Steve Kerr’s Son Nick Kerr Age, Height, & More (Wiki)

If you love basketball then you probably have heard of Steve Kerr. He is a famous basketball coach and mentor. Well, guess what, he has a son who is walking in his footsteps too.

The name of Steve Kerr’s Son is Nick Kerr and today on MyAnimeGuru, we are going to discuss all we can about this amazing boy.

Nick Kerr is an American ex-college basketball player However, he is most well-known because of his father, NBA Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr.

Nick has followed in his father’s footsteps. I played basketball throughout high school and college. His name was added to the NABC Honor Court and all school personnel at this year’s West Coast Conference.

How old is Nick Kerr? What is Nick Kerr do? Are they married or in a relationship with someone? What is Nick Kerr’s relationship with his partner or girlfriend? How much are Nick Kerr’s net worth and the amount of his salary?

Let’s get into it.

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Introduction Of Nick Kerr

Nick kerr
NameNick Kerr
Birthday9th November 1992
Age30  years old
Height6 feet 3 inches
Weight180 lbs or 78 Kg
Net Worth$1-5 Million

Nick Kerr is the son of Steve Kerr and Margot Brennan. He is the son of an American professional basketball coach and former player. He currently serves as his head coach for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Nick is also a former basketball player just like his father. He began his career at a young age. He was a member of the San Diego basketball team as an undrafted freshman during the 2011-12 season, playing 13 different games. He scored a season-high 11, points in the game vs. UC Irvine.

In the same way, Nick has worked as an assistant student at his alma mater, the University of California. The year 2018 saw him working as a consultant quality control for quality assurance at Spurs Sports and Entertainment. 

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He is employed by Golden State Warriors since 2018. Golden State Warriors as an assistant video coordinator since the year 2018.

The 6-foot-3 guard was redshirted during the 2012-13 season. Kerr was a part of 20 games from 2013-14 and scored a record-setting 12 points in the game against Pacific. Kerr can only play one full year because the team did not play in his second season at USD and had indicated earlier in the year that he planned to transfer.

As a senior, Nick averaged 15.1 points per game at Torrey Pines High School in Southern California, earning him an appearance on the All-Avocado League First Team.

More impressive was their junior season which saw him average 19.5 points per game. He was named to the first-team all-league yet again. In his time at school, Kerr earned many all-academic teams and averaged 9.3 points in his sophomore year.

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Nick Kerr’s Parents

Nick kerr's parents

Nick’s parents are Steve Douglas Kerr and Margot Kerr.

The father of his son Steve was an American professional basketball coach as well as an ex-player. The team he coaches is known as the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA). While at the same time, his mom is a housewife and takes care of the home.

Nine-time NBA champion Nick’s father has won five championships as an NBA participant (three for the Chicago Bulls and two with the San Antonio Spurs), four as the head coaching the Warriors along with four others as head coach of the Warriors. 

Kerr has been the sole NBA player who has won four consecutive championships since 1969. For players who have at least 250 successful three-pointers and above, you can say that Mr. Kerr has the highest ever three-point field-goal percentage (45.4 percent) ever recorded by the NBA. 

When Kyle Korver broke the record in 2010 was the holder of the NBA record for the highest percentage of three points during a season, with 52.4 percent. Korver is considered to be one of the most efficient shooters.

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Nick is the oldest of the three children of his parents The two other siblings are called Maddy as well as Matthew Kerr. His sister Maddy is a junior volleyball player at The University of California. In the same way, his younger brother’s name is not widely known.

Nick is the oldest of the three children of his parents His two other siblings are known as Maddy as well as Matthew Kerr

Nick is the oldest of the three children of his parents His two other brothers are called Maddy as well as Matthew Kerr ( Source: I love to watch you play )

Despite their busy schedules, Nick’s family members do get together for dinner because they enjoy a close relationship. Nick started his basketball career after following in his father’s footsteps.

Nick’s father was a coach for the young boy and they had an excellent relationship. Nick also mentioned that his father was the one who gave him the motivation and determination to pursue a career in basketball. He also said that he advised him to pursue it as a career.

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Nick Kerr’s Personal Life (Girlfriend/Wife)

Nick Kerr's Personal Life (Girlfriend/Wife)

Nick has been married for a while to his beautiful girlfriend, Kendall; they have been together since 2014.

Nick found his love in his early years and enjoys a great romance with his spouse. The couple got engaged in December of this year and typically uploaded their pictures to the Instagram account.

Kendall’s husband isn’t afraid to take her picture of the world in front of all those who know that they’re together. The couple got married in November, and seem to enjoy the company of each other.

