10+ Best Manga Like Return Of The Broken Constellation

Return of the broken constellation or Return of the Shattered Constellation or The Divine Twilight’s Return, are all the names of the same manga.

Today we are going to discuss the Top 10 Best Manga Like Return Of The Broken Constellation/Shattered Constellation/ The Divine Twilight’s Return.

That is why today MyAnimeGuru brings you an awesome article on the Top 10 Best Manga Like Return of the Broken Constellation.

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List Of Manga Like Return Of The Broken Constellation

  • The Frozen Player Returns
  • The Druid Of Seoul Station
  • I Got A Fake Job At The Academy
  • Tale of a Scribe Who Retires to the Countryside
  • Pathfinder
  • Kill The Dragon
  • I Regressed As The Duke
  • Overbearing Tyrant
  • Extraordinary Descent Genius
  • Ooparts
  • 7 Seeds

So, this was our list of Top Manga Like Return Of The Broken Constellation (The Divine Twilight’s Return). Now, we will discuss further reasons for why we chose them to be in our list of manga like return of the broken constellation.

Books Worth Reading:

1. The Frozen Player Returns

The frozen player returns

The manhwa could have gone in two directions. It could have been extremely bad or great. The good news is that this movie went in the right direction.

Most likely due to how the main character’s personality is. In all the chapters that are out, the primary character has made his mission crystal precise.

He makes absolutely no tangents or detours in pursuing his objective. The character’s personality isn’t unusual however it does not make it less entertaining. 

Books Worth Reading:

The manhwa has more funny moments than the others that I appreciate. We’ve not been told much about the other characters’ backstories, however, I feel that we’ll soon. 

This means that I don’t have much to say about the development of characters. The plot is fascinating and the art is interesting and the characters are hilarious. All you have to know if you want to learn more about this.

A must-read if you are searching for manga like Return Of The Broken Constellation.

2. The Druid Of Seoul Station

The Druid of seoul station manga

I enjoy this tale because the protagonist is a bit weak and there is Wolf! I also liked that they played with the environment in which the creatures that come through portals have become normal and humanity has changed to face the issue.

Books Worth Reading:

I’m not sure of how to present an evaluation at this point however, so far the story is entertaining enough. I love the skills trees and the potential the story holds. 

There’s a total of 46 chapters at the moment of writing this review, however, I’ve only read 27 chapters (I don’t have enough money to download them, sad) therefore I’ll make sure to update this review as soon as I’ve got more chapters to go!

It is to be on the list of manga like Return Of The Broken Constellation.

3. I Got A Fake Job At The Academy

manga like return of the broken constellation

This manga is quite intriguing, Mc gets a fake identity of an instructor at a top school. He’s doing well as a teacher, but the students think he’s an expert and they are somewhat afraid of him, but is still in his class because they believe he’s the biggest shot and wants to know more. 

Books Worth Reading:

The first chapter of the manga is excellent and I have high hopes for it as well. The art and style are excellent. I believe that it could be similar to “I’m not really the Demon God’s Lackey” sort of? As in, people who know Mc believe he’s powerful, but he’s not I’m not certain, but I’m putting high hopes for this.

A certain name is in the list of manga like Return Of The Broken Constellation.

4. Tale Of A Scribe Who Retires To The Countryside

manga like return of the broken constellation

It’s a beautiful story that is beautifully told. The author employs terms and methods to explain things amazingly. 

In the many murim or cultivation series, you will hear idioms and idioms related to dragons, tigers, and more however this series takes them to a different level. 

Books Worth Reading:

The idioms used are to the point that it’s as if you are reading a poem by a renowned scholar.

The overall rating is (9/10) The story isn’t overly dramatic and there’s there isn’t any excitement or hype to be experienced, but it’s not required for this kind of tale. 

This is an adventure, not an mc-centric one. I’m not certain if it really needs that excitation or if it could improve it however if it did and it was able to be adapted, then it could be a 10/10 to me. Many would probably give this series a 10/10 rating.

