14+ Best Slice Of Life Anime To Watch (Ranked)

Sometimes we need a break from the high-octane action and long runtimes of shounen anime or psychologically exhausting storylines of Seinen anime. In those times what we desire is some chill anime to watch which will help us detox from the information overload.

For such occasions, we at MyAnimeGuru have come up with a list of 14+ Best Slice of Life Anime to Watch(Ranked) because we know how much our readers love these seemingly simple stories which have their unique fanbase cause how they entertain us and lets us relax.

Many times SoL anime also have a hint of romance to it so many of the following titles may also have romance in them. So let’s begin, shall we?

List Of Best Slice of Life Anime

This list will be based on how popular the anime is, how likable the main characters and other cast are, and how good the story and plot are. So let’s delve into the best slice of life anime.

16. Daily Lives of High School Boys

Daily lives of high school boys

Episodes – 12 | Year – 2012

If you really wanna see the mundane daily struggles of high school, then go no further. This right here is a comedic powerhouse that is gonna be next-level relatable and also is funny as well and tells us that the life of high school ain’t as glamorous as pop culture makes it to be.

Telling the lives of Tadakuni, Hidenori, and Yoshitake and their boring regular days spent lazing around and doing nothing is as regular life as it gets and there is no romance or sports. It’s simply the daily lives of high school boys and one of the best Slice of Life anime.

Books Worth Reading:

15. Oregairu


Episodes – 36 | Year – (2013-2020)

Many people don’t want any rosy happiness in their lives. They simply want to remain as they are and don’t want any outside interference in their lives. Hikigaya Hachiman is one of those loners who doesn’t want those grandiose things in his life.

he is simply satisfied doing the stuff he is but that all comes to an end when he has to work together with the school beauty, Yukinoshita at the Volunteer Service Club at the behest of a teacher.

Books Worth Reading:

Now Hikigaya has to solve the daily problems of others at the expense of losing out on his time. It is one of the best slice of life anime.


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14. Azumanga Daioh

Azumanga Daioh

Episodes – 26 | Year – 2002

Telling the regular lives of high school girls, this series is equal parts weird and equal parts funny. You might be wrong if you ever felt that high-school girls were always doing glamorous things. Their regular lives aren’t as cool as anime makes them out to be.

Telling the story of the prodigy Chiho, who at just 10 is already in high school and has to deal with a bunch of high-school girls and will have to make sure that she can become friends with them and doesn’t get into any trouble. One of the best slice of life anime.

13. Nichijou


Episodes – 26 | Year – 2011

Books Worth Reading:

One of the funniest series out there, it is as outlandish as it gets while at the same time able to easily grasp the mundane existence of day-to-day lives as well. If you want to laugh at something so slack as well as enjoy the story then this is your best bet.

It is simply the lives of the three classmates and friends and their daily lives of comedic misfortune as well as how they live their seemingly boring lives while still having fun and braving the tough times of high school while entertaining us in the best slice of life anime.

12. Teasing Master Takagi San

Teasing Master

Episodes – 36 + 1 Movie | Year – (2017-2022)

A quirky yet fun tale about a boy and girl who attend middle school and go through all kinds of silly things together as they discover their friendship and live their school lives in a small town. While it might at times be a little stagnant, it sure gives that slice-of-life feel.

It tells the story of Nishikata who is always teased by his next seat partner Takagi-san and despite his best efforts to fluster her, is always the one who gets teased and loses the challenges which then makes him challenge Takagi even more. One of the best slice of life anime.

Books Worth Reading:

11. Komi Can’t Communicate

Komi cant communicate

Episodes – 24 | Year – (2021-2022)

Sometimes no matter how beautiful you may look from the outside, from inside you are still meek and shy and find it hard to make friends. In such situations, you need support from someone who will stand by your side no matter what.

Tadano is just that person for the school diva Komi Shouko, who despite being the crush of every boy and girl in the school finds it hard to communicate with others. See how Tadano helps Komi achieve her dream of making 100 friends in one of the best slice of life anime.


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10. Hyouka


Episodes – 22 + 1 OVA | Year – 2012

Some people simply don’t want to expend any energy on typical HS activities like finding love and winning sports tournaments. They simply want to laze around and do the minimum expectations required from them. Hortaru Oreki is one such person.

Books Worth Reading:

But things change when he enters the classics club in HS, at the behest of his sister. Here he meets fellow club member Chitanda whose curious eyes force Oreki to help her uncover the various mysteries of regular life

There goes Oreki’s wish for a simple life and now he has to waste his energy as he is accompanied by Chitanda, childhood friend Satoshi and an old classmate Ibara—one of the best slice of life anime.


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9. Laid Back Camp

Laid back camp

Episodes – 24 + 1 Movie | Year – (2018-2022)

If you like camping and school life, then you’ll love it because it blends both of these almost seamlessly and gives you a great experience. It is full of actual camping-related adventures and if you like the outdoors, you’ll learn many cool things from it.

We see how Rin, a high schooler who loves camping, and Nadeshiko, a girl who loves cycling and watching Mt Fuji meet each other and simply click and go on a flurry of funny but realistic camping adventures which makes for a nice watch. One of the best slice of life anime.

