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Synopsis Of For My Derelict Beloved

For My Derelict Beloved

I entered my favorite romance-fantasy novel, which I have read many times.

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Thanks to the body of a wealthy commoner, I bought the status of a fallen aristocrat, attended a noble family’s gathering, and observed the romance of the characters in the original novel.

I wanted to return to the real world after witnessing the ending.
But somehow, even after the ending, I was not freed from the body I possessed and remained living in the original novel.

As a result, I acquired the stories behind the scenes that I refused to comprehend.

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My favorite sub-male lead, Caelus, has died.
Living impoverished in the original work without him, I eventually fell ill and died.
Now, I wanted to return to reality.

However, the irony of fate returned me to the end of the novel overnight. This is definitely… to save my beloved, right?

Spoilers – I Won’t Accept Your Regrets

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For My Derelict Beloved Spoilers

For My Derelict Beloved Spoilers

Reason Of Divorce

Diana was not suited to be Crown Princess. Hestia had given birth to Hestia. The emperor was close to death. An heir to his throne was required.

However, Diana wasn’t ready to have a child. She doesn’t trust her husband anymore. Helios offered her the choice of a divorce or a child.

Diana chose to divorce and not fulfill her obligation. She decided to live in her world and returned to the temple.

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Hestia And Kaelus Ending

Hestia & Kaelus spend their first night together before he leaves for war. He promises to love her the first time he returns.

Hestia had gathered information about the temple’s corruption, and she planned to expose it. Diana would be the most affected. However, Helios convinced Her to let it go. He would make Kaelus a Duke. She accepted.

But the truth is… Kaelus is who exposed this to the Emperor. Hestia believes he wants Diana to be Crown Princess, but he is still in love and would choose Diana in the end. 

She is furious at Kaelus for misunderstanding her and he runs to confess and they both cry.
They had a boy.

These stories are meant to be side-by-side.

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Some More Spoilers

  • MC will serve as the advisor to the prince, making it easier for her to pass the predictions.
  • We now have the beginnings of our plan to make Diana an outsider.
  • The MC tells Diana first that she is running out of godly power. The MC suggests that she hide the fact as much as possible.
  • Diana e o Prince, are moving away.
  • Diana’s best friend asks MC for help with ogFL. MC refuses, as we have reached the point in which every society knows that MC hates Santa Claus.
  • Madame Harmonia asks MC to join her for tea. Diana tries to convince everyone that MC is a bad person, but it doesn’t work. Diana pours tea on MC and the only one who emerges as bad as Diana.
  • MC informs Prince of a boat that has gone down. This makes Diana want to invest.
  • The prince tries to make Diana stop investing, he even freezes her use of real money. But the donkey wants to prove that MC is wrong and so she asks for money from the temple.
  • MC and other ladies dig over temple properties, attacking the Saint and the temple. The prince discovers the truth and makes a deal with MC.
  • MC agrees to her not using what was already planned. However, ML states that he will once he has returned from negotiations with the other realm.
  • Diana begins to try to get the ML back but he is cold.
  • MC descobre que o principe esta interesado nela.
  • Prince apologizes for his actions to ML and says that he won’t covet what is his.
  • ML, MC, and ML will become dukes. Diana presents ML with a gift but he’s already on the fireplace.
  • MC is concerned about ML getting to the kingdom during negotiations
  • We heard ML confess that he wants to marry MC.
  • MC & ML spend their first night and day together. ML goes to negotiations, and MC seems super anxious
  • MC becomes unsatisfied and the prince visits her. MC is too weak to speak and ends up using words. The prince then discovers that she has gone back in time.

Ch. 129 (Main Story Ending MTL)

I was summoned by Helios to accompany Caelus and me to the Imperial Palace the next day.

“You must have been shocked by the sudden news. We are grateful that you were able to get here so quickly.

He made tea for Caelus, and he made coffee for me.

Choi Ae took the teacup and asked.

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“Is there a reason that your Majesty has declined so rapidly?”

