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Synopsis Of The Evil Empress Loves Me So Much

The Evil Empress Loves Me So Much

A commoner’s maid extra who is killed while being jealous of the evil empress for her beautiful beauty… Reincarnated as ‘Charlize’.

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Fortunately, she is still only five years old! Until the beginning of the original story, she decided to avoid the Emperor and Empress well… …

“Charlize, what about His Majesty the Emperor?” “It’s Ebiji.” “Charlize, am I the best in the world?” That evil empress likes me so much…?

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The Evil Empress Loves Me So Much Spoilers

The Evil Empress Loves Me So Much spoilers

Let’s start with our main topic on The Evil Empress Loves Me So Much Spoilers.

Chapters 1-5

From Chapters 1-5, it appears that the MC was tortured by a woman named “Becky.” However, in the five chapters, the MC would think about the Empress due to how “Rose” looked as the Empress depicted in the book. 

At the end of chapter 5, MC realized that “Rose” (the mysterious maid who was comforting and helping the MC) could be the Empress she was trying to stay clear of.

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Chapters 5-13

Until now, the rose has revealed her identity as the empress after she blocked a bucket full of dirty water in her honor. She is shocked to learn that her dear sister is the empress.

She is stunned that Rosie feels depressed, but the next day she is assigned to become an official maid in the palace of the empress and it’s good news that she’s one of three high-class maids.

We include the head of our maid as well as her older sister and both treat her with respect. The empress is down and inquires about how Charlize is doing.

She regrets revealing her identity. She is wondering whether if she had revealed her identity later, what would change?

She also replaced all the maids, except three of them because they had a rude attitude towards Charlize, but she hides it under the guise that it’s because they don’t follow her directives (so cute, my dear Rosalie :blobmelt:).

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Then she reminds her head maid Charlize’s an innocent and gentle girl and that she should treat her with respect. All of the maids welcome her with the title lady Charlize.

Except for her two seniors who are in love with her. They don’t know anything about the male protagonist yet, however

More Spoilers

One thing I’m pleased about is the fact that the number of supporters for Lize is growing. The Duke is bound to fall for the FL’s cuteness and intelligence and even imagines that she is a sister to him. 

It gets to the point that he proposes to take in FL to make her the empress’s sister. 

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However, FL is against it because I believe she was trying to prove her worth as a maid and perhaps considered it an unwelcome offer since she’s an orphaned maid. 

I dunno I forgot haha. I do remember Ml being a little angry because he was jealous of the duke.

FL could also meet the princess dowager(granny). I believe what transpired was that FL was summoned by granny. 

At first, fl was nervous, but she changed her mind when she realized how much she loves her grandmother and misses her. 

There was a problem because the emperor was determined to humiliate granny after she helped the fl and ml to receive Sienna’s(og fl) father.

The father of the og fl is like a nobleman in the north, where they guard and defend the empire from monsters. 

The STUPID Emperor said “no, I’m not giving the northerners the compensation and supply they require to defend my nation

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If he’s an fl, I’m not going to be welcoming him. ‘…. So ml and FL came up with plans for granny to be welcoming the father of the Og rather than them feeling appreciated and continue to defend the empire.

The story is short and sweet the empress dowager might be a victim of ridicule if it weren’t because of the fl’s plans and acquiescence. 

Granny now also loves the fl for being cute and smart. But most importantly, she is her link to her loved grandson.

Three years after that (??) 3 years later, ML increased, and Fl grew. problems started to occur. I’m not sure what happened in the past.

Points to be noted.

  • A girl who is related to the empress is squeezing hard on her, using her “connection” to the empress as a means to obtain what she wants, as well as bullying maid weber and fl(? ).
  • A major event takes place in which the emperor plans to destroy ml or something. The emperor and the empress should follow the example of this child participant in this event, where the emperor picked ml and the empress chose to go with the fl. I can only say that it was a significant occasion in which the representative performed the same ritual (?????). Emperor plans something but does not succeed because ml could demonstrate his abilities to the crowd in a stunning manner. Sorry for this I’m not able to recall the specifics…
  • The Emperor sends Ml to the north, where the monsters are all in the belief that he must do to do something to conquer the monsters. I won’t get into too much detail as I believe it’s more interesting once you have read it, because it was adorable. And, yeah, ml takes a farewell to FL and then heads north.

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8 years have passed!!

We are now at the end of chapter 80+. After the long wait, with so many letters exchanged the ml finally makes it back to the empire, crowned with victory! 

While ml and Og take a ride through the crowd, Fl sees them both and feels a little funny. Fl turns away, but he doesn’t look at the og. In the proud crowd, only the emperor is smiling at his return. 

The ceremony of welcome concludes, and fl and members of the ml group meet in the garden, where they talk till midnight, and meet the following day.

After a few days, the og fl and ml are summoned by the emperor to claim their reward. Og FL receives the land and money, and Ml gets a “make wishes” question. 

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Ml declares that he would like to get married to her! That surprised everyone(fl granny, empress, and all nobles). 

The emperor is awestruck since fl doesn’t have any power to give ML power to threaten his crown. Fl and Ml fight at first, but then they agree to the conflict in an intimate setting.

3 days later, there’s the celebration to celebrate Ml and Og the fl. The event is where the ml’s and FL’s engagements are declared. Etc etc.

The current situation is that fl has been asked by the Emperor to oversee the memorial services of the people who died during the war in northern Europe and with likely less than the minimal budget. 

The next step is to determine what FL can decide to do.

Before Time Skip

Before the ML departs, he and the MC have a meeting. The MC hands over his handkerchief, which was extremely, very happy to get. He then said something similar to
” Because you’re on my side…I can say that life is enjoyable for the first time.”
Then he walked closer to her, kissed her forehead, and asked her to refer to him by his first name Damian. 

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( He also said that he didn’t like it being called by his name, but If it’s her name, she’s not a problem or something like that. )

Then, he promises in a pinky sacrament that he will return in good health and secure to be able to see her once more. 

He makes the promise in an imposing voice, but the FL notices that he’s upset that he won’t meet her for a long time (8 many years).

After 2nd Time Skip

  • Fl is the most beautiful lady in the palace. plus the fact that she is loved by the empress. Fl at present is the most soughtafter girl by servants, knights, and butlers. She never had a relationship because everyone is scared of the empress. Plus, she was not interested.
  • Granny has an fl and ML because she saw how Ml loved an fl. When she visited she pointed out that many young gentlemen were attracted to fl. This naturally caused our ml to be unhappy. Then came the servant trying to assist her to carry her basket she refused, and the men kept trying. Ml then rescued her.
  • Empress doesn’t love the idea of Ml being her lover or even the thought of the possibility of it. But she doesn’t dislike it as much since there is no better person than an heir to the crown. She and the head ladies were born with the ‘fl deserve the very best and only the highest attitude.

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Final Words

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