Stunna Girl Dog Cage Kidnapping Case: What Happened To Her?

Stunna Girl Dog Cage kidnapping case is one of the most searched terms on Google and tik tok right now. We are gonna uncover everything there is to know about this case in this article.

MyAnimeGuru brings you Stunna Girl Dog Cage Kidnapping Case: What Happened To Her? With the help of this article, we will try to understand everything there is available on the case.

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Who Is Stunna Girl?

stunna girl dog cage

Stunna Girl is an emcee from Sacramento Most times she’s a viral sensation on Tiktok occasionally due to her music and other times because of the case she’s been involved in.

Stunna lady’s actual name is Suzanne She is aged 24; she is well-known as a popular media artist and influencer. People are familiar with her hit song, Runway, which was trendy in the year 2019.

Suzanne has an impressive 316K followers following her Instagram account. She is more active on Instagram than any other social media.

Learn more about the latest trending topics of Suzanne across various Social media sites.

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Stunna Girl Dog Cage Kidnapping Case: What Happened To Her?

The Stunna Girl dog cage kidnapping investigation has been a bit hazy over the Internet. There have been complaints about Suzanna kidnapping a girl, and placing her in a dog cage.

Certain people have posted content concerning the dog cage incident however, it is necessary to be clarified because it was not made public by her.

It was reported that Suzanna took a girl to a cage, and then gave her the punishment. It is unclear whether she knew about the girl or whether she abducted her.

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A reputable online website or source has reported the incident It was just going popular on the Internet.

Nobody or no source has been able to provide any clear information on the condition of the cage for the rapper. In a post on the subject, she was fighting with a fellow participant during an Instagram live broadcast when a friend inquired about the cage case that was going to the top of TikTok.

Not only on TikTok live, however, she has also been involved in the Baddie on the Zeus show, in which she battles over the cage case along with some contestants.

The fight clip is still in play since the clip was made available online on the Internet. Following the news of the case there have been a lot of people sending negative feedback to the rapper.


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Stunna Girl Family And Ethnicity Details

Suzanna is a product of a middle-class household and has been working since the age of 15 to provide for her family. Her family’s health was not ideal from the age of a child.

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However, she didn’t let it impact her, and she decides to pursue her career and is now a household name as a rapper.

The rapper is of diverse ethnicity, English, Scottish, German, Irish, French, American, and Welsh family. She also holds American citizenship.

At the age of 12, her mother was in prison for two months. She hasn’t revealed the reasons behind her mother’s imprisonment publicly. She has also not publicly revealed her real name or details about her mother.

Her father was also highly supportive of her professional choice. She frequently mentioned that without her father, she was nothing. Yet, she has not mentioned her father professionally.

Moving into her siblings and siblings, she is the only parent of her parents and may have step-siblings who she hasn’t shared with in public.

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Not just the family information but she also managed to secure her details hidden from the scrutiny from the public.


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Stunna Girl Dog Cage Kidnapping Case Update

We have written about our thoughts on the Stunna Girl dog cage kidnapping investigation a while back. In essence, the rapper was believed to be involved in the kidnapping investigation and was accused of putting her victim in the dog cage.

At the time, more in-depth details were not yet revealed secretive. But, a lot of things in this instance were revealed.

After some digging, several websites, including Fresher Live, shed light on this issue. According to these sites, one of those who was the target of the Stunna Girl dog cage kidnapping was none other than Rocky Badd, a rapper from Detroit.

Based on reliable information, Stunna Girl, alongside Cuban Doll and Cuban Doll, a rapper who is also a part of the group, took matters to their tack.

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If you’re an avid Cuban Doll or Rocky Badd enthusiast, then you know that the passion is real. The two had never enjoyed a good time together. There was always drama between them.

Their bad relations resulted in Cuban Doll taking a few illegal actions and Stunna Girl was supportive of her. In the aftermath of their alliance, they had the two artists were able to pin down Rocky Badd. They also received help from their fellow artists.

Following Cuban Doll and Stunna Girl were taken to Rocky Badd in confinement, they assaulted her, and later put her in the dog’s cage.


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Stunna Girl Detention: Why Did She Go To Jail

In addition to the kidnapping case, There are reports that Stunna Girl has been in jail for her infractions.

In particular, certain tabloids mention her sentence to jail for fraud, theft, and laundering of money.

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While there are reports that claim she was in prison previously, however, she’s living all the time at the moment. It is evident when they visit her Instagram account.

Alongside Instagram, hip-hop artist is present on YouTube. Her channel has accumulated about 79.3K followers. The last time she uploaded her latest track, “Stunna Girl – Stuntin,” three months ago.


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