Who is Erwin Smith in Attack on Titan?

“My soldiers push forward! My soldiers scream out! My soldiers RAAAAAGE!”, This speech from Erwin Smith Always fills me up with motivation and courage. Erwin Smith Was the Best Captain of the Survey Corps and a soldier whom even Titans were scared of.

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Introduction Of Erwin Smith

Erwin Smith
NameErwin Smith
BirthdayOctober 14th
ResidenceWall Rose
Source- Fandom

Erwin Smith was the 13th Commander of the Survey Corps and was respected by his teammates and others living within the walls. He cared deeply about his friends and teammates and always motivated them with his speech. He never hesitated to sacrifice his life for the greater good of humanity.


Erwin Smith was the tallest among the members of the survey corps and had a muscular build because of his training and extensive use of Vertical Maneuvering Equipment.

Erwin had blond hair and he always styled them in a side part. His eyes were blue and he had thick and bushy eyebrows.

Like most of the members of the Survey Corps, Erwin was usually seen in the Survey Corps uniform which consisted of white button-down shirts white pants, and a beige cropped jacket. When out on a scouting mission Erwin used to wear a green hooded cape to hide his identity.

In addition to the uniform, Erwin had an Emerald bolo tie around his neck which all commanders wore.

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Erwin was a complex character, who was always calm, composed, and serious. He always planned for the future and what he could do for the betterment of humanity. He had very sharp instincts and was the first to realize that there was a spy in the Survey Corps.

Erwin had a stoic mind and treated all news whether good or bad equally. His absolute goal was to have the upper hand on the Titans and remove the fear of the Titans from humanity and to achieve this goal he was ready to sacrifice anything, even his life.

Erwin Also seems a bit selfish as he is reluctant to fight the beast titan as he wants to discover the secrets in Eren’s basement and wants to prove his father’s theory right and alleviate the guilt he has for his father’s death.

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Early Life

Erwin was a curious and insightful child. He questioned how humanity had no memory of its history before the moved within walls. Fascinated by his curiosity, his father shared with him a theory of how the King altered the memory of humans after they entered the wall to have better control over them.

He shared his father’s theory with other kids in class which resulted in his father being murdered in an accident arranged by the Military Police Brigade. Erwin Later Joined the Training Corps to enter the Survey Corps.

After graduating from the Training Corps, Erwin Joined the Survey Corps where he stopped sharing his theory as everyone joined the Survey Corps to fight and protect humanity whereas he joined the Survey Corps for himself and proved his father’s theory right.

He later Devised the Long Distance Enemy Scouting Formation that resulted in reducing the casualties on their expeditions. His proposal was initially rejected by Commander Keith Shadis but after seeing the results other soldiers also started to adopt the Formation.


High Intelligence– Erwin Smith does not have any special physical abilities like Levi and Mikasa but he has high intelligence which allows him to deduce strategies and create formations to leverage more advantage in battles against Titans

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Leadership skills– Erwin Smith was a great commander, probably the best. He was respected by all his teammates and even by the higher-ups for his leadership qualities. He was always ready to sacrifice his own life to protect his teammates. Erwin was a great speaker too, boosting the morale of his teammates through his powerful speech.


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Is Erwin good or bad in AOT?

Discerning, intelligent, and widely respected, Erwin was an able commander. While he cared deeply for his men, he did not hesitate to sacrifice them for the good and prosperity of mankind, and his men proved more than willing to stake their lives at his order.

Who is Erwin to Levi?

Erwin and Levi share a mutual and equal relationship that is full of trust, care, and devotion. And Erwin was Levi’s most important person, he could never be replaced, since he was an irreplaceable existence in Levi’s life.

Is Erwin stronger than Levi?

With Erwin being brilliant and a great leader, he and Levi made a great team. However, Levi would win if the two of them were to fight each other.
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