14+ Best Manga Like Berserk (Ranked)

Berserk is one of the most brutal anime and manga of all time and it’s only natural that people who like violence and action are die-hard fans of this manga.

Today, on MyAnimeGuru we are going to put down a list of the Top 14 Best Manga Like Berserk.

It’s only natural people wanna read more manga like berserk because of how good this manga is. The popularity of this manga says everything. Keeping in mind our audience’s wishes we are going to post this article on 14 Best Manga Like Berserk.

I would shut up now and let’s get started.

List of 16 Best Manga Like Berserk (Ranked)

  • Vagabond
  • Monster
  • Vinland Saga
  • Kingdom
  • Attack On Titan
  • Hellsing
  • Claymore
  • Goblin Slayer
  • Battle Angel Alita
  • Blade Of The Immortal
  • Blade Of The Phantom Master
  • Ares
  • Eden: It’s an Endless World
  • Ubel Blatt
  • Devilman
  • Kurohime

This is our list of 14+ best manga like berserk. Now, let us discuss why we chose these titles to be on our list of manga like berserk.

Books Worth Reading:

1. Vagabond

Vagabond Manga

Vagabond has been a truly distinctive work that I’d like to be able to see the final result of. However, the open conclusion isn’t anything to be disappointed with. I read the entire manga in less than 4 weeks, and am awed by how captivating a story can be, even without amazing results.

If this is considered a “masterpiece” or not can be determined only following the actual conclusion however, an extremely close 10/10 seems acceptable. Even if I was swayed I’ll keep this way until I discover something similar to superior in the manga section. If we can read the ending, in the end, we’ll eventually find out if it is worthy of being called an outstanding work or not.

Books Worth Reading:

It is essential to go through this manga. It is based on a true story, but with certain fictional aspects, each character is a real person that lived and worked in Japan during the Sengoku Period. It’s a shame that it may never be finished due to Inoue’s hiatus.

This is number one on our list of manga like Berserk.

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Books Worth Reading:

2. Monster


This is not a tale that I would recommend to anyone. I understand that this kind of manga/anime isn’t for those who seek out action-packed and fast-paced stories or even romance

But, for those who like psychological thrillers, incredible characters, a solid plot that has minor issues, and an antagonist that could be able to make you cry to your bones, I can’t recommend this book enough. 

I’m not sure that any story is perfect or flawless however this one comes extremely near to it. This is a story that both anime/manga and fans of other genres would both like. I rate this book an A+ and a good 10/10.

Second on the list of manga like Berserk.

Books Worth Reading:

3. Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga Manga

The cast is an absolute masterpiece in the art of character creation. The artwork is breathtakingly real. 

The story makes the most of its location and conveys a mature and profound theme. The only thing that I can see compromising the quality of this manga is a disappointing end when it’s done (not that I’m hopeful that it does so anytime soon). 

I’ll admit that I am a fan of historical fiction, which could cause me to be more inclined to enjoy a manga like this, but with the examples, I’ve listed I’m convinced that a person who enjoys serious manga should go through.

Third on the list of manga like Berserk.

Books Worth Reading:

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4. Kingdom

Kingdom Manga

I don’t know what to say about it but go through it. It is by far my top historical manga, so make the effort of reading it. The art is on Berserks levels and that’s telling.

The art style needs to be gotten used initially as the illustrations aren’t the best and also because of the style, which appears odd initially (especially the characters’ designs face and designs).

I believe the score and the introduction are enough to convince you that this is a manga that I highly recommend! It’s a favorite of mine, and when I attempt to examine it more “objectively” I’m rating it extremely highly.

Books Worth Reading:

Fourth on the list of manga like Berserk.

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5. Attack On Titan

Attack on titan manga like berserk

I loved the story and believe it’s the best story I’ve ever read, honestly. I had lots of fun forming theories and discussing them with others and, of course, also cried quite a bit. 

Books Worth Reading:

Additionally, there were plenty of shocking and dramatic moments and lots of plot twists and turns, but everything that related to the plot (or at least the majority of them) was simply mind-blowing for me. 

