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Synopsis Of I Won’t Accept Your Regrets

I Won’t Accept Your Regrets

“I can’t promise you love, but I’ll have no other woman but you.”
I thought it would be okay. Even if he didn’t love me, I thought my love would make our marriage happy. But that naive wish was soon shattered.

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Because Lizzena, Raymond’s first love, came back with a kid.
“Lize is trying to make her child be the First Prince,” he told me.
“Let’s get a divorce.”
I decided to abandon him.

Raymond’s eyes shook violently as if he didn’t understand my words. His agitation, seen for the first time, for some reason made me feel relieved.
I opened my lips to him again with a soft smile: “I want to leave you. So Raymond, let’s stop now. Divorce me.”
It was the end of a long unrequited love.

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Spoilers – I’m The Main Character’s Child

I Won’t Accept Your Regrets Spoilers

I Won’t Accept Your Regrets Spoilers

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I will go over the story starting from the beginning. Mc and Ml have become best acquaintances and one day when the ml comes across lize and is in love with her.

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She was as if she was the flower of society, he was always there to defend his ml (as she was an uninvolved son, he was treated badly because of that) The ml is ecstatic and approaches the mc.

He informs her she is in love with lize. and then lize and the ml split up due to lize forcing the couple to get married as a concubine and quit the city. 

In the end, the mother of ML is killed, this is when she decides to revenge herself and is made emperor. the woman she loves invites mc to marry her and promises to be his sole wife.

After a while, they’ve not had children and to that end, they’re threatening him. the husband of lize passes away and she returns to her kingdom with a child, telling the ml it’s her son. 

The boy recognizes him, however, he explains to the ml that he’s not his concubine. In the meantime, the MC realizes that she’s pregnant, but when he discovers that she has one son who is his first love, he decides to not tell her and requests divorce.

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However, when the mc goes away the mc discovers she loves the mc and is determined to find her, but she has gone. 

After 6 years and then the MC returns because her father was detained, MC returns to help her father. In the years since MC quit, ml was seeking her mc. Ml was not married, even though she was under pressure to marry.

Chapters 100-169

Ch. 100

Ray (ML) is the one who had a meeting with Ellie. Ellie shared all her pain with Ray. How Ray caused him to grieve and be miserable. 

How Ray behaved when Ellie was miscarried. Ray was shocked to hear Ellie’s story. Ray stated that he has not forgotten their first child, who passed away from anxiety. It was after all his first son.

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Ch. 109

Ellie had told Lize that she was happily living and did not want to go back to her throne and Ellie stated that her child wasn’t the and that he was the son of Ray and Lize. 

He doesn’t stand in Edmond and Lize’s path however, Lize isn’t allowed to be touching her son. Ellie was aware that Lize knew about Ellie’s son. 

However, Lize wanted to murder Ellie and the son she had with her. Lize isn’t happy that Ellie is content even though she has left the palace. 

Elly remains liked by Ray, and even Ray requests Ellie to become empress once more even when Ellie claims that Carlisle isn’t Ray’s son. Even though Ray and Lize already possess Edmond.

Ch. 115

Carlisle was treated in the palace by Ray following an attack upon Carlisle and Ellie. In the course of treatment, everyone was stunned when Carlisle’s hair changed color and indicated that he was of royal blood. 

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Then, Ellie’s father arrived to visit her son and was shocked by the color of her grandson’s hair turning black and noticed Ray’s angry expression. 

Ray requested everyone go out of the room and was determined to speak with her father face to face. Ellie’s father confessed that Carlisle was his son and Ellie demanded divorce when she was expecting. Ray felt deceived by those closest to Ray.

Ch 120

Ray asked whether Carlisle had been his father to Ellie. Ellie admitted it was the truth it was true that Carlisle had been Ray’s daughter and Ellie was willing to get punished. 

Ray stated that it was impossible to take punishment against Ellie however, the fact that Carlisle was alive was not able to be covered down. 

Ellie accepted to let everyone know about the existence of Carlisle and Ellie was willing to be an empress in the future. She refused to forget Lize who tried to harm her son. 

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She told Ray that the person who was planning to take her life and their son of his was Lize.

Chapter 124

I was very happy to learn that Carlisle did not believe in Ray in public areas. Of course, some children love when suddenly there’s an individual who claims to be their father, after 6 years of not having contact. The man claimed that there was an older brother who was born to a different mom.

Ch. 160 

Ray is attempting to kill Lize to obtain the antidote. Lize attempts to kill Ray, Ellie, and Carlisle. Carlisle had been in a serious state. 

Ray declared that he would not shoot Lize immediately, but he will have her taken to an open courtroom so that everyone will be aware of the sins of Lize. 

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Ray will keep Edmond’s life in the palm of his hand even though he’s not his son, so the trio of Ellie and Carlisle will be applauded by the masses as Lize is cursed due to all of her actions.

Ch. 169

They mix it up. Ray was an ex-husband who was obsessed with his lady.

