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Synopsis Of The Dukes Teddy Bear

The Dukes Teddy Bear Spoilers

공작님의 곰인형 She is an illegitimate child of a count and is always careful not to tarnish her family’s name.

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Since childhood, she has had a secret that no one knows, and that is every time she goes to sleep, her soul leaves her body and wanders around ─ she can control and enjoy this ability of hers.

One night at the ball, she got involved in an unpleasant situation with the Duke, and as she wanders around that night, she was accidentally sucked into a teddy bear that the Duke owned.

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The Dukes Teddy Bear Spoilers

The Dukes Teddy Bear

Until Ch. 33

Ex-soldiers kidnap MC and her sister from the country of red-haired princesses. They refuse to accept the situation and want to sell their captive woman. 

MC fell asleep and went looking for help. After being burned by the priest, she took the teddy bear and asked the Duke for help. 

He summoned some men and also the guy from the other nation (the one who seems like MC). MC and her sister were saved but MC is hurt and the bear is destroyed.

The bear caught fire from nowhere and she was ejected. He suspects MC and the Duke, claiming that they had planned everything to frame his country.

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The kidnappers are all from his country. Because the Duke knew everything about the kidnapping and knew where to go, and MC called him after she was attacked for protecting her sister, he suspects MC. 

After MC fell asleep she took a bird body to tell the Duke all about her situation.

MC’s Psychology

As an illegitimate daughter, she is limiting herself to a brand. She doesn’t want to be a burden on her family, she’s not trying to learn anything, she’s not trying to spend extravagantly, and she’s not leaving the territory as she doesn’t want them to become a laughing stock. 

She felt burdened by her family’s love for her, while her family treats her as an illegitimate daughter.

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MC’s Character Development

She draws a line to avoid her problem (much like she talks about her scars when it comes to marriage topics). When she learns about her true parents’ problems, she tries to run away. Tamex helps her confront that problem.

After the big fight, Tamex and MC asked Tamex about the truth. Tamex ran off after the big fight. She disguised herself as a commoner to have a little adventure.

It was a great way to discover how much fun it is to be yourself and how easy it is to ignore everyone’s opinions about her. 

Tamex finally found her, and yes fluff moments occurred. Tamex still holds MC’s hands as a custom, yea cute AF. After this, MC would be kidnapped ‘accidentally’ (again) following Viang lmao. 

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She accidentally saw Viang and crashed into someone. Viang was a similar pendant to hers, so she ran after him. Viang and MC were kidnapped somehow by Princess Sache’s loyal soldier. This one guy is the third person in the villain spoiled points]

MC’s Real Parents

So she is her uncle and ice, and what kingdom 1st Princess (Lumux) [this current Barbarian’s Queen older sister].

Although the 1st Princess Lumux has been active in the war, she chooses to make fewer sacrifices. Her uncle is a commander. 

It’s the leader of soldiers, a war geek (so that you can see where MC’s naturally hot temper comes from). Lmao)

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The Promised Princess

The prophecy of the promised princess doesn’t come from God. It’s a decision that the 2 kingdoms (the empire and the barbarian) make to come to a peaceful conclusion.

Both know they have more to lose than to gain from their long war. The temple or church, however, has benefited more.

The original princess will be our MC since both parents are very high-ranking. Both parties agreed to grant the child royalty status in both kingdoms.

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The Villains

  • Current barbarian queen, the 2nd princess.
  • MC’s mother was everybody’s favorite. Meanwhile, the 2nd princess was the ineffectual current queen. She is like a plant in a greenhouse, but cruel, and plotting some shady deal with the church.
  • The high priest
  • This story is about MC’s character development. I don’t know why. The church used poor people to get free labor with incurable diseases [so their families could do any labor for the church, and they would be faithful believers to pray to God every week] (The church controls the physician license so they can take it back from anyone who is against them).
  • Viang trusted someone (i forgot his name, lmao).
  • He was the 1st Princess loyal soldier in the past. He loves her, but as we all know, the 1st Princess is pregnant with MC. He became an alcoholic, and he had an accident while with the current barbarian queen (now assumed to be princess Sache’s dad).

The North Free Love

It’s the same as the American love life. You can have a child without getting married. You can get married without a commitment, etc.

MC’s Rejection Of Viang’s Marriage Proposal

Viang tried to kiss MC, but MC pushed her face to Viang’s. Viang confronts Tamex and MC as usual accidentally eavesdropping on their conversation. 

Tamex called MC casually.

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So yeah, MC asked Viang why he wanted to marry her. Viang is unable to answer her questions, so Viang’s ship has been lost.

MC’s Past (Major)

After MC’s accident at 6 years old, her soul left her body and went wandering alone. Her soul was alone and possessed a teddy bear, with blonde fur and beautiful blue eyes. 

That teddy bear was given to Ludvillian’s family, ML fam, as Belle’s present (ML Lil sis).
MC played with Belle as a teddy Bear for a long time. When Belle was in pain, MC moved the teddy Bear for the first time.

Tamex’s [ML] father is the one who has met MC in teddy bear form.

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Tamex’s father kept MC accompanied after the incident (their moments are so sweet since the father was a tsun while MC is a blunt fluff). 

MC called Tamex’s parents, calling them papa and mama (asdfghjkl is so cute).

Papa discovered her soul identity and chased MC away. (Most likely Tamex’s mom is aware of a talking, alive teddy bear, but she doesn’t know who it is. 

She chose to forget her past because her papa rejected her like that. She’s hurt and has chosen to run from the truth. However, she did gain her memory while she was spending time at Ludvillian’s mansion.

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The Solution

After that, MC informed princess Sache about the consequences. But princess Sache escaped from the emperor’s bodies and somehow possessed MC’s original body (IDK – I know this is so fckin messed up lmao).

They ended up in Ludvillian’s mansion. The one in MC’s body, however, isn’t Princess Sache. It’s Belle ML’s, deceased sis …… And princess Sache’s soul is in her worn-out teddy bear.

Belle cannot go to heaven because she has many regrets about her family member. She was so sad that her father (ML’s deceased) was so depressed and blamed him, her brokenhearted mother, and her brother, who hated her father. And how MC disappeared.

In the end, Princess Sache chose to tell the truth about the assassination plot and cleverly pointed out her mother’s vicious plot. She also dragged the high priest.

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The Ending

In the end, MC finally reconciles with the count and countess families. It’s the end.

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