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Synopsis Of Surviving As Twin Sisters

Surviving As Twin Sisters

‘I wish I’d never been reborn as a twin from the royal family.’

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This was the only wish in my heart on the night I was framed and died. To think I would be betrayed by my twin older sister whom I believed was destined to be my better half.

However, why on earth did I return to the past out of nowhere? I’m just an ordinary citizen who never dreamed of defeating my chosen older sister! I didn’t, but…

“Oh my, WA WA WA! Has our cutie pie baby daughter arrived?”
A mother who becomes a fool for her beloved daughter.

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“Dada… Did you say it, baby?”
A father who’s a crybaby when it comes to me.

“Can… I hug you, too?”
My mom’s first knight was called both a mad dog and a loyal dog.

“Bicbic! Beep!”
A bird that almost lost its life and was saved.

“Only your highness is the owner of my heart now.”
The top nobleman of the kingdom whom my 7-year-old sister had a crush on.

“Become the first holy king to manage the wizard.”
The crazy wizard called God’s mistake.

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“I promise I will choose you forever.”
Even the prince of an enemy country…

Everyone is on my side.

At this point, isn’t it worth giving it a try?

This is the story of a twin sister who has to defeat her older twin against all odds. It is a childcare story and the survival of a twin princess!

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Spoilers – Overprotective Lady

Surviving As Twin Sisters Spoilers

Surviving As Twin Sisters Spoilers

Main Plot

The FL and also her twin older sister are the kids of the Women King of a Holy Kingdom, their father is a Grand Battle Each Other and also a High Priest of another nation, but after marrying the king, his territory became a part of the kingdom.

There’s a custom in that kingdom that only the daughter of the King who had a divine power can succeed to the throne. 

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As well as the kingdom disliked doubles in the aristocracy BCS there was a legend that there were twin sisters who fought for the throne up until practically destroyed the kingdom, that’s why when the twins were born into the nobility, the weakest one had to be eliminated. 

Hence, the King needed to conceal the fact that she gave birth to doubles and also to her partner (the ones that understand are just the king, the nanny/midwife, the king’s companion as well as a house cleaning).

Every day FL and also Rose (twin sibling) took look to be the only princess of the kingdom. Eventually, the Empire got into the Kingdom and also took the FL captive, after that when she was greeting the unwell emperor.

The emperor passed away, and also she was taken to prison. She later on figured out that the cause of the emperor’s death was the bag she had always brought with her, it contained harmful natural herbs.

Rosa was the one that gave her the pouch, and she always transformed the herb for her.

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That’s why when the Crown Prince (the blue-gray-haired man) asked the FL what was within and also she said she didn’t recognize him, he understood that the one that provided her the pouch is her twin sis. 

The Crown Prince asked her to name her twin sibling, however, she couldn’t do it, BCS despite her betrayal, she could not compromise the innocent citizens and knights of the kingdom, BCS if she claimed it, the Realm would attack the Kingdom for the murder of the Emperor.

And also thus, the FL passed away at the hand of the 3rd Empress.

The Main Lead Candidates

  1. The gray-blue-haired man: He’s Shaide (Idk how to write his name, the Hangul is 샤이드), the Crown Prince of the neighboring Realm. He was the one who found the FL possesses a recovery power in the past life, and also thanks to that the FL additionally became aware that she had divine power which she assumed she had never possessed
  2. The red-haired individual: He’s the red bird the FL saved from Rosa’s favored pet cat. When he was still a bird, he told FL that his name was Yan, yet later he came as the agent of the Shamash Holy Place (God of Sun) as well as stated that his name was Cassian, the kid of the God of Sunlight and a human female (but naturally he didn’t state it aloud).
  3. The black-haired man: A young wizard that caused the earthquake to the realm and also the kingdom, resulting in many sufferers. He’s an essential number that also Yan needed BCS he didn’t exist in Rosa and her God’s vision.
  4. The blonde individual: He’s Grey, the child of a Marquis, a faithful vassal of the kingdom. In the past online, he as well as his younger sibling were close to Rosa, and they came to be a fantastic assistance to her, yet in this life, they became near the FL.

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The Oracle

And not long afterward, the High Priest of Terra sent a rep to provide the oracle he had obtained from the God of Earth, ‘Terra has assigned the prophet after centuries, as well as it will certainly be the assistance of Reela.’ And the mommy believed that it was the oracle concerning Rosa (Rosa has foresight power) although her power was still not showing up during that time.

However, in my opinion, the Prophet the God of Terra speaking about the FL. Because the child Ea had selected is Rosa, so would not the child Terra choose the FL?

I indicate, I obtained that Rosa has foresight power, however, FL likewise understood the future BCS she had fallen back from the future. But I’m still not sure about this, BCS the novel does not end up yet.

In the first timeline, Rosa was the one who received the oracle and also she didn’t tell anybody about the oracle of the FL’s power, so no person knew about her power, and she also utilized the dangerous herbs to weaken FL’s power.

In this timeline, FL was the one that went to the holy place as well as obtained the oracle, however, the God of Water, EA, really did not provide her the oracle until she spent half a day kneeling in the holy place.

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The initial word God claimed was ‘Why did you come?’ And then after the FL answered it, God rehashed ‘It’s not you (that need to obtain the oracle). Send the various other youngsters.

As well as when the FL came out of the temple, she didn’t tell her parents that she didn’t obtain the oracle, instead, she reduced her hand and also proved her healing power to every one viewing. So everybody thought that the FL got the oracle concerning her power.

Some More Spoilers

He was the FL’s friend in the first timeline. When she was a kid, the Crown Prince came to the Kingdom as well as disguised himself as an errand boy at the Top of the Empire, he likewise transformed his hair shade.

During that time he befriended FL, and he uncovered that FL had a twin sis. That’s why when the FL was locked up in the Realm, he prompted her to say that it was her sis’s doing, BCS acknowledged her (although she did not acknowledge him).

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