Demon Slayer Season 3 Every Episode Release Timings

The most awaited anime of 2023 Demon Slayer is released on April 9, 2023, making the fans crazy over the animation quality of this season.

We hardly can wait for the next episodes to be released and fans were hoping that we get to see at least 24 episodes this season covering the major arcs left.

But, I guess that’s not the case because we have some news that will break our hopes of the number of episodes to be animated.


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Demon Slayer Season 3 Every Episode Release Date & Timings

Demon Slayer season 3 episode 1 was released on April 9, 2023, as stated below. The anime season is reported to feature 12 episodes.

DateEpisode NumberRelease Timing(JST/ET/BST/IST)
9 April 2023Episode 123:15/10:15/15:15/19:45
16 April 2023Episode 223:15/10:15/15:15/19:45
23 April 2023Episode 323:15/10:15/15:15/19:45
30 April 2023Episode 423:15/10:15/15:15/19:45
7 May 2023Episode 523:15/10:15/15:15/19:45
14 May 2023Episode 623:15/10:15/15:15/19:45
21 May 2023Episode 723:15/10:15/15:15/19:45
28 May 2023Episode 823:15/10:15/15:15/19:45
4 June 2023Episode 923:15/10:15/15:15/19:45
11 June 2023Episode 1023:15/10:15/15:15/19:45
18 June 2023Episode 1123:15/10:15/15:15/19:45
25 June 2023Episode 1223:15/10:15/15:15/19:45
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There are the release date and timings of the demon slayer season 3 episodes.

How Many Episodes Will Be There In Demon Slayer Season 3

Demon slayer season 3

Demon Slayer season 3 is only going to have 12 episodes. However, the first episode was 49 mins long so if we break it into two episodes then it is going to be 12 episodes total in season 3.

But, we are going with the official order and consider it to be 1 single episode. Now, is this a good thing for the fans or our hopes will be shattered by this news?

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How many manga chapters will be covered in Demon Slayer Season 3?

Looking at the first episode, we may be able to predict how many manga chapters will be animated in season 3.

The first episode of Demon Slayer season 3 was 49 mins long and covered 4 manga chapters.

EpisodeManga Chapters

So, we are going to have 12 episodes and consider the length of each episode to be 24 mins. There would be a total of 26 manga chapters left to be animated.

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The count is 2-3 manga chapters per anime episode. So, there will be a total of 30 manga chapters that are going to be animated for this season. (Manga Chapters 98-127)


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I guess this is good news for the fans of the series because fewer episodes mean the quality of animation is going to be top-notch.

We should never forget what happened with season 2, fans thrashed the makers for bad animation quality whereas they forget that the number of episodes was more.

So, let’s support the series whatever the situations are.

That’s all from our side and let me know in the comments what you think. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and check out our other articles too.

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Source: ANN

How many episodes will be in demon slayer season 3?

There will be a total of 12 episodes in Demon Slayer season 3.

How many manga chapters will be animated for Demon Slayer season 3?

A total of 30 manga chapters will be animated for Demon Slayer season 3. Manga chapters 98-127.

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