Top 10 Best Manga Like Him and Him and Him

You are searching for manga like him and him and him? Then, you are in the right place. Today on MyAnimeGuru we are going to compile a list of the top 10 manga like him and him and him.

Him and Him and Him is the story of a young girl who was tired of her boring life. She always wanted more of it. That’s when two brothers of a rich family approached her and asked them to have fun with them and their uncle. With this starts the story of Seah having fun with all three boys.

List of Manga Like Him and Him and Him

  • Bride of Elysion
  • Lady & Maid
  • Keloid (Dodal)
  • Carnal Karma
  • Polyamory
  • Dirty Reverie
  • Sharing is caring: I have two boyfriends
  • Osananajimi wa Ichiransei no Kemono: Super Darling Futago to Torotoro 3-nin Seikatsu
  • What’s Wrong 
  • Double Trouble

Let’s discuss our suggestions a little more and see why they got into this list.

10. Bride of Elysion

bride of elysion manga

Ina Yoo is an average girl from Earth who is summoned to Elysion, a fantasy world. Elysion summons females to other worlds. The men of Elysion treat women with respect and try their best to charm them. The mana of the men of Elysion is passed to the women when they mate with them.

Women can also use the mana as their power. Ina is courted often by men in the highest ranks of the Elysion population. Her choice will have an impact on her political power in Elysion. 

Books Worth Reading:

Roxanne, Ina’s rival, attempts to destroy Ina’s power in Elysion by creating riots. Ina is now a rising social and political star with her magical abilities. Ina must now calm the riots. But can she do it through her husbands …?and boyfriends?

9. Lady & Maid

manga like him and him and him

A beautiful estate with five handsome male maids, an enormous fortune, and a gorgeous sprawling estate… what more could one ask for? Yeon Hwa Lee has the chance to live every girl’s dream when she inherits her grandfather’s estate and five loyal servants. 

Box and Yeong Ho look so adorable, Alexander is sexy and buff, and Won Hu, and Edward are cool and elegant. Yeon Hwa cannot resist their desire to serve their mistress.

Books Worth Reading:


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8. Keloid (Dodal)

Keloid Manga

Dr. Cha Hanjoo seems to have a perfect outside life. He is handsome, and wealthy, and heads a well-known dermatology clinic in Seoul’s most prestigious neighborhood. 

As if that weren’t enough, he has the perfect wife, Yeri. Cracks are starting to show beneath the veneer. Hanjoo is unable to satisfy Yeri’s sexual desires so she goes to great lengths to please her. Who will be hurt? While wounds heal, the scar will remain. Perfection is not permanent.

7. Carnal Karma

Eun Chae Yi, a 27-year-old virgin, becomes an overnight star when she is kissed by a Hollywood celebrity at the airport in front of hundreds of cameras and fans. As if that wasn’t enough, Eun Chae-Yi is wooed by a handsome prince from a mysterious land to make an unforgettable one-night stand. 

Chae-Yi must decide what memories and dreams are, what fate is, and what is fraud when the strangers insist she is their lover from a previous life.

Books Worth Reading:

6. Polyamory

Poluamaroy is manga like him and him and him

This story gives us a sneak peek into what it might look like to live with multiple partners in a world that believes monogamy is the best way to love.

5. Dirty Reverie

manga like him and him and him

One girl was forced to become a virgin. She’s now a sexy succubus roaming the globe looking for a young virgin to ravish. Song Woorim is a handsome, but chaste, college student. Let the seduction commence.

If you like naughty stuff then this manga is a must-read. This is on the list of manga like him and him and him.


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4. Sharing is Caring: I Have Two Boyfriends

Natsuko cannot help but move into the company-owned housing, as her apartment building is being renovated. 

Books Worth Reading:

She didn’t know that her new crib was a shared home! Osuke and Toya, the two hottest men in the company, are now her new friends. After they kiss her, things take a dramatic turn. 

They want them to be together …!! It looks like they will learn to share more than just their living arrangements. Exciting isn’t it? That’s why I added this to the list of manga like him and him and him.

3. Osananajimi wa Ichiransei no Kemono: Super Darling Futago to Torotoro 3-nin Seikatsu

“Which one would you like me to insert first?” Pick your favorite. When I returned home, I was reunited with my childhood twin friends. These two boys were my first love and secret crush, but I still feel a little excited about them. 

They welcomed me to their home and listened to all my complaints. Then, suddenly, they asked me “Which kiss would you prefer?” You’ll be loved. I want you to feel happy. My childhood friends do some very naughty things to my face at the same moment.

Books Worth Reading:

If you like having a solid story before anything then this is for you. This is a manga like him and him and him.


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2. What’s Wrong

What's wrong manga

There’s nothing wrong with having some fun. Many things can lead to sexy encounters.

If you like accidental or unexpected situations then this is definitely for you. This is one of the manga like him and him and him.

1. Double Trouble

Stan awakens one morning to find that his alter ego is now a normal person. He must find a way to reconcile his love and his success while retaining both loves.

This is a must-read manga like him and him and him.

Books Worth Reading:

Final Words

That was all for our article on the 10 best manga like Him and Him and Him. I hope you liked the article and let me know what you think about it.

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