I am awestruck by how Isayama attempted to provide us with life lessons, and I am awestruck by the way Isayama gave us at least a small portion of the background story behind every character.

AOT brings me an immense amount of nostalgia. See how it has improved from chapter 1 to chapter 139. I feel great satisfaction with the extent to which it has come.

Fifth on the list of manga like Berserk.

Books Worth Reading:

6. Hellsing

Hellsing manga

I’m not able to give the highest score. It’s indeed one of my favorites, but I need to be objective and be aware that some people may not be a fan of this type of action. 

The entire series is reminiscent of a grindhouse-style B-class film. How Hirano recounts the story is authentic and well-written. 

The story is raw, and I like the way it is presented, and the many cliches make the film even more entertaining. 

However, as I mentioned before, it’s not for everyone. will appreciate it. I am aware that I have a particular preference and my point of perception could be off-base and that’s why I have to give it as little as 9/10.

Sixth on the list of manga like Berserk.

Books Worth Reading:

7. Claymore


Claymore is among my top fantasy manga. Strangely enough, it’s written by one of the Mangakas from Angel Densetsu, which is an… hilarious comedy set in a high school. Well, I enjoyed this one as well and it demonstrates the flexibility on the part of the author that he can pull off comedy and “darker” manga.

The artwork in Claymore is also fantastic particularly when you get closer to the final scene. Monster designs, scenes, and action scenes,… the entire thing looks fantastic.

Claymore is my absolute favorite manga particularly when it is related to fantasy and action series. I highly recommend giving this one a go because it is seventh on the list of manga like Berserk.

Books Worth Reading:

8. Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer

I was thinking this manga was nothing more than an enjoyable time for isekai!

I had no idea that this turned out to be an incredibly dark and violent manga, filled with disturbing scenes which make it appear as if they came out of the depths of a rage!

It’s true that if you’re a fan of dark fantasy it’s essential with berserk. it’s not an absolute masterpiece, at least at the moment however it’s still an epic!

I believe it’s the top dark fantasy manga, along with Berserk.

8th on the list of manga like Berserk.

Books Worth Reading:

9. Battle Angel Alita

Battle Angel Alita manga like berserk

It’s been quite a while since I’ve read it, as it was the second manga I read more than 10 years ago or something similar to that. What I do remember are amazing characters and their growth.

Alita herself happens to be my favorite character. Her strength and determination strength that drives her to discover herself and assist others is incredible. Her journey is an intriguing one in a cyber-punk world of people fighting to survive.

The way that this manga has been created is simply stunning. I’d love to draw that way haha. I don’t want to only think about my thoughts about it in color.

The manga is a film adaptation but it doesn’t give the manga the respect it deserves since it’s rather too short and doesn’t show the real power of the story. However, it’s an enjoyable look.

Books Worth Reading:

Read this manga If you like the style of cyberpunk. Hell, you could even read it even if you aren’t a fan. This is a great story that will be loved by all who read it.

9th on the list of manga like Berserk.

10. Blade of the Immortal

Blade of the immortal is a manga like berserk

It was among the first mangas that I began to read. It’s been more than a decade since I read it and I’m always eagerly anticipating the next volume(s) every year. 

The artwork is amazing (the first volume contains incredible two-page spreads in which things as brutal as a man being slashed change to bird-like creatures.

It’s not so cheesy as the title suggests I swear!) and I am always looking back and reading the books to see how Samura’s artwork has improved.

There’s quite a variety of characters within Blade and I’ll be among the very first to confess that I frequently struggle to keep up with mangas that have many characters. Luckily, every person in Blade is well-developed and unique in terms of art style and well-established.

I loved this film. It’s a bit sad that it’s ended for me right now but that’s the way it is. it is. The story has a bittersweet conclusion and doesn’t disturb me in any way.

10th on the list of manga like Berserk.

11. Blade Of The Phantom Master

Blade of the phantom master

I was stunned and also awed by the style, beauty, and violence of this manhwa. However, I was hooked within a couple of chapters. 

The plot is nothing more than an endless series of twists and twists. It’s able to keep you entertained and capture your interest by giving you only enough details about the story to keep you interested. 

