14+ Best Manhwa Where MC Is Reincarnated As A Child (Ranked)

Manhwas with Reincarnation is a hot trending topic because of their different storylines and unexcepted twisted plots making this reincarnation concept more impressive and exciting. This includes MC reincarnated as a child makes it a perfect manhwa.

MyAnimeGuru brings you an article on the14+ Best Manhwa Where MC Is Reincarnated As A Child (Ranked). These manhwas are among the best genres in the Korean webtoon.

Many manhwas before the reincarnation of MC it was not in trend, but after reincarnation, it became more spread among the fans and makes them love it.

Best Manhwa Where MC Is Reincarnated As A Child

So let’s look at the list of 14+ Best Manhwa Where MC Is Reincarnated As A Child (Ranked).

15) Egret: The Great Sage

Erget the elementalist

Chapters-85+ | Year – 2021

Erget is the master Elementalist who has a company with many spirits and other supernatural creatures after his death, he is reborn as a young Judas who has forgotten his memories and become a wanderer with illness.

Later he gets connections with his old spirits one by one and enters an elite academy called Ruvar-H. He has a rare ability known as “Great Sage Wisdom” which allows him to analyze any situation and find the best solution for it.

Books Worth Reading:

Moreover, it is a richly detailed manhwa with good East Asian mythology.

14) Past Life Returner (remake)

Man or demon

Chapters-40+ | Year – 2022

In a war between humans and demons, a man named Kim Do-jin died and reincarnated in the past with all his future memories. So he decided to change the future and prevent the war happened. With his powers and abilities, he took out a journey to resolve the future.

Books Worth Reading:

He encounters many people who have a crucial role in the war. He confesses to them or defeats them preventing them to take part in the war. After he discovers the truth behind his reincarnation and hidden secrets of the world. Will he be able to change the future?

This is a good manhwa with a different and amazing story and well-developed characters.


14+ Anime Where MC Is Reincarnated As A Child (Ranked)

13) I picked a  Hammer to save the World

Best Manhwa Where MC Is Reincarnated As A Child

Chapters-25+ | Year – 2022

Tiny is a young boy who is in danger by crushing the head of the Demonic Beast King. By his action, the total mankind is in danger. So the sword emperor uses his power to bring him back.

He is returned as an orphan from one of the continent’s best knights and possesses powerful and supernatural strength. And will he be able to prevent the fall of mankind? Read the manhwa.

Books Worth Reading:

12) The Lazy Swordmaster

the lazy swordmaster

Chapters-45+ | Year – 2022

What happens to a great swordmaster reincarnated? This story is based on this a man named Riley who is a greater swordmaster later he died of certain circumstances. He is reincarnated as the youngest son in a good and noble family.

Instead of following his family to become a knight, he chooses a lazy and carefree life. As he grows older he came to know about his sword skills and used them in conflict battles to protect himself and others.

This manhwa handles the concept of reincarnation in a correct and good manner which makes it a good manhwa to read.

11) The Beginning After The End

 The Beginning After The End

Chapters-175+ | Year – 2020

Books Worth Reading:

King Grey is a powerful magician who is an old powerful magician and a warrior in his earlier life and reincarnated as the youngest prince in a kingdom.

He soon discovers his hidden magical powers and talent in him because of his past life. He used it to protect his kingdom and his allies. Later he came to know about the dark forces threatening the world. Will he be able to stop them?


14+ Manga Where MC Is Reincarnated As A Child (Ranked)

10) To Be an Actor

passion to be actor

Chapters – 45+ | Year – 2022

Jang Youngkuk is an ordinary man with good acting skills but he can’t able to attain it because of a lack of opportunities. He needs to become an actor to save his mother’s life.

Suddenly he returned to his childhood and he need to abandon acting and be the good son get never was and solve the financial problems of his family as a good man.

Books Worth Reading:

This story explores the themes of passion and the pursuit of one’s dream which makes it a good manhwa to read.

9) Youngest Son of The Namgung Clan

Youngest Son of The Namgung Clan

Chapters-30+ | Year – 2022

NamGung DeSo is a member of a powerful clan called as NamGung. They hold a competition for the next vice president of the clan. Unexpectedly he failed in the competition.

And he faces an unexpected death and is reincarnated as the youngest son of the strongest clan. Will he be able to hold the position as a good leader or someone will attain it?

