Who Is Armin Arlert In Attack On Titan?

Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan is considered the most influential anime of the last decade. The show is full of great characters with unique personalities and the story is also full of twists which will make your jaw drop.

The characters of Attack on Titans have profound lore and backstories which make them feel more alive and relatable and Armin Arlert is one of them. Armin is probably the most intelligent person in Attack on Titan Universe.

Today MyAnimeGuru brings you a detailed article on Armin Arlert, where we will discuss his personality, powers, and more.

Introduction Of Armin Arlert

Armin Arlert
NameArmin Arlert
BirthdayNovember 3rd
BirthplaceShiganshina District
Titan Powers Colossal Titan
Source- Fandom

Armin Arlert is the childhood friend of Eren Yeager and the 15th Commander of the Scout regiment. He is a very important character in the story as he is closely related to Eren and also possesses the power of The Colossal Titan.

The Main Goal of Armin Joining the Scout Regiment was to travel across the walls with Eren and Mikasa see the ocean and explore the world.

He is a very important member of the scout regiment due to his intelligence and strategic skills.


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Now let’s discuss the physical appearance of Armin Arlert.

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Human Form

In his human form, Armin has a very feminine look with his round face and big blue eyes. During the first season of the anime, Armin had a small stature but because of his training in the scout regiment, he had gained some muscle mass.

Armin stands at 169cm which is pretty short for his age. He also has blonde hair which is styled in a bob haircut. His eyes are blue with brown eyebrows.

Armin Usually wears his scout uniform with a white undershirt. During his childhood days, we have seen him wearing a blue jacket with a white collared shirt underneath it.

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Titan Form

In his titan form, Armin Arlert is approximately 60m tall which makes him one of the tallest titans apart from founding and abnormal titan.

Armin’s Colossal Titan is a skinless titan with its muscles exposed. His Titan has elongated arms that reach his knees with muscular legs and thick feet to support his entire body without falling. Armin’s Titan is skinnier than other Colossal Titans and has his ribs exposed from the sides.

The face of Armin’s Colossal Titan also lacks skin and his bones and teeth are exposed. The eyes of the titan are sunken in with muscle surrounding them. What makes Armin’s titan Unique is the absence of ears and nose, visible windpipe, and presence of lips.


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From The Beginning of the series, Armin is shown to be curious and fascinated about the outer world. He always wanted to see and experience the world beyond the walls. he came to Know about the outer world from a book he found in his childhood.

In Childhood he was often bullied because he was fascinated with the outer world and was constantly saved by Eren and Mikasa. This constant help from his friends developed poor self-esteem and he often considered himself a burden to others.

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But After his graduation, he discovered what he lacked physically could be substituted with his intelligence and Thinking Skills and after this, he started to gain some confidence in himself and viewed himself as a part of the team rather than a burden.

Armin is also a pacifist and does not want to kill anyone and we can see the regret on his face when he had to take someone’s life for his goals. Armin is also loyal and selfless and will throw himself in danger to protect his friends.

Armin’s Early Life

Armin Arlert was born and grew up in the Shiganshina District of Wall Maria with his grandfather. There he was constantly bullied by other kids due to his small stature. He met Eren one day while he was crying behind a building because of all the bullying Eren asked his name and they became friends.

From then both of them were together as they both were considered outcasts among other children. One Day Armin Found his grandfather’s book which described the world beyond the walls. Fascinated by the book he showed it to Eren.

and they both made their goal to travel beyond the wall and see everything that was described in the book.

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Armin Arlert’s Abilities

Next, we will discuss the abilities that Armin possesses and how they help Armin Arlert in fighting the Titans.

High Intelligence

Armin Arlert lacks physical strength but he is super intelligent that’s why rather than being in the front line Armin stays back and creates strategies that will help the team to succeed in their mission. Armin’s ability to create strategies even in between battles makes him a great asset for the Survey Corps.

Armin’s ability to create strategies and deduce the identities of spies has helped in saving the lives of countless members of the Survey Corps.

In Season 1 of the Anime Armins’s Intelligence is hindered by his low self-esteem issues and low confidence but Armins quickly overcomes these issues and proves himself as a useful character in the series.

Power of the Colossal Titan

Armin Arlert Also inherited Colossal Titan’s Power after defeating Bertholdt and consuming him. Now, Colossal Titan is considered to be one of the strongest titans due to its Huge size and constant release of heat which makes it harder to get close to him. Here is a detailed list of Titan Powers that Armin can use.

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Explosive Transformation– Explosive Transformation allows Armin to create a huge explosion when he is transforming into the Colossal Titan. This allows Armin to clear the surrounding areas from any danger. He used this power to destroy the Marley navy during The Raid on Liberio.

Enhanced Strength– The Colossal Titan Provides Armin with great Strength, which he can use to crush entire armies and battleships. The only downside is the slow speed which can allow a skilled opponent to attack.

Regeneration– The Power of regeneration is the most broken power of Attack On Titan. It allows the titan Shifters to recover from any fatal wounds and even regrow limbs and other body parts. We see this power in action when Armin gets shot in the face and gets healed in a couple of hours.

Steam Emission– Steam emission creates a protective layer of hot steam around the body of The Colossal Titan which is nearly impossible to penetrate and burns anyone who comes in contact with it. we have seen Bertholdt use this to burn Armin to a crisp.


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Sources- Fandom

Is Armin a bad guy in Attack on Titan?

No, Armin is not a bad guy.

Is Eren related to Armin?

Armin is Eren’s and Mikasa’s other childhood friend who joins them to help humanity and fulfill his dream of seeing the outside world.

Who is stronger Armin or Eren?

Eren would win because he has two titan shifter powers in him. He also holds the power of the founding titan.
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