Top 10 Best Manga like Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie

You have completed reading Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie and liked it very much. Now you are searching for manga like Shikimori’s not just a cutie.

Well, You are at the right place. We have done just that for you.

In this article, we have curated over 10 mangas like Shikimori’s not just a cutie (Kawaii dake ja Nai Shikimori-san). By the time you finish reading this article, you would have a lot of mangas on your bucket list to finish.

The manga of romance has a fine balance that needs to be struck between cute couples, flirty feelings, and playful Tsunderes!

List of Manga Like Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie

1. Oh Holy

Oh Holy

Why should you care if you’re not visible during high school when you’re able to speak to and see the invisible? The quiet and reserved Jamie Oh prefers to remain in the shadows and only confide in his close friends who are ghosts. However, When the girl most liked in the school starts to show interest, Jamies regular or, more accurately paranormal life is thrown in a new direction.

A lonely, gloomy boy’s only companions are ghosts. He is shocked when the student who is his idol begins the conversation on the morning of the school’s first day. It is an old friend.

2. Mizituma Honey Boy

Mizituma Honey Boy

Mizutama Honey Boy (meaning “Polka Dot Honey Boy”) is a manga written by Junko Ike, which is the story of Mei Sengoku, who is the girl’s kendo captain squad along with the school’s main “samurai,” and Shiro Fuji, the boy who is obsessed with her and is referred to for being”the class’s “girly girl.” When Fuji admits her feelings to Sengoku she believes it’s an obstacle to her aim to become stronger, and she is averse to the boy. But after Fuji rescues her from danger, she’s looking to learn more about Sengoku more, in the hope of understanding her flaws.

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This is how they begin their unique friendship and hilarious day-to-day adventures. As the two grow closer, Sengoku begins to open up to a wider world that goes beyond Kendo. She discovers that perhaps, Fuji is precisely the right thing for her to become stronger. This one is definitely on the list of manga like Shikimori’s not just a cutie.

3. Kubo won’t let me be invisible

Manga Like shikimori's not just a cutie

A student at a high school in Junta Shiraishi has a single ambition: to have a satisfying youth. However, reaching this goal seems to be more difficult than one would expect, because everybody around him often does not notice Shiraishi due to his lack of presence. Shiraishi’s absence in presence has become so bad that some people believe that his spot in the class is always empty and they mistakenly believe that he does not attend school regularly. There’s even a strange story that is being circulated in the class that says that students who can detect Shiraishi are blessed with luck for the entire day.

The only person to notice his presence has been Nagisa Kubo, who is sitting close to him. However, for him, Kubo likes to tease him every day and often puts him in uncomfortable and nerve-wracking situations. As Kubo’s playful routines continue to involve the uneasy Shiraishi He could eventually realize that his youthful years might not be as dull as he first believed.

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4. Horimiya


Kyouko Hori is a renowned high school student who, despite her extravagant appearance, excels at academics and has a warm, family-friendly personality and is a different person in her life outside of school.

In her parents’ busy absence, Hori is a babysitter for her younger brother from the time she was a child. Between caring for her brother and her sister, eating them, and completing household chores she has no time to enjoy the typical teenage life of socializing.

Then, one day Hori is introduced to a different person, one who doesn’t show his real self in school. It’s her glass-wearing, quiet classmate, Izumi Miyamura. Despite being portrayed at school as a bookish student and possibly even an Otaku, Hori realized she could be more incorrect.

Away from school, Miyamura is a friendly man with numerous piercings. He isn’t very adept at school. Miyamura’s meeting with Hori’s younger brother and the discovery by Hori of Miyamura’s secrets start her new chapter in life!

When Daisuke Hagiwara was the illustrator of Horimiya and Daisuke Hagiwara is the artist for Horimiya, they had the right to create a couple of chapters by themselves.

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5. My Love Story

My Love Story

With his powerful physique and tall height, Takeo Gouda is no typical student in high school. Behind his impressive appearance lies a heart of gold. And the hero is regarded as a hero by his male counterparts because of his courage and bravery.

Unfortunately for Takeo, his appearance is not a good sign for his romantic life. If his looks weren’t enough to scare the other females away, Takeo’s cool beautiful, gorgeous partner and best friend Makoto Sunakawa, effortlessly and without intention, takes the hearts of female students. This includes all girls Takeo has ever admired.

One day, after Takeo helps the adorable Rinko Yamato from molestation, Takeo falls in love instantly with her. He is apprehensive that she could be attracted to Sunakawa. Despite his love for Yamato still thriving, Takeo decides to act as her cupid while he longs for his own romantic story. This one is definitely on the list of manga like Shikimori’s not just a cutie.

6. Boku no Kanojo wa Saikou desu

Manga Like shikimori's not just a cutie

After a guy gets dumped by his girlfriend A friend of his suggests that they go out together instead! Then begins the hilarious tale of a romance between a man and his new, headstrong, and determined girlfriend!

With nothing to lose, normal High school pupil Haruka Shinozaki confesses to gorgeous professional student representative Akiho Kosaka. To his delight, she accepts. Akiho is a serious girl about dating as she takes everything else however she doesn’t grasp the concept.

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She is adamant about recommending activities that are not sexually appropriate. The numerous stories of the two lovebirds — one typical male and an exuberant, passionate friend-come-lover.

7. Sakurai-san wa Kidzuite Hoshii (Sakurai-san Wants to be Noticed!)

manga like shikimori’s not just a cutie.

