I’m Divorcing My Tyrant Husband Spoilers (Best)

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Synopsis Of I’m Divorcing My Tyrant Husband

I'm Divorcing My Tyrant Husband

In the novel of Rofan, she had the Empress. Isn’t that good? The problem is that the empress was pushed by a crafty queen, beaten by the emperor, and eventually died of disease.

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I could not die waiting for my master to arrive in the cold like the original Empress. I need to be a villain to get divorced.

She was so extravagant, talked to others, and bullied her husband.
But the more I act tough, the more obsessed you are, Are you a perv?!

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Spoilers – My Ex-Husband Became The Male Lead

I’m Divorcing My Tyrant Husband Spoilers

I'm Divorcing My Tyrant Husband Spoilers

Let’s start with I’m Divorcing My Tyrant Husband Spoilers.

Chapter 35

Another reporter asked if the toys were for Caleb, which makes Lobelia feel like a little mama bear that someone would bully her child. 

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Alexandro answered no, she did not use them for anyone except him. Lobelia internal screaming “WTF U LYING!” but she had to do it to save Caleb’s reputation.

Reporters were suspicious as there is a rumor they had a bad relationship. Alexandro proudly stated that they have a good and HOT relationship.

He didn’t leave her room until after the following day. Lobelia stepped in his shoes wearing her killer heels (stiletto). I don’t know why he didn’t shut up.

He got the gist but was smug AF. Lobelia accepted all of it, and the reporters were blown away by it because it was such a big story. 

The news was broadcast the next day with Lobelia’s good reputation and strong relationship with the Emperor.

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Up Until End

The ML should be paid enough for what he did. This is not romance fantasy, please. ML is a regressor because he is arrogant and a swordmaster on the continent.

He uses himself and others as a tool including Aisha. In his first timeline to kill High Priest, he chose Aisha. He failed and the GOD turned back time without revealing memories.

God will provide another way for us to change our fate. FL, FL is the key that will kill the high priest. 

The high priest is an outer space being that can be killed by another world being. The future of the Castilla empire is FL’s novel.

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After alexander saves FL he is thrown in between two worlds. (This space was created for Robelia and the high priest wants to kill her. 

God appears in the FL diary book. Alexander wants to recover his memories from the first timeline.

I find it sad that he said, “I’m sorry for past robelia but not love her.” “I’m falling in love with possessed robelia so it lessens my guilt a little.”

It’s not difficult to imagine that he would love past robelia. But still…

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The high priest is a monster with 8 legs and a tentacle. It’s terrible. Robelia does not execute Aisha. Aisha must volunteer in the slums for the rest of her life.

Duke, who is a one-sided lover of Robelia, will now live with his adorable son. Caleb, my sadboy, then went to the magic tower and did research. 

Happy ending robelia gets pregnant. Alexander, a beast tho

The Reason

After being alerted by the Emperor to chase them, Duke ordered alexander to bring his entire army to the dukedom’s capital city. 

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After learning that Alexander was closer to following them. 

Norman had to part ways with Robelia because he wanted to buy some time so that Robelia could escape to the north and reach the dukedom. while Norman holds Alexander.

Norman is confident because it’s OK. After all, all his plans were perfect and he is convinced that Alexander doesn’t have any physical evidence. 

Alexander has physical evidence that he plans to run away with Robelia from Caleb (Caleb doesn’t know).

When Robelia was nearly at the northern dukedom portal, the knight with Robelia was killed by magic arrows. They were fighting at the time. It was the assassin who ordered Aisha.

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Caleb and Robelia were the only knights left by the duke.

Caleb’s protective magic, however, was weak. alexander, who has defeated norman before, comes to his aid at the very last moment. 

Alexander saw robelia as angry, sad, and disappointed. It turns out that there is an assassin still living and emitting hot black smoke. He is attacking Robelia. 

That’s when alexander witnessed Robelia die. Everything that was affected by the smoke had melted in front of his eyes.

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Caleb’s teleport magic saved Robelia. Robelia returned because the duke was about to be executed. This was not Norman’s fault. 

Robelia has decided to go back because she must take responsibility for her actions. Norman asked Alexander Alexander to execute him, as he felt that he had failed Robelia’s protection. 

Because the assassin was not within their plans. When alexander believes robelia has died, he doesn’t eat or drink. He just works and works. 

Because Norman said to him that robelia had asked for help during the second meeting. Alexander was able to see how desperate Robelia wanted to leave him.

He even asked another man for help after having met him once. Alexander knows Norman is in love Robelia, but Robelia doesn’t.

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About The Whole ‘Novel’ World

The ‘novel’ that the FL read in her Og world was not a novel. It was more like a history of the events that took place in the other timeline. 

To save the world, the FL was made to become a saint or God’s helper. The High Priest, actually the God of Darkness or something similar, killed the real High Priest, took over his body, and almost destroyed the world.

He then fought with ML before God turned back the time, and brought the FL to that universe. The fake High Priest recalled the first timeline and thought that if he did it all the same way, it would be his victory.

But then, the FL appeared and he realized she was a possessor because she was different than herself in the first timeline.

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The reason ML could not defeat the fake High Priest in this timeline was that he couldn’t destroy the ‘core’ of the fake High Priest.

Only a being from a different universe can destroy it so the FL is the only one who can take him down.

About Aisha And The ML

Although ML had no romantic feelings for Aisha, he did feel an attachment to her because she was like him. 

He realized that she was a mean and arrogant bitch in her mask. He believed that to survive in this world, one should not be too innocent or kind as Robellia.

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However, one should wear a mask just like Aisha and him. Aisha used a love potion in the first timeline to get him to fall for her.

In the second timeline, however, she could not do that because the potion won’t work on people who have already had someone they loved.

He had also already fallen in love with the FL in the previous timeline.


He knew right from the beginning that the High Priests were aliens, and he wanted to destroy the empire. 

Alexander lost because of his arrogance, which meant he didn’t trust anyone but his strength. The high priest didn’t die even after being cut in half. 

There is a core that must be destroyed before he can die. Only possessed robelia can destroy it. Alexander will fall in love with Aisha through a love potion administered by the High Priest. 

Alexander was strong even for high priests. Perhaps Alexander would have fallen in love with Aisha if it was easier to overthrow the Empire for robelia soul… I don’t know

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