Let me tell you. it’s a thrilling tale with amazing artwork. 11th on the list of manga like Berserk.

12. Ares


Ares is an action-packed manhwa that is full of violence. Our main goal is to achieve revenge for our instructor Kiron. 

The character joins Temple Mercenaries and gains three close buddies: Michael, Barrona, and Gogh. My opinion is that the way Ryu Kum Chel is doing with his characters is very impressive. 

Each time a new character is introduced, he gives you the background of that character. 

Contrary to other manga or manhwa which does not provide background information about the character has always annoyed me as I was unsure of the reason and what they came to be. 

In the end, Ares is VERY action-packed and fun to read for those who don’t mind being killed.

12th on the list of manga like Berserk.

13. Eden: It’s an Endless World

In the end, minor issues due to the time skips aren’t significant. The plot itself is far superior to any issue that this manga has. 

The mangaka created incredible detail and was able to nail the theme of post-apocalypse with his classic style. 

With such an intricate plot in this series, I could not even scratch the surface with this review. 

The story is captivating and draws readers in, and the characters surpass all requirements. What else could you ask for? Eden is an intriguing concept of science fiction and concludes with a happy ending.

13th on the list of manga like Berserk.

14. Ubel Blatt

Ubel Blatt

A magnificent example of dark fantasy that has a distinctive style that makes it stand out from the others. 

It creates dark and bleak worlds full of inequity and power abuse, without getting lost in the territory in the realm of “edgy for the sake of being edgy”. 

I’m not sure I’d ever claim this as my top Dark Fantasy work (that spot’s already claimed by Berserk) However, I’ll be able to remember this manga for many years to come. 

If I ever come to the point where I’m able to keep the physical copy of Manga I’ve read and enjoyed, this will be one of the ones. 10/10; Definitely worth the reading experience in every way.

14th on the list of manga like Berserk.

15. Devilman


Devilman is without doubt one of the most memorable shonen of the 70s not just because it was an inspiration source for the other major hits such as Berserk as well as Neon Genesis Evangelion.

But for being progressive with its themes. The themes of prejudice, persecution, human nature, society breaking down the war, and the infamous Apocalypse. 

Devilman is a series that tackles some difficult subjects and is it is also shonen-based. It created the idea of the genre of the evil main character which is fascinating. 

The manga is enjoyable, but I would like to believe it is a good idea to think that DMCB could be considered a great update of the series to the current generation and has an excellent modern revival in comparison to the 70s version. 

The manga is worth reading for those who are looking for more Devilman after they’ve read Devilman Crybaby.

15th on the list of manga like Berserk.

16. Kurohime

Manga like berserk

A child saves him with the help of a frightening gunfighter, who can use magic bullets. 

She is the most skilled magician on earth, but she disappears soon after she has saved him. After falling in love with her, he sets out to become a gunfighter and, ten years later his quest ends.

However, his journey has only just begun. Kurohime is a sexy witch who can manipulate magic guns. 

She once made the error of arguing with gods to the point of being cursed due to it! The girl who was transformed into a child known as Himeko She can only return to her body and abilities when she is in love with. 

However, finding love in a world rife with evil is a difficult job.

Despite being last on our list of manga like Berserk, this manga is quite good and one of my favorites.

Final Words

I guess that was all for our list of manga like berserk. I hope you liked our effort of reading people’s reviews and compiling the list for you.

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FAQ Section

Is Berserk the most violent manga?

Yes, in my opinion, berserk is the most violent manga I have read until now. The MC’s name is Guts, like literal intestines and you would be amazed seeing how many times he shows someone else intestines to you but cutting them in half.

Is Berserk manga like anime?

Berserk manga and anime are both masterpieces but when it comes to the story, manga does the justice. The Manga version of berserk is the best one.

Will Berserk Manga never end?

The Berserk manga is set to continue following the death of its creator Kentaro Miura last May. Miura’s close friend, Kouji Mori – the only person he told Berserk’s story to from start to finish – will take over the series and write only what Miura told him without any supplementary or filler stories.

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