My Wizard My Destiny Spoilers (Best)

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Synopsis Of My Wizard My Destiny

My Wizard My Destiny Spoilers

Prophet Liye falls into a world where magic exists and wakes up as a woman that a shaman doctor resurrected when she was a little girl.

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Tanaril, a wizard cursed by a witch to never have children with any woman, meets Liye at a hotel bar by chance. After drinking cocktails from a bartender at the bar, they spend the night together.

Tanaril misunderstands that Liye approached him on purpose and accuses her of approaching him to take advantage of his high status.

Despite how she was offended by his accusations, she became pregnant with his child. After announcing the pregnancy through a magical letter, the two get married by contract for different reasons and purposes.

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She knows she shouldn’t fall in love with Tanaril, since she’s from a different world and all that. It’ll be a piece of cake since Tanaril is a cold, distant person, right?

But her expectations are ruined when she discovers that Tanaril is actually caring and warm.

My Wizard My Destiny Spoilers

My Wizard My Destiny

Let’s start with our main course article on My Wizard My Destiny Spoilers.

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Things To Be Noted

  • MC is reincarnated/transmigrated/isekaid (and I think she was an illegitimate child)-the bartender spiked both of their drinks.
  • An old woman claimed to the ml (or at least I think he is the ml) that he cannot get any woman in his universe pregnant but can have a child from another world (which includes the mc).
  • ML and MC would agree to a temporary marriage. They would then divorce after the baby is born. She agreed because she didn’t want her child illegitimate.

Major Spoilers

The FL, who is a reincarnated female, was first married to the man who was his boss at work. But one day, she finds out that he cheats on her with another woman.

And, to make matters worse, he blames the FL for his actions. As revenge, he decides to go to a hotel and pay for it with his own money. 

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The bartender at the hotel bar tricks ML and FL with strange cocktails. She speaks with him to get some confusion about her name and they end up together in bed.

The ML is annoyed when she wakes up and gives her a piece of paper that she can use to contact him. She doesn’t even know his name but was offended by the way he treated her.

FL goes back to work and feels strange. She takes a pregnancy test, which is positive. Contact the ML, but she tells him that she can take care of herself and will not contact him again. She just wants to inform you.

The ML initially gets mad at her, but he soon realizes that she is trying to flee to purchase some land.

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(There is a subplot in which the FL is trying to save the city from demons) He decides to care for the child who is his successor to him.

(The curse against the ML says that he cannot have children with people from this world, but our FL, reincarnated has a soul from another dimension, so it is not within the category of pregnancy. 

He believes the FL at first, but then he gets mad and thinks he is scamming him.

He lends his plane to her to make use of the travel days, and to be able to talk about the contract marriage.

She purchases the land, and they discuss the marriage contract. He decides not to get divorced before the child turns 2. Our FL agrees with him.

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The FL also accepts many monetary benefits for our FL. (She feels competent on her own and doesn’t want any from him because these are his things, not theirs).

The last chapter shows that they have signed the contract. However, the ML who is in love with the ML (she hasn’t yet) states that “he hasn’t specified which child should have 2 years for the divorce.”

He intends to have many children. :blobcatblush:

She bought the land but when she and the wizard are returning to the capital, she gets a vision or something similar.

A witch then spoke to her and said that she had a vision. The FL is so scared, and the wizard is protecting her.

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Finally, she advised the men watching for her land to search in the cannon for something she wanted to save it.

Final Thoughts

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