A manga like Return Of The Broken Constellation.

Books Worth Reading:

5. Pathfinder

Pathfinder manga like return of the broken constellation

The concept is great and the plot is very interesting It’s a great story! There’s no romance either (i believe someone said that they had to drop it due to this). 

It’s just one girl who’s doing everything she can to regain the life she left behind. I believe realism is what caught my interest. 

It’s true that she’s weak and isn’t entirely resolved, she’s always worrying about herself and is scared to commit suicide however I believe that’s what makes her so appealing. 

If a normal human being from the world of today faced the same situation, they’d react similarly! The character development is truly incredible!

Read it because it is a manga like Return Of The Broken Constellation.

Books Worth Reading:

6. Kill The Dragon

Kill the dragon manga

The human race began to train young psykers that could combat dragons, and protect humanity from destruction. Lee han, our main character has a fellow psyker training. 

He is the weakest of abilities as a psyker, but he’s skilled in making use of his brain during battles which gives him a better chance against his foes.

This manhwa is pretty cool. The concept behind psykers was an inspiration by the Warhammer 40k universe. Some artworks are inspired by Warhammer 40k. 

Its artwork is the most impressive aspect of this manhwa, especially the fight scenes that are well-moved. 

Books Worth Reading:

Characters are also written well, however, I believe there are not enough important characters in this kind of story. Other than that, it’s an amazing manhwa that has amazing artwork and a compelling story.

Overpowered manga like Return Of The Broken Constellation.

7. I Regressed As The Duke

i regressed as the duke manga like return of the broken constellation

The manhwa contains several well-constructed kingdom-building and managing components. There are also small-scale territorial battles within it. 

The plot is excellent and the plot is executed efficiently. The characters are distinct and stay true to their individuality. 

Books Worth Reading:

The artwork is pleasing to the eyes. It’s a must for anyone who is searching for a fantastical manhwa with elements of kingdom building. Seriously good manga like Return Of The Broken Constellation.

8. Overbearing Tyrant

overbearing tyrant

This is an isekai Manhwa. The style of this manhwa is refined. The characters are well-written and it doesn’t feel like you’re reading a noble manhwa of the type of reincarnation. The character for character’s main protagonist is the best. 

The main character is an adult, however, after reincarnation, he behaves as if he was a 15-year-old kid. The story overall is interesting and original.

It contains some elements of managing kingdoms included. The main character has to contend with problems at the start of his kingdom as bugs do.

Books Worth Reading:

Try it because it is on the list of manga like Return Of The Broken Constellation.

9. Extraordinary Descent Genius

extraordinary descent genius manga

I would like to eliminate invaders and enjoy a blissful everyday life in a unique world. What if I could just request this? Why? Why can’t I do this? Some people say that chasing two rabbits can make you miss one but… make sure you don’t miss them.

Really good stories and manga like Return Of The Broken Constellation.

Books Worth Reading:

10. Ooparts

Ooparts manga like return of the broken constellation

Some have an object that should not exist in the world of ‘OOPARTS’. They reside within a boundary that is not part of this world (Out) and is the place where unique stories are taking place.

A must-read in the list of manga like Return Of The Broken Constellation.

11. 7 Seeds

Netflix 7 seeds manga

It is excellent in every aspect. The majority of post-apocalypse manga contain very dark and dark themes. It typically turns me off of the genre. The manga, however, does contain a few episodes of disturbing scenes. 

It doesn’t focus on it too much. The focus is on survival and character development in this type of environment. Female leads are strong and tough.

Books Worth Reading:

They are not like meek, whiny girls who constantly have to save themselves. Natsu (one character from the female side of the team summer b)can be a bit irritable during the beginning of the chapters but after that, she becomes more comfortable. 

The love and friendship plots are solid as well. And did I mention that the majority of male leads are attractive? Overall, it’s an excellent Manga. It has everything you need and more. You’ll never get bored.

A must-read and watch in the list of manga like Return Of The Broken Constellation.

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