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Synopsis Of How To Hide The Emperor’s Child

How To Hide The Emperor's Child spoilers

“You never loved me anyway, right?”

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Astelle’s long-awaited marriage life ended in a day.

She worked hard to become Kaizen’s wife since she was 10, but the only thing that was left for her was the stigma of an empress.

She was abandoned by royalty; the man she loved, Kaizen, wanted her to leave.

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“Yes. You’re right. I didn’t love you.”

Astelle lied for the last time. The man was the reason for her life, but it was also for the sake of the man who was her husband for a day.

She thought there would be no contact with him again, but—

“I…think I might be pregnant?”


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Six years later, Astelle, who reunited with Kaizen, lied again.

“You… what is that child?”

“He’s my nephew.”

To protect the child.

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Spoilers – Surviving As Twin Sisters

How To Hide The Emperor’s Child Spoilers

How To Hide The Emperor's Child

Let’s start with How To Hide The Emperor’s Child Spoilers.

Summary Of The Whole Plot

The first few chapters of the tale revolve around The MC trying to prevent the emperor in the dark about Theor having become their child when on the way. 

She drops eye drops twice daily to make his eyes change to blue (black hair and eyes are red are only known to the royal families). 

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She also had her grandfather make up an illness to speed up his travel (which didn’t happen due to adverse conditions) and later insisted that her grandfather and Theor should return home and she go to the capital to settle the dowager empress’s wishes. 

On the way to the capital, ML is in love with her and connects with Theor as she continues to rebuke her (he offered her dresses, and then she returned the dresses). 

In FL’s head, she’ll be on an unplanned trip after she has resolved the issue and she’ll return together with her father and Theor in the direction of the east and never come back.

ML does not want the freedom of leaving, so he insists on taking Theor and grandpa to the capital and allows them to reside in the mansion nearby. 

Some rumors start to circulate concerning Theor being her son who is not legitimate in the capital city after Theor suffers the reaction of an allergy to one particular fruit. :blobdead: 

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It was an allergy that was known to Astelle as a child and Emperor remembered that she was sick after eating the fruit, so he begins becoming concerned.

At a later party, The Marquis’s wife (whose daughter has been crowned the most powerful candidate for the throne and dislikes Astelle) demands MC be having an illegitimate child in front of the nobles who were gathered. 

MC does not deny the fact and Emperor suggests to her that the Emperor knew it already. MC is home and sulks at ML because she wants to go home jealous ML summons the imperial guards and asks them to put her under house arrest to ensure she doesn’t get away again.

She orders Theor and his grandfather to get out in the darkness first and the plan is to escape later. 

The issue is Theor is abducted by the father of MC and when the rescuers arrive he hasn’t been given drops for his eyes, so they are red and everybody knows that Theor is the son of the Emperor. 

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MC thinks about her alternatives and realizes that Theor would be the most secure in the palace. She eventually agrees to marry ML However, she’s annoyed with him and Theor is thrilled she’s accepted but is also angry at her for having not said something earlier.

When they are in the palace, ML continues to try and convince MC however MC is cold but not as cold as previously. 

There are some flashbacks from their youth when they were princesses and crown princes. Garbage ML used to go on hunts and avoid her at ball and ball, showing up late and promptly leaving when she refused to dance. 

She couldn’t dance with any other person since she was considered a crown princess and was waiting for him for the entire evening, and even arranged for someone to take his tea after he had gone going hunting. 

He also went on a hunt and almost drowned in a freezing lake. She attempted to pull him from the water and then gets sick after falling into it the water, but he checked on her, finding broken bones and a high fever. 

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In all that time, she’s in love with him until he gets divorced her on the morning after the wedding (why should one sleep next to her when you didn’t like her and planned to divorce the following day?) and she finally gives up on him.

In the end, after ML is poisoned ML becomes close to Theor, and ML’s guilty groveling, she decides to accept her apology and be in love with him (took some time). 

ML learns from her grandfather that MC was in love with him throughout their whole childhood and suffers from guilt in the latter half of the film because she didn’t realize and eventually came to conclude that his groveling would not cause MC to forgive him. 

There are also jealous scenes with the teacher of Theor because Theor is young and beautiful.

A political issue is discussed with her father and the pharmacist returns to the plot to save ML suffering from poison (the Pharmacist is later married to the brother of MC). 

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When MC and ML are reunited and they’re happy for a time. Then they travel to the east to visit their former home, and ML gets another anxiety trip when she sees how worn-out the house used to be. 

They commit to coming back more often following the trip and the two recommit to one to each another.

I’m not sure if it was a part of a story or not, however, MC becomes pregnant with her daughter and is having issues with the pregnancy (dizzy spells, unable to take food, etc.). 

Everyone is concerned because MC’s mom died shortly after giving birth to MC and ML, MC, Theor, Grandpa, the pharmacist, the brother of MC, and the rest of their staff leave for a vacation. 