According to the royal court, someone who has been in a hospital bed for a while can be affected by even the slightest cause.

Helios replied with a confused expression.

The Emperor was only fifty-five years old, despite being of his parent’s generation. He looked older due to his long illness.

The average life expectancy in a world without modern medicine is around 30-40 years. People believe that the Emperor is waiting for a sick person for a long time.

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Cael Ruth opened his lips slowly.

“Yesterday, Your Majesty told you that you should stay in the Imperial Palace as this.”

“… … .”

Helios quietly shook his head.

“So I spoke to Hess yesterday and decided that for the moment, I would stay longer in the Zodiac.”

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“Hmm… … .”

Helios seemed to have more to share by looking at his expression.

I poked around a little.

“majesty. You have something to say.

“It is strange that you, Duchess, seem strangely adept at reading my thoughts.”

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He smiled and replied.

“… Tell the truth Kael. “I want you to completely return to the ecliptic, not for a while.”

“… … .”

Caelus frowned but was still silent for the moment.

“I am at the limit now. It was hard in the past to achieve stability even if you were away for a few months. But now it is more difficult.

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“Well… … .”

This is what Helios said to me.

“The Duchess. You will probably like Attica better than this zodiac. This country needs Cael.”

Cael Ruth opened up his mouth, his voice is cold and threatening.

Heli, don’t force Heli to answer my question.

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“Hey, it isn’t a compulsion. It’s a request.”

Helios accepted it and did not lose.

I drank my coffee calmly

“…… To be completely honest, I don’t care.

“Hess. “There is no need.”

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He softly smiled at Choi Ae’s words.

“No. “No. “We’ve had enough fun with our newlyweds, so we’ll be back soon.”

Helios smiled and didn’t miss a moment.

“thanks. Hestia.”

Caelus, however, did not intend to go overboard.

“no. Before we can remain in the ecliptic, there are certain things that we must understand.


“How is Diana this day?”

I and Helios were briefly silenced when he asked a sharp question.

Caelus’s eyes became even colder.

“I went to Attica and Hestia because I didn’t want He’s to get involved in your affairs with Diana anymore.”

Helios spoke with a playful voice about his luck.

“If it’s Diana… … .”

It’s a bittersweet smile.

“We’ve been married for more than three years. Because I was married one day earlier than you.

Caelus and I waited in silence for his words.

“We are slowly rebuilding our relationship. We can now have breakfast together. Diana was my partner in public appearances, so I was there with her.”

This is a natural thing for married couples, but if you remember that the relationship between them was the worst, it was certainly a significant development.

“Diana is much more gentle than she was before. Many of the Lily Palace’s maids were from noble families. She won’t be perfect in the eyes of the Duchess of Cornwall, but I want her to know she’s trying.”

“Have your stopped blaming me for my wife?”

Helios confirmed the answer when Caelus asked this question firmly.

“Officially, my silence is complete. “Not only for Hestia but also for the nobles.”

“Um, that’s quite bad!”

Helios smirked at my words.

“The Duchess has more latitude. She didn’t expect that you would be so generous.”

I gently took Caelus’s hands.

“You don’t need to worry about me. Because I’m okay.”

“Hess… … .”

Still, purple eyes are full of worry.

I smiled with no shade

“I already monopolized enough of you. It is now that the Empire’s people can have it back.

“Well… … .”

“Besides, Majesty your Majesty is likely to live longer shortly. As His Majesty stated, should we not, in the meantime, stay in the Zodiac for a long period? It is impossible to predict how many years it will take.

Helios smirked at me.

“That’s right. Hestia.”

After much contemplation and sighing, Caelus finally agreed to the difficulty.

“… … great. “…… great. I will return to government.”

“thanks. Kael.”

“I believe it’s because of His Majesty’s request and his wife’s persuasion.”

Helios responded to Choi Ae with a bright smile despite his harsh words.

It’s not natural. “I will not forget.”

