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Synopsis Of My Second Husband

My Second Husband Spoilers

Eunha Lee is a smart, successful lawyer who has their life figured out…that is until she loses both her parents in a tragic accident and divorces her husband, Taeyang, a famous actor, who she discovers has been cheating on her.

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Things take a turn for the surreal after Eunha slips on a staircase only to wake up in her past. She is now 22 years old and back in law school. Determined to make better choices in this second life, Eunha swears off romance only to realize her male best friend, Sungwoo, has been in love with her this whole time!

My Second Husband Spoilers

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Chapters 1-27

My Second Husband


  • MC awakes in the past and wants to be with her parents and end her relationship with her spouse (at the time they were in a relationship)
  • Not only did she come back, but she also got divorce papers were also returned. She cannot get rid of it which is why she hides in a location she thinks no one will ever locate.
  • A best friend of mine says that after she broke up with her husband/actor husband, he could get a shot
  • She drinks and awakes at the home of her husband. He appears cute, asks for an explanation, and then shows him an eerie expression that she asked him when she was drunk at her address
  • MC alters many things from the past, such as staying longer with her parents, and working harder so that they don’t have to employ the friend that was accused of cheating on her husband, and is trying to finish her year earlier
  • Their best friend confided to her that she was not looking to be romantic with anyone. Bf told her that it was okay, and he will remain with her as her friend and wait for her
  • The husband quit his career as an actor and began working in the college of MC and he displays signs of displeasure when observing MC and his best friend in a group and says there’s something else between them.

  • A girl who is interested in becoming a best friend gets annoyed by Mc, she believes that mc’s actions are leading her to heartbreak. mc is aware of how to handle her, but the girl won’t quit.
  • The husband is looking for something he’s convinced is from his best friend. We also learned that the husband returned at the right the same time
  • Their best friend found out that this girl was irritating mc, and we have the tale of them and how they were friends in middle school, and he’s been loving her because, he claims, it’s his wish for her to be content and will not be anything else as long as she’s happy.
  • The MC’s friends know that something is happening between their best friend and MC is taking place, they speak about how their dining experience is different
  • The girl who was causing me a lot of trouble is the victim of a plot designed to discredit her. Mc assists her by saying a few words, and she says some things that make Mc consider ways she can release the pain of having been abandoned and begin something new.
  • The girl resolves the incriminating circumstance, contacts mc, and wants to make friends. The girl isn’t talking about her the name of her friend the man who accused her.
  • Mc begins to alter her thoughts about her boyfriend They have several ‘dates’, that they spend more time on. during one of them, she starts to see blood leaking from her nose
  • Mc is at an establishment with her friends, which is where her husband is working there, they drink and talk and the other friends believe that they have abandoned her (it’s assumed that he was listening or was looking after her). Bf states where she’s and asks if he can join her.
  • Mc leaves and some of the assholes begin to play with her and harass her and she follows them to get back to the bar. She is in control of everything, however, her husband stepped in and got involved in a dispute with the other guys. Mc exhibits that she’s a fighter and is ashamed of the things the heck he did.
  • Mc is treating their husband’s injuries, and he says something that makes him think that, even though she has loved him during the last 10 years never actually know him.
  • His best friend arrives and is unable to comprehend the situation, and it’s like jealousy, however, he and mc discuss and resolve the issue to apologize. He says an apology, the husband makes an unflattering face and the best friend proceeds to express gratitude for the husband’s willingness to assist the mc, even though it’s his responsibility to assist the mc. it(bf).

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  • MC is happily married to her husband for a few years.
  • Something changes for the husband and he began to appear cold towards her (it’s not known what caused it) Since he began becoming similar to that MC has stopped opening presents for her. She’s seen the room full of presents that were wrapped
  • MC’s parents died and their husband was not in touch throughout the funeral in the days following the funeral, her best friend was there all the time.
  • Following the funeral, it was reported that the husband was having an affair with a friend of MC’s (with photos of him leaving her home on numerous occasions)
  • When the husband shows up, MC is devastated and demands a divorce. The husband could have made a statement, but he simply agreed without saying sorry or even trying to explain his actions.
  • Divorce has been finalized. MC drinks in a few steps lose her balance and then dies while holding the divorce documents.

Recent Chapters

  • Taeyang is kidnapped by an angry man. They’ve met before.
  • Sungwoo apologizes to Sena (the girl who was accused of stealing her dissertation).
  • Sena recalls that the real paper thief blames Sungwoo. She believes the thief is lying though.
  • Taeyang’s boss at the bar is asking Euhna whether she knows where Taeyang is since Taeyang is missing.
  • Taeyang has been investing in stocks for a while and has made a million dollars.
  • Sungwoo has taken over the family business to make arrangements for marriage with Euhna although she did not say yes to the proposal. The same thing happened in the past, just before the time Euhna passed away (maybe the plan was to get married that time as well).

Red Flags

In the episode in which Euhna is attacked He’s the only person to realize the fact that Euhna had been injured. This is good. Then he begins to bother her about Taeyang, even though she’s already told him that there’s nothing wrong. Then she has to conceal what she believes and then comfort him instead of at her side. Her friend even is checking to make sure she’s okay because an assault can be very traumatizing and traumatic, something Sungwoo was not concerned about in the least.

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There’s an attack on love. He suggests marriage even though they’ve not been together longer than one single day. And even though she’s not accepted it the man begins to take the family business over to plan their future. He doesn’t let her know about it until he’s finished and, when he’s done the lie is that he claims it was peaceful.

Therefore, he lies about silly things and puts his requirements over his partner’s He doesn’t believe in her and doesn’t include him in the plans he has for her. The way he treats her is not like an equal friend.

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  1. I do hope the author wont let us down because I am already down since his bestfriend orchestrated such danger. But i do hope the second life of the MC will be his bestfriend. Pls author i will accept ups and down with them but consider the feelings that been hidden and not getting married even the MC died. I already consider dropping the series since the last chapter isnt a good hints of happy ending with his bestfriend….

  2. I beg the author of this series, pls! make the second life be with his bestfriend who all these years love him more than anyone. This is to much hearth ache to me since his bestfriend made a dangerous way to gain the MC and keep his ex husban at bay…Author even it is ups and down series, Please I beg you dont let his bestfriend down, cuz i hate it to much that I am thinking of dropping the series…


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