Makoto is a laidback teenager who is content to stay calm and make it through high school. His best friend, who is a sexy one, Sakurai However, she’s constantly dragging him into one incident after the next! And not only that, she’s constantly joking with him with provocative methods.

Sure, Makoto has noticed that his girlfriend has become extremely flirty, but that does not mean that she “likes” the guy, does it? Right?

Mako has his lunch in the classroom, slacking around and doing his homework… This is if Mako’s beautiful student and friend Sakurai is not in the room. Are they arguing with Mako? Are they saying what he thinks she’s telling him? Can he discern between the lines?

Let’s check to see whether Mako can see the bigger picture she’s creating for him! This one is definitely on the list of manga like shikimori’s not just a cutie.

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8. Taishou Otome Fairytale

 Taishou Otome Fairytale

Self-described optimistic Tamahiko Shima lives alone in the mountains of Chiba after losing the use of his right hand following the same accident which claimed the life of his mother. He is deemed incompetent by his father and wealthy relatives, he’s been forced to go into exile.

There are days of reading and nights of uncontrollable angst. In keeping with the Shima’s famed spirit of pride and determination not to shame their family members, Tamahiko is resigned to his new job of staying in the mountains and waiting for the day of his death to bring the end to his misery. This one is definitely on the list of manga like Shikimori’s not just a cutie.

But, one cold night, Tamahiko’s sleep is interrupted when a knock comes on the door. Then, he meets teenager Yuzuki Tachibana, who announces that she is going to be his wife! In a flash, Tamahiko remembers his father saying that he would provide him with an heir to help him with the obstacles in his everyday life.

Even though she was offered as a bride to pay the family’s debts, Yuzuki proves to be committed, thoughtful, and attentive to Tamahiko. Is the world-weary teenager unresponsive to the rare warmth and kindness that her presence adds to his life?

9. Tonikaku Kawaii

Tonikaku Kawaii
Manga like shikimori's not just a cutie

Nasa Yuzaki wants to make his name in historical records. He was the first to be ranked in the national mock test and looking forward to a top high school, he’s sure that he’s got his entire life planned. But fate can be a fickle lover. While returning home on a cold winter evening, Nasa’s eyes are drawn to a stunning beauty in the distance. Attracted, Nasa tries to approach her, only to be blinded by a truck parked in front of him.

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Fortunately, Yuzaki’s life sawas ved because of the girl’s quick actions. Bleeding by the side of an ambulance, he watches as the girl walks away under the moonlight–reminiscent of Princess Kaguya leaving for the moon.

In refusing to let this chance encounter be over, he makes his body crippled to chase after her and then asks to meet her. Enticed by his bravery and unwavering determination she accepts his confession on only one condition: they will only be in a relationship if he weds her! This one is definitely on the list of manga like Shikimori’s not just a cutie.

10. The Future Diary

The Future Diary

Yukiteru Amano (born in the year 1998) is a shy, middle school student who is constantly keeping track of the things he does during his daytime activities by jotting down everything he does on his phone, a kind of digital diary. Even though he doesn’t have any friends on campus, Yukiteru can be seen frequently speaking to his supposed fictional buddies. Deus Ex Machina god of space and time as well as Deus his servant, Mur Mur.

The next day Yukiteru awakes and finds out about some events of the day displayed on the phone. Although initially, he dismisses the incident as an accident, Yukiteru begins to realize that the events recorded on his phone will are happening sometime in the future. After a day of benefiting from this new resource, Yukiteru learns that his classmate Yuno Gasai also has a journal.

For the two to join forces to stop an unorthodox pursuing character and go back to their home, Deus Ex Machina explains that they have been enticed into a survival battle where the winner will be the god’s successor. Without other choices, Yukiteru and Yuno must utilize their smartphones–now known as “Future Diaries”–to endure this grueling battle to the death.

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So, these were 10 manga like Shikimori’s not just a cutie.


Manga Like shikimori's not just a cutie

Kawaii Dake ja Nai Shikimori-san is a fluff romantic comedy. Nothing more and nothing less.

The concept is simple: a very unlucky boy has an incredibly adorable girlfriend who can change into a “cool” style and become the knight of his armor as bad luck comes back and a bunch of friends who can hang out and do routine things. This is not a novel idea. There’s nothing deep about it. The whole point is to provide you with some fluffy.

It’s easy to understand – since Shikimori does a great job at fulfilling the exact goal with flying colors.

If you are a fan of these kinds of shows, you’ll love Shikimori with a lot of adorable couple moments. An enthralling colors palette that is a perfect match for high school snark festival events. And perhaps the most important thing – a great backup cast made up of two groups of friends. Who share a high level of relationship and healthy and active parents. Their interactions with their main characters can be more entertaining to watch than the group’s pranks.

Books Worth Reading:

If I was to assign a rating to the secondary cast on their own. It could be at least 9.5/10 even if you’re not as enthused about the couple. Due to some reason or another, every minute that the secondary characters appear on screen is enjoyable to enjoy. The MC’s mom accidentally entices her son’s girlfriend or Hachimitsu with her witty jokes. They all brought me back for the next episode each week just as the main couple.

However, there’s no evidence that he’s the most complex character. He’s a standard Rom-com MC, but his one and only “fault” lies, as always that he’s more feminine than male. It’s possible to say the show is a gender-flipped romance, but this is most of the time incorrect. Shikimori herself is equally feminine. The majority of times when she’s not safeguarding Izumi from the things that tried to kill him on that day.


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