According to media reports the couple has plans to have a child However, the report hasn’t been confirmed.

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In addition to being a great spouse, Nick is also a great son and sibling. He is loyal and committed to his work and is an extremely motivated man. Nick has had a great time living his life to the extent that he desires.

The University of California’s School of Public Health is the place where he started his studies. Nick has been married for a while to his beautiful wife Kendall and they’ve been together since the year 2014. 

Nick began his studies at San Diego’s Torrey Pines High School. In 2015 Nick graduated from the University of San Diego with a Bachelor’s in business Administration degree. University of California, Berkeley was where he earned an MS in public health.

Kerr has made significant progress toward achieving his dream to become a professional coach. As per Kerr’s LinkedIn website, he worked as an assistant coach in basketball for the University of California from April 2016 to April.

Additionally, he accepted an offer to join his San Antonio Spurs coaching staff. He also admitted in the course of an interview that when he was in college and a coach was his preferred career.

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Nick claimed he wasn’t sufficient to play in a college team. He felt comfortable staying with the team, trying to be successful, and inspiring the other players.

Since the year 2018, Nick Kerr has been the assistant coordinator of video for his father’s company, GSW. In 2014, Nick’s dad has been GSW’s coach. 

However, he was not able to see the club’s match against the Memphis Grizzlies in May 2022 due to a positive test for COVID-19.

How Much Is Nick Kerr’s Salary And Networth?

Nick Kerr's salary

Nick Kerr was born on November 9, 1992, in Sandiego, California, USA. At the time of his 2023rd birthday, Nick Kerr will be 31 years old. young. His Networth is estimated at $4 million in 2023, and his anticipated income is $40,000.

Nick’s wealth, assets, and earnings constitute the total worth of his net worth. His experience as an American basketball player in the collegiate ranks is his main source of revenue. Nick has managed to build wealth through various sources of income, however, he has chosen to live an ordinary life.

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Nick was a California Golden Bears men’s basketball team player and has been promoted to video coordinator assistant. In addition to his summer and offseason leagues for the Warriors as well, he worked as a quality-assurance coordinator for The San Antonio Spurs during the prior season.

Nick Kerr was born on November 9, 1992, on the 29th of November in Sandiego, California, USA. Nick Is currently 30 years old.

Steve Kerr, Nick Kerr’s father has signed an agreement with Nick Kerr’s father, Steve Kerr. He has signed a contract with the Golden State Warriors for a five-year deal worth $25 million over five years. 

Steve was awarded a signing bonus of $5 million, and an average wage that is $25m. From 2015 until 2019 he was an agent on the free market with Warrior.

Steve has purchased a home in the Presidio Heights neighborhood in San Francisco which has views over the Golden Gate Bridge. He lives in the home together with the son Nick Kerr. 

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The massive estate comprising four bedrooms, as well as three and one-half bathrooms has cost him $7.3 million. Steve as well as his spouse recently purchased the house.

Nick Kerr Has Passion for Being A Coach

Nick Kerr's

It is believed that the Warriors head coach Steve Kerr’s child Nick has certainly taken care of his dad throughout his childhood. 

While Nick is an excellent basketball player, he is more passionate about coaching. In contrast to Nick’s father Nick can be found very engaged in working as a coach. 

To pursue his goals, Nick has already taken an important move in his life. When he checked the details of his LinkedIn profile it revealed that he worked as an assistant basketball coach for the University of California from April 2016 until April 2017. 

Following that, he was hired as a coach of the San Antonio Spurs alongside coach Gregg Popovich. An interview with Nick revealed that Nick admitted that he was not the best player for his team at the college level. 

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But, he refused to give up and continued to play basketball, trying to influence players. The year 2017 saw him start working as a quality-assurance assistant at Spurs Sports and Entertainment. 

Additionally, he was also allowed to work with his father in the year 2018. In June of 2018, the position was an assistant to the video coordinator with his team, the Golden State Warriors. 

Currently, it’s his turn to work as the video coordinator and player development for the Golden State Warriors since November 2020.

Final Words

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How old is Nick Kerr?

Nick Kerr is 30 years old as of 2023. He was born on 9th Nov 1992.

How tall is Nick Kerr?

Nick Kerr is 6 ft 3 inches tall.

Who is Nick Kerr’s Girlfriend?

Nick Kerr is married to his fiance, Kendall.

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What is the net worth of Nick Kerr?

Nick Kerr has an estimated net worth of $1 – $5 Million dollars.


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