I Can’t Keep Up With My Stallion Duke Spoilers (Best)

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Synopsis Of I Can’t Keep Up With My Stallion Duke

I Can't Keep Up With My Stallion Duke spoilers

Not a single soul in Olivia Florence‘s life, including her husband, provided the warmth that she craved, and she lived her life alone, growing strong.

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Waking up two decades earlier right after her regretful arranged marriage to the Duke, Lord James Parnell, she plans to live a different life.

She hatches a plan to annul her marriage and remarry the Duke, Ian Tyrone, infamous for being “IMPOTENT” for never showing any interest in the ladies.

Maybe his disinterest in women would allow Olivia to comfortably live as his wife, unburdened by childbirth and free of any other pressures in life.

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But wait, the Duke who seemingly “couldn’t get it up” turns out to be a complete stud in the bedroom. What has Olivia gotten herself into?

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I Can’t Keep Up With My Stallion Duke Spoilers

I Can't Keep Up With My Stallion Duke Spoilers

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Summary Of Initial Plot

Despite being a noble, Sylvia endured censure from her stepmother.

Sylvia fled the house when Gassée was made to wed a balding old guy, which made things worse.

Sylvia only had one ability, thus it was a hoax because she had nowhere else to go.

Duke Victor Aswan, is a former street orphan who captured the emperor’s attention and is now a flying swordsman of war.

Silvia made the bold and cunning decision to pose as the lover of a man he had never met before.

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The peacock of the opposing nation captured the heart of the village girl Sylvia. To his Duke Castle in the Pritra Empire, the Duke evacuated his beloved wife.

Sadly, Sylvia encountered a thief on the way, and all of the escorts perished. However, Sylvia displayed cunning and arrived at the Duke alone.

The residents of Duke Castle perished as a result of Sylvia’s lies and portrayal of herself as a lover of the century who fell in love with the Duke in a hostile environment.

One day, while I was having a good time acting like a generous and amiable duchess,

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A big bomb explodes on her!

An unhappy Mongolian man visited one day out of the blue. the look of having multiple areas that are covered in blood. a dirt-covered head.

Sylvia attempted to flaunt her virtue in front of the crowd since she believed she was there to beg.

“Please send it loudly and feed this man.”

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I’ll give you some fresh clothes.

You’re the Duke, right?

“Well, I guess. You are the Duke, right?

“My dear, we’ve finally arrived back at this castle’s real owner. A toast should be made! Everyone, please extend a warm greeting to the Duke.”

You claimed to have taken my child.

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The Duke Castle’s original owner, who believed it would be useless for at least ten years, has returned.

Finale Episode (Book 1)

Jess continues to develop. When speaking to Jess, Sylvia often referred to herself as a mother.

She turned 21. She was able to acquire anything she desired thanks to Victor’s unwavering backing. Pristine gems, outfits, footwear, a book with a limited print run, a white horse, and… a baby.

How about a second child’s name? (Sylvia)
Victor surprisedly turned to face her. Victor, who was baffled, was really cute.

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“Had the possibility of a baby ever crossed your mind?” (Sylvia)
Victor gave her a tight hug and murmured, “Certainly not,” before whispering, “Jules.”

Sylvia said “Jules” once more with a smile, “Lovely, I like it.”
“I hope the child looks like you because I would adore him/her so much then” (Victor)

“Well, I guess the kid will inherit at least one quality from me. Let’s check the due date.” (Sylvia) “The world gets clearer the minute you fall in love. that everything comes to a standstill and you stop breathing. (Victor)

“When we initially met, I was shocked that you didn’t toss me out. I felt like an outsider and an odd woman. I tried to reason at the time as to why you might allow me to stay and not kill me.

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I came up with three options. firstly because you thought I looked good. Avoid laughing! Some folks think I’m attractive.

Yes, I am aware that that is illogical. Of course, it wasn’t love at first sight. Anyway, secondly, you required a wife.

Eventually, you were 27 years old. I assumed you would be a bachelor who is ablaze with want.

Third, if none of the aforementioned apply, you only wished to avoid the difficulty by not killing me. Victor questioned (Sylvia) why she had ruled out the first option since, in reality, he had liked her from the beginning.

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First, before entering the castle, Victor was aware of Sylvia. He had also heard the report that The Duke of Aswan had surreptitiously taken a foreign wife to his castle.

He immediately went to his castle and inquired of the maid as to her location.

When she arrived, he was prepared to kill her right there, but he changed his mind. His mental transformation was effortless and straightforward.

The woman’s eyes widened, and a brilliant smile lit up her face. His jaw clenched, and his heart ached. The woman was like the sun—too warm and dazzling.

His wife, she was. He had no idea why she was acting in this way, but if she were his wife, he didn’t feel the need to evict her. He turned around silently and went to the dining area.

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*** “Be saved, my dear” (Sylvia)

Victor had always believed he could never experience loneliness. Even when his brave warriors cried themselves to sleep at night from loneliness, he couldn’t empathize with them.

He had no family or house. He thought it was his destiny to spend the rest of his life in battle.

He was meant to perish on the battlefield if he had the talent to not experience loneliness.

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The woman’s lips were as sweet as honey, yet her waist was so tiny that he could almost shatter it if he squeezed it firmly. Emptiness struck him as he had to leave the brown eyes behind that solely reflected him.