Caelus reached out to the Attic people the day he decided to take a seat on the ecliptic. Caelus was instructed to look after his household and return to Emperor.

Madame Harmonia received a separate letter. The situation of the Emperor was not good so he couldn’t return. Madame Harmonia asked me to report on the estate’s future.

There was more to do. He had to declare to the social world that he was returning to the imperial capital.

To discuss this, I called the butler & the housemaid.

“I would like to host a tea party at The Peacock.”

“Say what you want. We are here to help you wherever we can.

Trustworthy people are also important. This is why I can work with courage even though I’m clumsy.

Although it was a social event, I prepared quickly. However, I managed to advance the job very skillfully due to my own experience.

First, I invited a few people whom I had interacted with frequently, including the Countess Erinies. Even if they charged a bit more, they could quickly transport the top-of-the-line car. Naturally, I asked Tekima the tailor for the dress.

A mere week later, I was able to have a beautifully prepared tea party.

It was also a meeting with Caelus. I spoke humbly in front of the guests.

“The Emperor is in a very difficult situation. The splendor was reduced a bit. It’s easy, but please show respect to everyone.

Erinies smiled with joy.

“Even parties are cautious these days. We fully understand, even though the Duchess may not be very humble.

From beginning to end, the atmosphere was pleasant. People couldn’t help but feel excited at the sight of Caelus.

“You look great together. Attica is also Attica but it is evident that you two are happy.”

Also, I agree with the words of someone.

“You appear to have done well to keep your head at ease at the estate.”

The topic of Diana wouldn’t have been possible without Caelus. Even though Caelus was right in front of him and had explicitly opposed the dethronement, no one spoke out about it loudly.

I know from personal experience that there was much talk about why my husband and I left the emperor. To put it another way, I believe Caelus took me out of the empire to protect Diana, my first love.

If we act together today like this, we can silence all speculations.

I smiled happily and put a piece in my mouth.

You can find it here.

“… … ?”

Ugh! What kind of cake is this?

Seeing my expression distorted, Caelus asked quickly.

“Why aren’t you doing that, Hess?”

There is a chance that the cook of the duke will be accused of saying something wrong. He should be more cautious, knowing that he is loyal.

“It was a bit shaky. I feel a bit uncomfortable.”

“Well… … .”

One of the guests threw it out.

“Maybe you’re pregnant?”

“? !”


Caelus and I both froze as ice at those words.

Erinies asked and forced himself to keep his laughter in check.

“Did the doctor not say anything else?”

“ah… …. “I haven’t had the opportunity to see the doctor in the last few days, because I’ve been very busy…

It was just too long to be dazzled. It was probably because I didn’t have enough stamina to make it from Attica to the Zodiac.

Erinies was too tired to take it anymore and started laughing loudly.

“Duchess, this is not the right time!” We’ll be back soon so see a doctor. ho ho ho… … .”

That was the end of the party.

Deukdal was the name of the duke’s doctor. Caelus watched from afar as I was being consulted by a doctor.

“Are you pregnant?”

“Well… … .”

The doctor smiled brightly.

It’s fragile, but it can feel the pulse of a pregnant lady. Congratulations. My lord, my lord.”

“Five… … !”

“iced coffee… … !”

It is real, my God!

It was a surprise when the tears began to flow. They finally have a child after being together for more than two years with Choi Ae.

It was so obvious that I couldn’t stop it from popping up. Caelus hugged me and I stopped crying.

“Black… … ! “Really a baby…

Although I waited eagerly for the moment, it was impossible to express my emotions in words.

Kaelus hugged and kissed my neck.

“Congratulations. Hess. Thank you.

Even his voice was losing its power.

“It is a great joy that my child was given to me.” A child too, You are precious, but I love you the most.

“thank you. Kael… … .”

Isn’t this a happy ending? I am finally the ordinary me that fell in love with my most beloved one.

My best friend was abandoned.

The best?

You saved me from being abandoned by this world.

Final Words

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