10 Best Manga like Quest Supremacy (2023)

You are searching for manga like quest supremacy. Well, you are in the right place. We have compiled a list of manga like quest supremacy.

The manhwa’s story revolves around Suhyeon, a young gaming geek who attends school and studies.

He is constantly bullied by his friends every day. It makes him wish that his life was more like the RPG-based quest games he loves. 

Suhyeon gets his wish fulfilled when a quest prompt with a simple mission and a tempting reward appears in real life.

Let’s start with our list of manga like Quest Supremacy.

List Of Best Manga Like Quest Supremacy

  • Reality Quest 
  • The Producer Who Lives Twice
  • BJ Archmage
  • The disappearing Mondays
  • Monster PET Evolution
  • The story of Cheol su and young hee
  • Trace
  • SSS Gacha Hunter
  • Kill the hero
  • I am an evil god 

Let’s discuss them in detail and know why I chose them to be on our list of manga like quest supremacy.

Books Worth Reading:

1. Reality Quest

Reality Quest

Ha Do-wan, the unfortunate game shuttle, was killed by the school bully after he played games for over a week. 

He was respawned in his classroom the week before he passed away. Everything is exactly the same as it was that day. The only thing that has changed is that he’s now floating in front of his body! What? What?!

Well, as the name suggests you can read it as a manga like quest supremacy.

Books Worth Reading:


Manga Suggestions Like Reality Quest

2. The Producer Who Lives Twice

The producer who lives twice manga

“Whoops, sorry. It’s the first to serve, right? It’s like that in the broadcasting industry. Joon Soo entered a broadcasting company as a dreamer. 

His trashy Sunbae caused him to lose everything he had worked for ten years. It was a regrettable decision that he regretted deeply. He also gritted his teeth but it was impossible to make it right. 

Soo was ready to give up on everything and despair when he realized that he had a second chance in his life.

He returned to the day he joined this company with all his memories intact. Can he achieve his dreams in the second life without having to repeat the pain of the past?

3. BJ Archmage

manga like quest supremacy

Jung Hyeonwoo did not have ‘Luck’, Money’ or ‘Talent. “Why is it that I can see hidden information in the game?” “After an electrocution accident, the game gave me the ability to see things I didn’t know before.

Books Worth Reading:

Two things that drive me insane about this novel: First, almost every chapter has begun with exposition. 

End of one chapter: “MC logged into the matrix again and prepared for the fight to the century.” Start of the next Chapter: “So here’s an essay in five paragraphs about class structure.”

Redundancy is the second. “I’m going to order chicken,” MC ordered chicken. “I think that I’ll go for an outdoor walk.” MC went on a walk. 

He doesn’t just do it, he verbally announces that he will do it and then does it. He is extremely annoying.

Books Worth Reading:

4. The disappearing Mondays

The disappearing mondays

Many people fear Mondays. But Han Jin, a senior associate with SH Corporation, is not like most. He calls his Monday self his “Monday Self”.

From confessing his feelings to purchasing luxury items, Han’s Monday self helps give him confidence and allows him to make a name for himself in the workplace. 

Han seeks out help from his Monday self, and other colleagues when he encounters problems, but eventually he realizes that he must trust himself to be successful.

5. Monster PET Evolution

Monster PET Evolution

Three years ago, animals and plants across the globe experienced bizarre and unimaginable changes. These included transformations, reversions, and the additions of otherworldly species. 

It was also the beginning of a new profession: Monster Trainers, who specialized in controlling monsters. Gao Peng, the main character of the story, was suddenly able to see monster attributes. 

Books Worth Reading:

He aspired to be the greatest monster trainer ever and sought a way to revive his parents with his newfound ability. This makes this a manga-like quest supremacy.

6. The story of Cheol-su and Young-hee

the story of cheol su and young hee

“What is your identity?” His partner Woo Young appeared one day. She doesn’t look human …? Young-hee, a robot that comes to school to learn more about emotions, and Cheol-su, who assists Younghi in expressing her emotions. 

However, he begins to feel for Cheol-su the more time he spends together with Young. The story of the two men in a world no one can see!

7. Trace

manga like quest supremacy

Unidentifiable, highly destructive, and unidentified species known as the Troubles invaded humanity and caused havoc. 

The only people who can fight them are Traces, people who have unexplainable supernatural powers and are monitored by the government. As more secrets are discovered, there is a war erupting on all sides and the fates of the entire world are at stake.

Books Worth Reading:

8. SSS Gacha Hunter

 SSS Gacha Hunter

“The Change” introduced dungeons full of monsters to the world and changed reality forever. Jin Jungdo, a pro-gamer, realizes that his abilities are ineffective and his lifelong dream of becoming a hero like these Mana Users. 

The “real universe” provides him with a set of skills that allows him to draw information and find heroes from the past. He can now race through this game of chance and become the most powerful hunter!

9. Kill The Hero

 Kill The Hero

Woojin is allowed to start again after he was killed by the leader of his guild. He’s not interested in saving the world from evil monsters, he wants to get revenge

He quickly gains notoriety for his high-ranking kills and boosts his stats as his masterminding moves closer to the top. 

There’s one thing that no one can understand: which side is he playing for? Woojin knows how to win and will do anything to get rid of the hero. It’s definitely a manga like quest supremacy.

Books Worth Reading:

10. I am an Evil God

I am an evil god manga

The tale of Xie Yan: A ridiculously handsome man who was enslaved by sexy women upon his transmigration. He traveled to many worlds in order to avoid death from dual cultivation.

Final Words

That’s all for today’s list of best manga like Quest Supremacy. If you like the post let me know in the comments and you can share it on social media too.

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