Who Is Imu-Sama In One Piece? Explained

Chapter 1060 of One Piece has baffled the minds of One piece manga readers. The unusually powerful individual before whom even Sabo trembled, Imu-Sama.

When it comes to mysteries, One Piece is the home of mysteries and among them sits a very mysterious man names Im also known as Imu.

Nobody knows anything about this character yet. Oda just gave us only the shrapnels of the bullet to count and match it with the story forming our theories.

So, MyAnimeGuru brings you an article describing and deducing Who Is Imu In One Piece? Let’s start.

Introduction Of Imu In One Piece

Imu one piece
Position Leader Of Five Elders
Birth Date Unknown
Species Human or Cyborg (Not confirmed)
Status Alive
Source – Fandom

One-Piece supporters believed that the Five Elders were the real sovereigns of the World Government for a long time. However, the Levely arc proved them wrong. The Five Elders were seen bowing to a shadowy figure. This individual is known as Im or Imu.

Imu is the ruler and holder of the Empty Throne. He also holds the highest sovereignty in the World Government, to which even the Five Elders bow. But Im’s existence remains secret both within the government as well as the rest of the globe.

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Imu sama in one piece

So far, Im has been only seen silhouetted. Im is a humanoid with a humanoid hand and almond eyes that resemble human eyes. The pupils are surrounded by thin circles. 

Imu has a crown with four very tall, sharp spikes at the top and a long, flowing robe that flows a great distance to the ground behind them.


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Although little is known about Im, they developed an interest in Monkey D. Luffy and Marshall D. Teach. They also have an interest in Shirahoshi and Nefertari Vivi. Im kept photos and posters of the four of them on their person during the Levely events. 

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Despite this, Im appears to be calm, as demonstrated when they handled the butterflies in The Room of Flowers. However, Im also showed greater cruelty and apathy to the Five Elders who had reluctantly ordered the destruction of Ohara. Im, however, coldly annihilates the entire island to erase them from history.


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Abilities and powers

IMU sama powers

Although the full extent of Im’s powers is not known, the fact they sit on an empty throne, a seat whose occupant would have sole authority over the entire world, as well as the fact that the Five elders, who are publically considered to be the highest authorities in the World Government, bow before them and address the five with a great honorific would suggest that Im is the most powerful person within the World Government.

Im seems to be in control of an extremely powerful weapon or ability that allows the destruction of entire islands in a matter of seconds. 

The weapon appears in the sky and is shrouded in clouds. It rains down 16 beams of energy that look like lightning or lasers. This powerful weapon engulfs its target in a huge explosion, leaving nothing behind. 

This weapon was used to decimate the Lulusia Kingdom and could be prepared and fired in a matter of seconds.

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The History of IMU in One Piece

Let’s understand how IMU has been shown in the series.

Whole Cake Island Saga (Levely Arc)

Later, Im went to the Room of Flowers. There, he cut apart Luffy’s bounty posters. Then, Im stabbed Princess Shirahoshi’s poster. 

After taking a photo of Nefertari, Im met the Five elders and sat on the empty throne. The elders asked that Im reveal the name of the “light” which must be extinguished. 

Final Saga (Egghead Arc)

During the Levely the Revolutionary Army Chief Of Staff Sabo arrived at the Empty Throne Room and met Im. Sabo managed to escape and the World Government was on high alert to find him.

After intercepting a call from Sabo, the World Government was able to trace Sabo’s location back to the Lulusia Kingdom. He attempted to disclose Im’s existence in the Revolutionary Army. 

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After removing the Lulusia Kingdom from a map, Im destroyed the country with an explosive energy blast. The Five Elders claimed that the country never existed.

Imu’s One Piece debut was made during the Reverie Arc, just after the events on Whole Cake Island. As many world leaders prepared to meet for the 4-year Council to discuss various issues, Eiichiro Oda gave fans a look at the World Government structure, also known as the holy land Mariejois and the people who live there.

Through the Empty Throne (a historic seat believed to be at the center of the globe), all countries associated with the World Government are shown they are equal. 

The Empty Throne, as the name implies, is not occupied by anyone. Or at least that’s what the World Government wants the world to believe. Even though the Empty Throne has the rusted weapons from the founders right in front, it is sat on by a mysterious sovereign – Imu.

Oda keeps very little information about Imu. However, many fans have seen enough of him to understand his role in the World Government. 

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Imu sitting at the empty throne
Imu sitting on the empty throne

It is clear that Imu, as the Empty Throne holder, is the leader of the organization. As evident by the fact that the Gorosei bowed before him and requested further instructions regarding pressing issues, it is well-known that his authority surpasses that of any other.

While Imu holds the most power in One Piece, it’s not known if he is a combatant. Although Imu can wield a sword with which he stabbed Shirahoshi in the face, and also cut up Luffy’s wanted posters, it is not known if he has combat skills. 

However, Imu is a key character in One Piece’s world and is arguably the greatest villain of the story.

Final Words

That was all for our article on IMU One Piece. I hope you like the article and let me know what you think about it.

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Who is Imu In One Piece?

Imu is the owner of the empty throne which makes him the leader of five elders and the World Organization in one piece.

Is Imu the strongest in One Piece?

Yes, Imu is the strongest character in one piece because the five elders who are at the top of the world bow down before him.

What is Imu devil fruit?

Imu’s devil fruit is not yet confirmed and many people do believe that he has an ancient weapon in his possession.

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