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Synopsis Of Please Take Care Of Me In This Life

Please Take Care Of Me In This Life

Jieum Ban has an extraordinary ability: she can remember the memories of all her past lives. After her previous life is cut short by a tragic accident, she sets out to reconnect with the people of her past life in her current one. Will memories of her 18th life sabotage romance in her 19th? Or will love endure across different lives?

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Please Take Care Of Me In This Life Spoilers

Please Take Care Of Me In This Life spoilers

Let’s start with Please Take Care Of Me In This Life Spoilers.

Till Ch. 30

MC is a person who has lived many lives. She was a man, a woman, and a woman many times. When she looks at someone she doesn’t care about their gender but instead sees them as her person. 

She would wish her life would end in peace. Or at the very least, let her not think about her past lives. It’s tiring.

This was until her 18th year when she was adopted into a wealthy family and met a younger boy from her mother’s close friend. She was initially indifferent to him and saw him as a small boy at first. 

She became closer to him and began to show him magic tricks that she learned from her past life as a magician. Later, she was asked by the little boy “Marry me when you grow up!” She began to believe in herself and had the will to live.

She died in an accident while trying to save her son. She was only 12 years old when she died. It was her first death.

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She was reborn as Ban Jieum as soon as her death occurred. She was unfortunate because she was born into a poor family with an alcoholic dad, a mother who fled her family as a toddler, and an older brother who abuses her and steals her savings. 

When she was four years old, she recalled her life and tried to save money for the boy she loved.

He was already high school-educated when she saved enough to see him. The ML was confronted by a small girl after he fought.

She said to me, “Let’s get married.” After that, they only met once because her brother had stolen her savings. When she was finally able to see him again after the fight, he moved to another country to fix his hearing. (The car accident left his left ear semi-deaf).

MC worked tirelessly for years to gain entry into ML’s business. MC asked to be transferred to the ML when ML returned. 

People around her were stunned and tried to convince her to stay since her talents would be wasted under the ML branch. She even refused her promotion and was willing to accept a lower pay to be closer to ML.

She’s trying to court him right now and dropping hints. Like “When we were children”, and “Let’s get married.”

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The Killer

The UNCLE is the killer.

The uncle attacked himself in front of ML to make sure he wouldn’t be a suspect. Since ML loved his uncle, I believe ML’s dad tried to keep him from breaking.

That is at least what I got out of the raws.

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Secretary Ha And FL Sis

They’ll finally be together after a long wait (in the side story). FL “accidentally”, gives Secretary Ha a glass of soju while they celebrate something at FL sis’ house. 

Short story: FL found out that Secretary Ha had feelings for her, but she didn’t want any action because of their differences in social status. 

FL’s sis gave up on Secretary Ha because she didn’t want to be burdened. However, secretary Ha had already fallen in love with her too deeply and cannot let go. We will also see secretary Ha get jealous. 

Recent Spoilers

MC discovered that the blond man was her friend from one of her previous lives. He can also recall his memories. MC inquired about the reason.

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He shared that his (he was her) lover had died, and she begged God for help. She will be able to reincarnate, and she will remember her memories until she meets her partner. 

Once they have physical contact, she will be able to identify her lover (as well as all the time she has spent with him/her before—like the mc). She/he knows who she is.

The secretary touched the mc’s shoulder.

MC visited the secretary to confirm her theory. They exchange hands, and she recalls her memory of a boy. She met with the blonde again and said that she wasn’t going to pick Secretary ha.

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Past Connection

Both Jieum, the blonde man, and Jieum both have reincarnation issues. They were friends in their past lives. He informs her that to stop remembering past lives, they must meet the person they love from those past lives. 

Many readers were afraid of this because Secretary Ha was the one with whom she felt a connection. Jieum discovers that Secretary Ha was her sibling/sisterly relationship after meeting with Cho won and Secretary Ha. 

Cho Won and Jieum tease Secretary Ha about being their third sister.

Tiger God Person

Since I was unable to translate the chapters with an app, I believe I might have been mistaken about the tiger god being from the webtoon where the author wrote them. 

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The translation app that I used didn’t provide enough information meant I couldn’t understand what he was trying to say. The only thing I can understand is that Jieum and he have been friends for many years since they both are subject to the reincarnation curse. 

What’s happening now? Jieum discovers that they are sisters with the secretary and rushes to tell Seoha. However, she is abducted and taken into a warehouse. 

After falling asleep, Jieum discovers how to end the reincarnation cycle. Seoha saves Jieum. Seoha is severely injured and nearly dies.

Seoha is then asked by the same god who gave Jieum her ability to reincarnate if he wants to recall his past lives. He wakes up a few days later, and he and Jieum say that they are in love. 

Jieum finally ends her curse and Seoha and Jieum promise to spend their entire lives together. This chapter focuses on how Seoha met the secretary. 

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Although this is only a rough summary of the events so far, it’s all been compiled and looks like a happy end.

Ch. 102-105

FL was saved by ML. To trick his cousin into becoming his hostage, he was injured. The gangster then set fire to the building. ML flew to FL to free his cousin. 

The Secretary and his brother’s friends came to their aid. But they were separated by fire. She was able to return to FL but lost consciousness because of her first-life personality.

It turns out that it was her accumulated grief from 19 previous lives. It is her defense mechanism, which somehow gains its self-consciousness. It will vanish if FL realizes the wish. 

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It tricked FL every single time she came close to finding the answer. This time, it also took FL and tried to kill ML. FL remembered her wish and finally came to her senses. 

FL and ML managed to escape the falling building together, but ML sustained severe injuries. It took him a few days before he was able to fully recover. 

He woke up and asked for FL, but his father banned him from visiting. They want to keep it secret since they have rumors of them dating. Secretary was very critical of him for taking on too much risk. 

FL meets with her blonde friend to discuss the matter. She wants her sister to be happy. FL instructed the secretary to take care and not die. This is a funny part lol.

Then FL sneaked to meet with ML. This is the end of 105. They will, I believe, eventually find peace and marry one another. 

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The rest is likely to be like the previous comment. It’s hard to believe that this webtoon is ending. What will I read next? 

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