Grandpa informs ML and his brother about their first pregnancies in the presence of Theor and how difficult it was. 

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Both bros felt more regret for not being supportive of MC earlier. Following a vacation, MC improves and ultimately gives birth to a daughter Estelle. 

The ending of the story is that the emperor is now a father who is overprotective and gets angry with her cousin (MC bro and the pharmacist’s son). 

MC and ML argue over the issue and it is revealed that MC retained the five-year contract in error (forgot to throw it away). 

They come to a compromise by and make an origami flower in her hand to express their regrets and she cooks him a dish to say sorry and they agree to gift each other more gifts.

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Astell Accepts The Proposal | Kaizen Finds Out About Theor

“A condition?”

Kaizen looked up at times, doubting the information he’d just had to hear.

“I can give you anything you want. You don’t have to put any conditions on it.”

Do you have any items I’d like?

It was astonishing that I could say something like that in an event like this.

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There was just one thing Astelle desired.

To depart from The Capital and return to The East along with Theor.

However, Kaizen did not accomplish the one thing she had always wanted.

“Let’s get married under a contract. If you’re willing to be a part of this contract with me, then I’ll outline the conditions and terms of your agreement clearly.”

Astelle spoke in a calm, clear voice.

Kaizen was clenching his fist at the words of Astelle.

The man stared at her icy expression for a while before he asked “Okay. What is the condition?”

Astelle took her breath and took a look straight into his eye and she said, “Before that, I have something to say to you. The subject is Theor.”

“I’ll bring Theo safely, so don’t worry too much.”

Kaizen said he was angry before he got the explanation.

He was aware of the extent to which Astelle liked Theor.

Although he’s no longer his child, Kaizen intends to raise Theor as his own.

But it appears that what Astelle tried to convey was not exactly what Kaizen believed.

“Theor is Your Majesty’s son.”

As she spoke, Kaizen opened his eyes to the world.


Kaizen was unable to comprehend the message he was hearing.

The truth is, he didn’t know what he was hearing.

“What did you just say? Theor is my son?”

She didn’t want to talk to him about it.

However, for Theor, Astelle could do anything.

“Yes, that’s right, Your Majesty.”

“But how……!”

Kaizen became so lost Kaizen was unable to speak for more than a minute.

Kaizen had also thought that Theor might be his son.

When he discovered that Theor was the child of Astelle The first thought that struck his mind was the memories of the first night they were married.

The first night after the wedding where he had a formal bed with Astelle.

The next night Kaizen used the contraceptive pill.

He was informed that contraceptives can not work.

It could be that the baby was born around the same moment.

For a time He was hopeful.

He wanted Theor to be his son.

Each time he thought that Astelle was expecting an unnamed man’s child It caused his blood to boil upside down.

However, there are blue eyes proved that he wasn’t his son.

Kaizen has been enduring endless suffering and anger for the past few days.

However, now it turns out that Theor is his son.

“I was fortunate enough to meet an excellent pharmacist and received prescriptions for a drink that alters the color of eyes. I alter the color of his eyes each throughout the day by using this potent potion.”

Astelle kept on explaining the situation while watching the disorientated Kaizen.

“A potion?”

A potion that alters the eye’s color.

Kaizen had never heard of it.

Then, something flashed in his head.

The next day, he drove Theor to the lodge for hunting located in the forests.

Astelle had walked through the drizzle to the hunting lodge just before sunset.

At the time, Theor was worried that Theor was suffering from an illness.

“Was it because of that potion that you rushed to the hunting lodge from Maern Castle?”

Kaizen felt like an explosion was rising from his chest as he looked at Astelle standing in peace.

“Why did you hide it?”

Kaizen did manage to stand up to the increasing anger and got close to Astelle.

“Why didn’t you tell me until now!”

It was natural that Astelle concealed Theor’s birth and claimed that he was her nephew because he was an unregistered child.

The woman wouldn’t have been capable of revealing the fact that she had given birth to an illegitimate child.

If Theor has a son named Theor, Theor is a Prince.

He was raised by the prince as an heir to a knight who had died.

Kaizen gritted his teeth.

“If you had a child, you should have told me! I have rights as a father!”

Kaizen was furious.

She was deceiving him.

He was also furious at him for letting her walk that way, without any knowledge of her.

Astelle who was struck by his anger shook her head.

Eyes of light green looked up at him.

“What would you have done if you had known then that I was pregnant?”

The memories of six years ago were brought to the forefront of mine.

The day he was elevated to the throne, he was just aged of just twenty.

At the moment, he was a part of an internal war with the nobles of the highest rank.

He was responsible for the murder of countless victims, and he was in danger of being the target of numerous assassinations.

What would he do If he’d discovered the fact that Astelle became pregnant in the bloody and painful period?

Kaizen had the answer to this question.

If he had known Astelle was expecting and had tried to eliminate the baby.