How Raymond Realized His Feelings

Raymond, Lize, and edmond eat Sgt. Raymond did not pay attention to anything else, he was contemplating what if the person who eats with him is Ellie and the child is a boy or girl They must resemble the actress a lot. 

In the middle of the daydreaming Lizzie calls him and requests the attention of Edward. Then lize and Raymond talked. Lize claimed she was happy that Raymond changed. 

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She admits that she is attracted to him after being forcibly married to another man. And she gave birth to his son. In the meantime, Ellie has left the empire and went to Lunt Kingdom. 

Lize was the person who revealed to Raymond that Ellie went on a long journey. Raymond was shocked but at peace, because it was to be a journey, therefore she is coming back and does not have anything to do with Raymond. 

Go to sleep, Raymond was in a dream about Ellie and the way he killed the crown prince. He awakes and decides to go for an outing. 

He glances at the night and finds Ellie’s favorite star, he knows it’s her favorite but isn’t able to recall the name. 

He continues to walk and heads to his mother’s residence (remember about my first spoiler?) and He is amazed at how the palace looks so well taken care of. 

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His assistant inquired if this was his work of his, and his assistant said that it was the work of Ellie. He can recall his childhood in that area, and realize he come to a place that is full of memories of Ellie. 

And there’s a green leaf that has been blown out of the palace. and he was stunned to find that tree was alive. 

He is aware that the tree died after his mother’s death. Therefore, he knows that Ellie will be the one to revive it (so Raymond knows about Ellie’s power since Ellie has done the same thing to the red radish). 

He kneels before the tree and acknowledges his feelings, that he is in love with Ellie.

raymond immediately goes to Duke croft’s mansion (Ellie’s house) in the middle of the night (he went right after he saw the tree), and asks to meet with Ellie. 

Duke comes out and stares at him, however, there’s no lie. Ray asks where she is, she wants to reveal something to her. Duke stated that he is unable to meet Ellie. 

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However, ray is determined to meet the girl and even admits to Duke that he is in love with Ellie, but later realizes that he was in love with her since he was so familiar with her and did not realize that it was love. 

Duke declared”Thank you for your kindness. “like you said your majesty, it is too late. Ellie has left empire”. Ray advised, don’t joke she’s going on an extended trip, isn’t she? 

When will she return? Duke told him that she will not return, even Duke will never meet her ever again. 

Ray shouted at Duke. Duke advised him to allow Ellie to go, it’s the best thing for her and the duke will take an illegitimate child as a prince. Ray declared that he would annul it. 

Duke stated that he is unable to cancel it, even though the fact that he canceled it. Citizens already know that edmond is Ray’s kid and the result will likely be bloody fights should ray try to return Ellie. 

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To safeguard his empire and people, also the Ellie. He should release Ellie departs.

Some More Spoilers

Elliot looks up at the sky and identifies her favorite stars(the same ones that Ray observed), Jeremy said that in the lund kingdom, stars are named differently (i did not remember which name) and if a person prays when looking at the star, it will grant. 

Therefore, Ellie will make a wish that she would enjoy a happy and fulfilling life alongside her baby. And it’s a leap into six years after.

Initially, Ellie would like to settle in the area rural living in the kingdom of lunt but it’s hard to earn a living so she decided to move to the capital of the kingdom of lunt and become a florist. She used her wits to create magic.

Duke usually exchanges letters with Ellie every 3 months, however, lately, she’s not receiving any letters from her dad and there’s no news about the empire. 

Ellie is becoming worried and seeks to discover what has going on with her father. The office of Raymond is back after six years. He continues to look for her on every continent, but he finds nothing.

But the desire to find her keeps him going. And there we are Lize’s dad comes to the office. Ray requested the punishment for Duke croft. He claimed that it would take way too long to put off the punishment. 

However, ray has an option as well if they insist to penalize duke croft as the evidence isn’t credible (seems like the marquis tries to drag his family members down)

Chapter 23. Lize invites Ellie to attend Edmund’s birthday celebration immediately after the announcement of the divorce. 

Ellie attends the celebration and gets to meet Raymond there. Lize is trying to show edmond and Raymond’s closeness to her. And she will dance with Raymond. 

Ellie will watch them dance, and the next thing you know, a man is inviting Ellie to dance. And Raymond stares at them with his piercing eyes. It appears that he was attracted. 

And this guy isn’t the first time that Ellie has met him and she is awed by him. And it seems that this guy is from the east. 

However, I’m not sure how to understand it because MTL is so hard to understand.

After the party, Ellie feels sick and desires to vomit because of the food at the dinner. Raymond became concerned and asked if she is okay. 

Ellie decided to leave earlier. And Raymond is following her. And she will ask about the guy who is dancing with her. Ellie isn’t willing to respond. 

She was thinking Raymond was jealous, but then she tossed away the thought as she knows Raymond does not love her.

Lize has a brother (IDK whether blood is linked to him or not). His name is Rion (Rion /mtl . said, Leon). He asked Lize if he was the emperor’s son. 

Lize was furious. Rion demanded payment from Lize. It seems like Rion knows the truth about Edmond’s real dad.

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