He had never experienced such emotion before. He didn’t want to leave despite feeling lonely.

He desired to settle. He reasoned that it would be OK to live a regular life away from the brutal and terrible battlefield. Victor grew avaricious.

He wished he could have lingered at home a bit longer to soak up Sylvia’s warmth. She was warm and cozy. sufficient to encircle him.

On that day, he committed to surviving whatever happened. He had to survive in order to save Sylvia. As he left, he was already missing her.

There was a woman at Aswan’s Caste who would wave a handkerchief for him.

Marriage Proposal (MTL)

(This happened before the previous episode)
Jess received a bottle of milk from Sylvia. Jess drank the milk while focusing on her. Sylvia’s eyes are full of love as she gazes at him.

Oh, how cute (Sylvia).

Sylvia has spent her entire life pursuing another person. There was only one thing she could have done when she fled her house.

“Live your life for you” She simply needs to lead a warm, fulfilling life. But as Sylvia observed Jess, she reasoned that having a kid wouldn’t be detrimental to her.

It didn’t bother her at all to take care of Jess. Even the pain of labor was willingly endured in exchange for the birth of a sweet and attractive child. If she had a child with Victor…

Sylvia envisions the child’s face in the future. She had blonde hair and brown eyes, while Victor had black and blue eyes.

She shocked Sylvia, who was attempting to merge several situations.

“Do I want to be his mother?” She felt odd and envisioned herself. She had never given it any thought until recently. She had no intention of being pregnant by Victor Aswan.

But now, circumstances have shifted. When she thought of Victor, Sylvia flushed. She was in his arms as he shouted till she choked just a few hours prior.

You never know when a child will be born between the two at this rate.

Sylvia reasoned that having his child wouldn’t be harmful. Sylvia’s heart felt heavy, though, because of the predicament he was in.

Will he return to the battlefield now that the war is still ongoing? Victor will return to combat, according to the Emperor. Victor Aswan is the best commander of the Pritra Empire.

Sylvia exhaled a long breath. Even having Victor’s child presented difficulties. If she had to give birth to a child by herself while he was in battle, it would be incredibly sad and lonely.

The monarch who perpetually rolls Victor was despised by Sylvia.

I find it incomprehensible that only Victor must put his life in danger on the front lines while the Emperor enjoys a comfortable lifestyle in the Imperial Palace.

It’s unfair. The emperor, whose face she had never seen, was cursed. The meeting with Victor was getting somewhat longer.

Victor might start a new battle, which kept Sylvia awake at night. “How can I let him leave now that I genuinely like him?”

Her head was spinning as she pictured Victor being shot by an enemy arrow. Victor’s return from the meeting ended Sylvia’s hours of nail-biting and shaking from nervousness.

“How was the conversation?” Victor gave Sylvia a perplexed glance. He was slow to answer and needed some time.

Do you need to leave again? (Sylvia)\s”No” Victor nodded while grinning.
The enemy’s ruler “finally dispatched an appeal”

The adversary gave up. Thus, Victor Aswan was no longer required to engage in combat.

Sylvia’s eyes flutter in surprise. She found what she had just heard to be unbelievable. She waited for a brief moment before calmly asking, “Really?”

Victor says to Sylvia, “Yeah!” Sylvia yelled and threw herself at Victor.
“A huge relief. Ah, I see.

You have no idea how anxious I was knowing that I had to send you to go once more. Oh, I’m so happy.” “It’s not over yet,” says Sylvia (Victor)

Victor exposed his concealed hand from behind his back. He handed the paper to Sylvia, who read it.

Sylvia, a daughter of Baron Laurent, and Victor, Duke of Aswan, are legally wed.

It was a piece of paper bearing the emperor’s seal. Sylvia gave Victor a startled glance.

Will you formally marry me, Sylvia? (Victor)

Sylvia’s thoughts vanished. He made a formal proposal to me! ‘. Sylvia is now Victor’s actual wife rather than just a pretend bride.

Also with the emperor’s approval! Sylvia covered her lips with her hands as she gagged in delight. Her cheeks are flushed with hot tears.

“Let’s get married in style, and I’ll prove to the world that you’re my wife” (Victor)

Victor’s marriage proposal brought Sylvia delight, unlike anything she had ever known in her 20 years of existence. She replied while crying.

“Yes, yes. Without a doubt”

Some Random Spoilers (Upto Ch. 19)

She moved into the duke’s mansion because she was from an impoverished noble family and assumed he wouldn’t return anytime soon because he left for the war a very long time ago, seven years if I am not mistaken (I will correct it when I check exact time).

She didn’t even recognize him when he came back not long after she arrived. Amm, that long-haired person is the duke, all the servants said.

She then attempted to explain what had occurred to him (what she had done), but he appeared to be handling the situation reasonably well.

Even worse, she pretended to be pregnant with him after pretending to have lost the baby.

She was envious when he brought a child from the battlefield, and when he finally revealed it wasn’t his child, they reconciled and had their snu-snu moment.

After some convincing, she consented to accompany him to the capital city and bring their child to “show off their marriage” to the emperor, who Victor claims were constantly bugging him to find/have a wife, the morning after they had spent the night together (chapter 19).

Final Words

I Can't Keep Up With My Stallion Duke

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