8) Champion’s Path to Murim

Champion’s Path to Murim

Chapters-41 | Year – 2022

Books Worth Reading:

What happens if a martial artist legend is reborn in a Murim world? Kim Sanghyuk is a martial artist legend in the realm of the mixed martial art world. But suddenly he was reborn as the youngest son of Keum Hojang who is a great martial artist in that world.

Honjang is born talented in martial arts because of his experience. He attained new skills such as Boxing, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Jujitsu, Judo, etc. Will he pursue his dream of becoming the greatest martial artist in the world?

This manhwa balances the martial and the concept of reincarnation in a perfect manner which is a good manhwa for the readers.

7) Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun

Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun

Chapters-40+ | Year – 2022

A powerful demon master named Xiao Lang lived in the dangerous demonic world and he died in a battle against his enemies. He is reincarnated as a baby named Yang Lie in another cultivation world with all his powers and memories.

Books Worth Reading:

After he grew up he discovers his past life as a demon master and decided to use his powers to save his loved ones and to protect the world.

6) Return of the 8th-class Magician

Maru the mage

Chapters-81 | Year – 2021

The protagonist of the story is Maru, whose past incarnation was that of an influential magician who lost his life battling an overpowering demon.

Furthermore, his discovery of this natural talent occurs when he is under attack by monsters and unexpectedly employs magic in self-defense. After that, he came to know about the natural magical skills inside him.

The magic and detailed depiction of this manhwa was amazing and impressive which makes it the best manhwa where MC Is Reincarnated as a child.

Books Worth Reading:

5) Heavenly Sword’s Grand Saga

Heavenly Sword’s Grand Saga

Chapters-40 | Year – 2022

The young man Mo Yuan lost his life while battling his enemies despite being a legendary swordsman. He retains all his memories and sword skills as he is reborn into a young boy named Mo Xiaofan in his next life.

Mo Xiaofan learns of his previous life and notable identity as a swordsman while growing up. He chooses to improve his capabilities toward becoming a powerful swordsman once more. He intends to defend his dear ones and take vengeance on those who have done him wrong in the earlier phase of life.

4) Re: Life Player

Re: Life Player

Chapters-40+ | Year – 2022

A tragic incident took the life of Chen Tian who was known for being one of the best professional gamers known in the world and he is reincarnated as Chen Xiao a teenager in his next life, with all his gaming skills and memories.

Books Worth Reading:

Chen Xiao learns about his former life as a pro gamer as he gets older. To support his family, he chooses to utilize his expertise and abilities as a gamer to succeed once again and make a living.

This manhwa explores the different concepts of reincarnation with gaming which is unique compared to other manhwa.

3) Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

The youngest son

Chapters – 45+ | Year – 2022

A powerful mage named Lu Qi dies in a battle with his enemies and is reincarnated as the youngest son of a popular magic clan with all of his memories and abilities.

He discovers his powers as he grew older and he discovers his true identity in his past life as a powerful mage. To master his abilities he train and travel a lot and encounters various enemies and become allies with many peoples and demons.

Books Worth Reading:

2) Existence

Kill the mankind

Chapters-40+ | Year – 2022

This manhwa is portrayed in the dinosaur era which experienced thousands of lives and reincarnation. No different or powerful creatures are born to rule the earth.

Suddenly Lee was born as a human with the power of every single lifeform and he aims to eradicate the total mankind. will be able to do it? Read this manhwa.

This manhwa is filled with an amazing storyline and plot with stunning designs which makes it the Best Manhwa Where MC Is Reincarnated As A Child

1) The Swordmaster’s Son

The Swordmaster's Son

Chapters – 70+ | Year – 2022

Books Worth Reading:

Jin Runcandel has a dream of becoming the leader of a powerful clan called the Swordmaster clan. He eventually makes contracts with god and freed many curses and souls and upgraded his abilities.

Suddenly he dies unexpectedly and wakes up as a baby and he got a second chance at his life. Will he be able to fulfill his destiny of becoming the ultimate swordmaster?


With this, we have concluded our list of the 14+ Best Manhwa Where MC Is Reincarnated As A Child. And all these animes show us the concept of reincarnation and supernatural abilities which can be done unknowingly.

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Re Zero, Konosuba, Slime Datta Ken, Shield Hero, and Mushoku Tensei

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