the door was shut. The duke then ordered her to leave immediately. 

Blake was furious at him, while Blake’s father was laughing outside. She realized that Blake had kissed her lol. 

The Duke was furious and said, “How dare that bastard put snout on my girl’s cheek!” Rosalia was told by him that Blake would come back to her if he came near again.

Rosalia didn’t think too much about it. But later, she would ask Emma what it meant and if it had the same effect as giving Rosalia a good night’s sleep. 

Emma said it only works if your family is involved and that she considered the young miss my daughter.

However, Emma felt it was ineffective and should have followed the advice of the duke to kick the groins of boys who wanted a kiss on her.

Edmond And Daniel

Rosalia met Edmond von Petros at the art exhibition of Count Fordner. Rosalia was shocked when Daniel said he would hit Rosalia.

Rosalia responded by saying, “Go on, hit me lol!” Rosalia is interesting to him because of her choice of words. Rosalia used words she had learned in the back alley to express her anger.

Rosalia had heard Daniel, the son of Count Fodner, gush about how the painting she was admiring would go up in price over time. He was so proud of the artist that he died from hunger while trying to finish it. 

If the painting he created doesn’t sell, he said that his family would stop supporting him. They starved the poor painter. 

Rosalia was ridiculed by Daniel after a girl claimed she was an orphan. Rosalia took a painting from Daniel and hit him with it.

After some exchanges with Daniel and Edmond, Edmond set the paintings ablaze. Rosalia was shocked to discover who Edmond was after she saw the fire. 

Rosalia was shocked when Edmond handled Daniel’s situation. Edmond called Rosalia but Rosalia didn’t respond and stared blankly until her unconscious.

It was the night Cordelia, the heroine of the novel was left behind in the flames by the 3 ducal princes. It then transformed into her younger self. She was her before the duke adopted and warned her that no one would save her.

The duke was there with her, listening to her scream in pain and begging her not to leave. He was so helpless, he couldn’t do anything, and he had no idea what Rosalia went through to feel like this. 

Rosalia briefly woke up and asked the duke not to kill Rosalia and to hold her hand. 

Rosalia lost consciousness and then the duke panicked, and he screamed for Rosalia to be checked on by the doctor. Rosalia fell asleep.

After all that, it was revealed that Daniel’s family was exploiting the artists they sponsored. They are essentially swindling poor, illiterate artists. 

The family went bankrupt, and if I am not mistaken, the duke was involved in this.

Rosalia was told by the Duke that Edmond wouldn’t be allowed to hunt for two or three days as punishment lol. Rosalia thought that this was punishment. The paintings were burned, he said. Lol.

Rosalia didn’t invite Edmond to her party. But that didn’t stop Edmond from showing up lol. Daniel’s bish cousin tried to bully Rosalia while she was alone at her party, but Edmond arrived dragging a dead boar. 

The rest of the children ran away, scared by Edmond’s boar. Edmond proudly claimed that he had hunted the boar for her as an offering. Also, it wasn’t her only gift.

The gift that his family gave her was coming soon. Rosalia and Edmond had a lot of banter. When Edmond stated that he needed to say something to Rosalia the Duke arrived, and he was mad because he hadn’t been invited lol.

The knights took him and locked him up somewhere. Rosalia was told by him to wait for him while he was being dragged.

Edmond was wild and impulsive. It was said that Edmond’s family did everything they wanted, which was kinda chaotic.


Rosalia would have an accident at her birthday party. Two pegasi were presented by the Duke to Rosalia as a birthday present. Rosalia was amazed and asked the Duke if she could ride one. 

The Duke was open to it. The Duke agreed to tether the pegasus so it couldn’t fly high. Rosalia mounted Rosalia’s pegasus and it began to fly. Then it went wild and broke from its rope. 

Rosalia was called by the Duke, and Julian rode the other pegasus in pursuit of Rosalia. His pegasus also became wild.

Rosalia was eventually able to catch Julian and tell him to grab his hand. Rosalia finally managed to grab Julian’s hands after so many struggles.

Julian grabbed Rosalia and both of them fell to the ground. Julian was the one who took most of his impact. He was unconscious, covered in blood, and it didn’t feel like he could breathe anymore. 

Rosalia felt pain all over her body but could only think of Julian and how he might die if Rosalia didn’t take action. She began crying, asking for help.

But she lost consciousness and she started to cry. Before she could faint, she saw a faint light, then she heard footsteps, then the duke calling her name.

She entered the library. She saw tiny ghost-like creatures when she arrived at the library. They were all very freaky so she followed them. Rosalia understands the language they were using, even though they spoke in a different tongue. 

They said she had caused the book to be damaged. The book was on the ground. She saw that it was damaged. Rosalia felt ominous. 

After that, she woke up. She was kept in her room until she could recover. The Duke informed her that Julian was still alive and that he had not suffered any injuries from falling from a high vantage point. 

Rosalia was shocked to see a nearly lifeless and bloodied Julian. Julian’s curse grew worse. Now, he hunts down monsters more often.

The Duke told her that it was the Fordners’ fault. Rosalia vaguely recalled seeing Daniel’s face while riding the pegasus. 

The Duke claimed that the pegasi had been injected with a rare medication. Since they are now broke, he was certain it wasn’t just Fordners involved.

Yes, indeed, the Duke of Oricsa was also involved. Rosalia discovered this after she attempted to run away from the Oricsas.

She accidentally hid inside Duke Oricsa’s study and discovered the letter written by Count Fordner.

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