14+ Best Blue Hair Anime Boys (Ranked)

The last article was about blue hair anime characters, now we are moving further and dedicating this whole article to boys.

MyAnimeGuru brings you a list of 14+ Best Blue Hair Anime Boys. This list will be ranked based on the popularity and facial features of the characters.

Blue-haired anime characters are relatively rare. Though blue is one of the rarest colors, those who do wear it usually possess unique traits. Blue symbolizes peace, tranquility, and harmony – qualities that anime often strives to convey.

So, without any delay let’s get started.

List Of Best Blue Hair Anime Boys

  • Marx Francois
  • Tamaki Amajiki
  • Henry Legolant
  • Aguero Agnes Khun
  • Ryuuji Takasu
  • Black Star
  • Kamina
  • Mitsuki
  • Aladdin
  • Grimmjow
  • Jellal Fernandez
  • Ban
  • Inosuke Hashibira
  • Gintoki Sakata
  • Ikuto Tsukiyomi

That is our list of best blue hai anime boys. Let us discuss why we chose these to be on our list of anime boys having blue hair.

15. Marx Francois


Anime – Black Clover

Books Worth Reading:

Marx is a man of younger age with fair hair in an elongated bowl cut. His narrow eye features long lashes and he displays a serious expression.

He wears a dark, formal jacket with long sleeves. It is paired with an elegant fur mantle and robe that extends almost to his ankles. The mantle’s top is decorated with fancy chains and clasp, while his collar is covered in fur with six diamond-shaped ornaments displayed horizontally across its front.

Books Worth Reading:

14. Tamaki Amajiki

Tamaki amajiki

Anime – My Hero Acedemia

Tamaki is a tall, young man with pale skin. His ears are larger than others and pointed, almost like an elf’s ears. His hair dangles in front of his head in an indigo hue; his eyes appear thin and tired but are partially hidden by bangs. His shoulders tend to be in a tuck, and he avoids eye contact with anyone.

13. Henry Legolant

Henry Legolant blue hair anime boys

Anime – Black Clover

Henry is a young, pale man with long, untidy white hair. His home is filled with various species of birds.

Books Worth Reading:

This outfit consists of a white long-sleeved shirt and pants. In addition to his shirt, he’s wearing the Black Bull costume.

Under Gordon’s curse worker’s neighbor spell, Henry’s hair changes to an even shorter style.


Best Blue Hair Anime Girls

12. Anguero Agnes Khun

Anguero Agnes khan

Anime: Tower of God

In the series, four major characters emerged; one of whom would eventually become its main protagonist.

He exudes an air of mystery around him, constantly captivating viewers with his background and intentions.

Books Worth Reading:

The fact that he lacks the physical prowess of many yet is somehow powerful nonetheless adds an air of mystery.

He certainly has an impressive head on his shoulders, sporting a light blue hue.

11. Ryuuji Takasi

Ryuuji takasi

Anime – Toradora

Ryuuji is a man of a young age of average height with short blue hair. Due to his heredity, his eyes with sanpaku make him appear like an intimidating delinquent who causes misinterpretations due to people’s perception of him as frightening. He typically wears the uniform of his school.

Books Worth Reading:

10. Black Star

Black star

Anime: Soul Eater

Black star is known for his arrogance, but unlike its name, his hair isn’t black but instead colored in an intense electric blue. Layers of hair form spikes that stand out like stars on his head.a

9. Kamina


Anime – Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Books Worth Reading:

Kamina stands at 6 feet tall with muscular muscles, proud of his “manly as well as tough” image. His blonde hair is blue and spiky, often seen sporting red sunglasses which cover his eyes in red. His skin tone is tan, and his tattoos on both arms (extending towards both shoulders and back) are blueish in hue – a reminder of the rebellion within him. Holding his sword proudly in both hands he symbolizes this strength.