Books Worth Reading:

8. Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden

Episodes – 13 + 2 Movies | Year – (2018-2020)

Blending post-war life and understanding emotions and one’s true self is what this anime managed to do seamlessly. It showed how an injured and scarred Violet had no semblance of a life outside the military and how one comes to accept their own emotions.

Violet, a war survivor who lost the only person who was important to her in Gilbert Bougainvillea, and how she got over his demise and got to build new relations and understand her humanity and helping others is simply cinematic. It is one of the best slice of life anime.

7. Spy x Family

Spy x family

Episodes – 25 | Year – 2022

What happens when a spy, an assassin, and an esper all come together? Lots of crazy stuff, that much I can tell you. When a specialist spy named Twilight is tasked to create a fake family to grow closer to the leader of Ostania’s leader, Desmond, he has to somehow enter a gala dinner.

Books Worth Reading:

Now with the fake family he somehow gathered he has to plan on how to become closer to either Desmond or others to make sure the world peace doesn’t get threatened. Sound stressful, no? Well for Twilight there’s no other option. Watch the best slice of life anime to know more.

6. Horimiya


Episodes – 13 | Year – 2021

Chance meetings can change many things and when the loner of the class Miyamura and the cool beauty of the class, Hori meet each other in unknown circumstances, it seems they have much more in common than they previously thought and thus begins their time together.

A wonderful anime that gives much time to side characters and shows the day-to-day fun life of high school students and their many problems and their fun times together and how they also deal with many similar yet differentiating scenarios.

A personal favorite of mine, it is one of the best slice of life anime.

Books Worth Reading:

5. A Silent Voice

A silent voice

Episodes -1(Movie) | Year – 2016

One of the most emotional yet flavorful stories in recent years, it is a story of getting redemption, while overcoming your flaws and correcting the things done wrong. It is also about moving past the traumas of your past and becoming a better person.

It is the tale of how Shouya lets his life get swallowed by his behavior towards Shouko and how it was the same people who he thought had turned their back on him were the ones who finally saved him and how he could forgive himself. One of the best slice of life anime.

4. Clannad


Episodes – 47 | Year – (2007-2009)

One of the most emotional anime, it tells the bittersweet tale of how two high school students, each suffering from their share of troubles come to meet each other and help each other get over the troubles that plaques each of them.

Books Worth Reading:

It is the tale of Tomoya, who is still reeling from the loss of his mother and has to deal with his abusive dad, and of Nagisa, who suffers from an illness that caused her much suffering. It is the story of how two people can make each other’s daily lives better. One of the best slice of life anime.

3. March Comes in like a Lion

march comes in like a lion

Episodes – 44 | Year – (2016-2017)

A tale of teenage angst and the struggle to find your place in society, it is much more gritty than what you would expect from a high school tale. But it also tells about one can be suffering mental anguish even when everything appears to be perfectly fine.

It tells about how Rei struggles to maintain his shogi career while trying to live and maintain his relationship with his foster family and how a family who doesn’t have anything to do with him, makes him realize his own mistakes and become better. One of the best slice of life anime and a unique tale.

2. Kaguya Sama: Love is War

kaguya sama

Episodes – 40 | Year – (2019-2023)

Books Worth Reading:

A unique anime that is atypical to other Shoujo stories, here both the male and female leads try to back the other in a corner and make them confess all while leading their daily lives as high school prefects and maintaining their airs while blushing and slowly falling in love.

Kaguya Shinomiya comes from a rich family and has perfect grades and is multi-talented except she can’t get the first place that Miyuki Shirogane the student council Prez has. It is how these two extremely great and accomplished people deal with each other. One of the best slice of life anime.

1. Fruits Basket

fruits basket - best slice of life anime

Episodes – 63 + 1 Movie | Year – (2019-2021)

A tale of love and belonging, it is one of my favorite romance anime but it also shows that living with good people may even uplift the most distraught souls. That’s what happens when the troubled members of the Sohma family meet Tohru who helps them get over their troubles.

But life ain’t all rosy for Tohru either. She has her baggage of trauma and things which trouble her but she tries to live her life the best way with Yuki and Kyo, her housemates, and her school besties. It is the tale of how unrelated people came together and help each other grow.

Books Worth Reading:

With a bit of supernatural, a bit of romance, great comedy, and simply awesome storytelling, it is the single best slice of life anime.


And with this, our list of the best slice of life anime comes to an end. We tried to include both well-known names as well as little-known hidden gems to make sure that you get a unique set of recommendations that you will enjoy.

So if you liked this article, keep supporting us and if you would like to read further such lists, keep following us in the meantime watch the best slice of life anime this summer.

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FAQ Section

What type of anime is slice of life?

Slice of Life anime and manga are narratives “without fantastical aspects, which [take] place in a recognizable, everyday setting, such as a suburban high school, and which [focus] on human relationships that are often romantic in nature.”

What is the best slice of life anime in 2023?

Romance lovers should check out Insomniacs After School, Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You, and Loving Yamada at Lv999. 

What is the highest-rated and Best Slice of Life anime?

Fruits Basket is the highest-rated Slice of Life anime.
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