If it was difficult to eliminate Astelle, the kid may have attempted to murder Astelle.

Astelle declared, “My father must have noticed Theor’s eyes and knew his identity.”

When he heard the news, Kaizen immediately turned around and opened the door.

He was unable to take the current situation for granted however, he realized that there was something crucial to be done.

“What is Lyndon doing? Send someone to the Duke! Tell Lyndon to bring Theor here. Right Now!”

Kaizen shut the door and went into the drawing-room in which Astelle was back.

Astelle was watching him.

“So you meant you’d marry me because of Theor, huh?”

It was absurd that he was ecstatic for a few minutes to learn that she was willing to accept his offer.

“Don’t you know that I can only take Theor and punish you?”

Kaizen could not calm himself and he sat silently.

When he said that, his heart began to ache.

“If you want it, just do it.”

Astelle responded calmly and without hesitation.


Kaizen laughed helplessly.

He could punish Astelle at any time.

She may be held in prison for hiding an heir to the throne.

If it had been a few months ago when he first met her for the second time I’m sure he would have reprimanded her.

However, Kaizen himself knew the way he could not do it today.

“So, what is that condition?”

Kaizen smiled and was asked.

“Please appoint my brother as the Lord of the West.”

“The position has been inherited from the Duke of Reston from generation to generation.”

The empire controlled the whole continent.

In the earlier times, when the authority of the emperor was weak because the territory was too vast the authority of the emperor did not operate in areas that were not close to the capital.

To rule effectively an empire successfully, ancient rulers divided the kingdom into south, north, east, and west with the only exception being the central region where the capital is situated.

Furthermore, the authority to manage the region was given to the nobleman who had the most territory within each area.

When the times changed and the power of the Emperor grew more powerful, the families that were the Lords of North, South, and East followed the path of destruction one after the next.

But it was the Reston family that held the title.

The Duke of Reston has been removed as the prime minister, he remained his Lordship of the West.

“I don’t want it for a long time. Please allow Fritz to remain in the post for three years. No 2 years.”

Kaizen observed the reason Astelle requested that he hand over the job to Fritz.

“If my brother receives the title, there will be no difficulty for him to succeed the Duke in the future.”

“Is that even possible? The Duke won’t back down so easily.”

Kaizen could get rid of the Duke if he chose to.

If he had investigated the attempted assassination, then the Duke would be considered a criminal.

However, he didn’t because Astelle was the daughter of an opportunist.

In addition, if the Duke dies as a rebel, Theor will become the prince of the descendant of the family of traitors.

This shameful mark will be an imprint throughout his life even if he does become the emperor.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be able to convince you.”

Astelle was confident enough to convince her father.

To be precise She will intimidate her, not make him believe.

The most effective form of intimidation is the plot to assassinate executed Duke.

However, Astelle is not able to use that card.

If this occurs, it could be fatal for Theor and Theor Theor.

However, Astelle found a different way to do it.

How can he convince his father to transfer this title to his brother Fritz?

“……okay.”I agree to this condition. Do what you want to do.”

So long as the Reston family was able to defend itself and just the Duke of Reston still retreated in peace this would be a benefit for Kaizen and Kaizen.

Astelle was looking at him for a second and she said,

“……and there’s an additional condition. I’d like to extend the period of the contract to five years. If I want to divorce, you can accept it at any time.”

Kaizen whose mouth was slightly open stared at her in shock.

He appeared as if he did not think that these words could be said by Astelle.

“Theor is my son, he will be the Crown Prince.”

Kaizen’s voice was tense in the fury.

“Still, you’re going to get a divorce?”

“Yes, I want you to promise that you will divorce me at any time.”

To protect the position of Theor, Astelle needed to protect her position as empress of the palace of the Emperor.

However, Astelle wanted to hold the key that would unlock freedom.

She could live the daily life of the palace of the Emperor only if she held the key to loosen the shackle.

But Kaizen did not understand her heart.

In a flash, sparks flashed in his eyes.

Kaizen was angrier than when he learned of Theor’s birth.

Astelle plans to be an empress for a few years and take a break after the establishment of Theor’s role.

“What are you going to do if I don’t promise you?”

Eyes of light green and indeterminate depth stared back at him.

“If you do not comply with the conditions, I will refuse the marriage proposal.”

“Are you going to leave Theor in the imperial palace?”

Kaizen believed that Astelle would be unable to do that.

However, Astelle responded with determination,

“If you don’t comply with my conditions, it can’t be helped.”

Kaizen gripped his fists with a firm grip.

Her attitude which drove him away caused him to collapse.

However, all of this was the result of his actions.

It wouldn’t have happened If he had not left Astelle just six years earlier.

He realized it was his error.

In the end, Kaizen did not want to let Astelle go.

Astelle may quit on both of them and quit however Kaizen was determined to keep fighting for Astelle.

He closed his eyes with a firm grip.

“……okay. I promise.”

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