8. Mitsuki

mitsuki blue hair

Anime – Boruto

Mitsuki stands out in his class with his white-blue eyebrows, low-set hair with golden eyes, and pale skin that were inherited from his parents. According to some students in the class, Mitsuki is quite attractive.

Books Worth Reading:

7. Aladdin


Anime – Magi

Aladdin is a slim figure with medium-length blue hair and bangs that end at his eyes. His eyes are large, and he wears an elegant long braid running from the back of his head to the crown.

6. Grimmjow


Anime Bleach

Grimmjow is a tall and muscular man with dark blue hair with spiky ends. His light blue eyes are adorned with green lines beneath them, similar to those on the Panthera Cat species.

Books Worth Reading:

Grimmjow’s clothes consist of a white, padded hakama with a black sash and an old, worn-out white jacket with an upturned collar. The lining inside his jacket is black.

This daredevil definitely needed a place on our list of best blue hair anime boys. Grimmjow wears this ensemble with its sleeves folded up, opening up the jacket to display his chest muscles.

5. Jellal Fernandez

Jellal fernandez

Anime – Fairy Tail

Jellal, in his early 20s, is best known for the blue hair and red tattoo adorning the top and under the right eye, which he’s had since childhood.

Books Worth Reading:

As his Siegrain character, He donned an elegant yet simple ensemble consisting of an oversized white frock coat with black stripes along the edges, an ornamented standing collar on each arm, straps connecting to buckles decorated with an elaborate design on the front, layered over a dark shirt, appropriate shoes, and pants.

4. Ban

ban blue hair anime boy

Anime – Seven Deadly Sins

Ban, also known as The Fox Sin of Greed, is one of the main characters from the manga/anime/light novel collection The Seven Deadly Sins.

This handsome character is the biggest candidate on our list of best blue hair anime boys. Ban became immortal after drinking from the Fountain of Youth and holds onto a Sacred Treasure which includes The Holy Rod Courechouse.

Books Worth Reading:

3. Inosuke Hashibira

Inosuke hashibira

Anime Demon Slayer

Inosuke is a young man of average height and pale complexion who boasts an impressive physique. His muscles, particularly around his stomach and upper arms, are large and defined; yet his look is stunningly feminine: big eyes framed by long eyelashes that curve around to one side; dark to light green iris tips; thin eyebrows; and what appears to be an adorable smile.

He definitely deserved a place on our list of best blue hair anime boys. His thick black hair extends just above the shoulders before fading to blue at its tips creating an uneven fringe below his eyes that curls toward the forehead.

Books Worth Reading:

2. Gintoki Sakata


Anime – Gintama

Gintoki Sakata (Ban Tian Yin Shi, Sakata Gintoki) is the main character in the action-comedy manga and anime series Gintama.

Although portrayed as selfish, lazy or greedy, and generally an idiot, he serves as a hero who protects those unable to take care of themselves by fulfilling his pledges to protect others – particularly those closest to his family and friends.

His popularity is what made him reach number 2 on our list of best blue hair anime boys. As such he has his business venture called Yorozuya which offers various jobs at low costs.

Books Worth Reading:

1. Ikuto Tsukiyomi

Ikkuto tsukiyomi blue hair anime boys

Anime – Shugo Chara Fanon

Ikuto Tsukiyomi is the main antagonist and ultimately protagonist of Shugo Chara. Initially an underling to his stepfather, who owned the Easter company, Tsukiyomi found freedom and joined forces with Seiyo Guardians to recover Embryos.

Ikuto has blue eyes and hair, wearing a choker featuring a silver cross. He usually wears his school uniform in black; however, the actor has also been seen in various outfits including black (or the color indigo).

His charm definitely helped him to reach number 1 on our list of best blue hair anime boys.

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Final Words

Again, I am apologizing in advance if I left out your favorite anime boy having blue hair. Please let me know in the comments and I will add them.

That was all for our article on blue hair anime boys and I hope you got your favorite character on our list. If you didn’t then do let us know.

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