Top 10 Best Manga Like Reincarnated War God

You are searching for manga like reincarnated war god? Well, MyAnimeGuru brings you the exact thing and we have compiled a list of the top 10 manga like Reincarnated war god.

This is a light manga to read when you are just starting because many of the hardcore nerds don’t like the story of the reincarnated war god.

They think that the ending is not good and all but let me tell you something: if you haven’t read 100+ mangas, you will definitely like this one.

So, let’s start without the list of the top 10 best manga like Reincarnated War God.

List of Manga Like Reincarnated War God

  • First God Of War
  • Nano Machine
  • Gosu
  • Heavenly Demon Reborn
  • The Undefeatable Swordsman
  • Grim Reaper’s Floating Moon
  • Master of Lightning Knives
  • Return Of The Blossoming Blade
  • The Legend of The Northern Blades
  • Mookhyang: The Origin

We will not discuss each of them in detail to justify our decision of putting them on the list of top 10 manga like Reincarnated War God.

Books Worth Reading:

1. First God Of War

manga like reincarnated war god

This manga is another heroic tale of a young God Of War Yang Wu. His pride is above everything and his determination towards victory is something to be read of. The manga has a famous saying about it “If the skies pressure me, I’ll split it apart, if the ground opposes me, I’ll stomp it apart!” Young God of War Yang Wu. This is one of the best manga like Reincarnated War God.

Definitely to try out if you are looking for manga like reincarnated war god.

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2. Nano Machine

Nano machine manga is like reincarnated war god.

The first thing to note is the characters: I love it when revenge tales have flawed protagonists because you know that they’ll make mistakes and have to correct their mistakes, which can be a major step in character growth. 

However, this story went over this. You would think that MCs in revenge-type stories are always bound to make good decisions because they have been backstabbed/betrayed/treated unfairly. 

This author isn’t scared for his protagonist to screw up. Instead of correcting the issue, he accepts the mistake, lives with it, and aims to grow stronger to take on the consequences that resulted from the huge mistake. As an avid reader, I often consider his actions to be egregious and cruel However, you have to watch him suffer the consequences. And I am awestruck by seeing the growth of each person around me. 

They have grown with him in fact, they have their personas! Additionally, the mentors around him are all an A ++++ they look after him, give him tips, and guide him to improve his performance.

Books Worth Reading:

Art: Of course, the art is amazing. There have been over 90 chapters and I’m always happy whenever he beats his foes. Particularly when they’ve done some shady thing, the payoff is so good! The rage scenes are amazing and fun to watch how effective they show the battles of the other characters and battles.

Story: The revenge trope is a common occurrence in movies, but the well-executed ones are always the most effective. The feeling of satisfaction when you watch MC Fuck shit-up for the villains that deserve it is almost goosebumps-inducing. Particularly his battles with the “bigger” antagonists. 

It’s amazing how I cheer every time. I like how the plot doesn’t wander off too. It’s clear what the final goal is right from the beginning It’s just that the final game gets more complicated and the stakes are higher every time. That always makes me look forward to it. I love stories that are well told!

Definitely a manga like reincarnated war god.

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3. Gosu

Gosu Manga

Gosu is a genre that focuses on the art of combat, revenge, and comedy.
The comedy is a hit sometimes, and the fights between martial arts are sometimes at the forefront of the action.

The Revenge is missing however, I believe we’ll see it in the second part. One of my favs in the list of manga like Reincarnated War God.

The story itself is unique and I haven’t read any other manga that has a similar storyline.
You can be sure that it is not a copy-paste tale like other mangas available.

If I were to compare the manga with something, I would choose HxH because it focuses more on the characters that are not the main character, and the writer hit the right notes with this I feel that the side characters could have their manga written, and executed excellently. 

Unfortunately, just like HxH, the Mc is boring due to this kind of writing. However, in HxH, they managed to make Mc relatable because of his interactions with other characters and his personal story at the conclusion. The team hasn’t succeeded yet however, hopefully, they are getting closer to it.

The art is great and it’s fully colored The combat scenes are exciting and give me a few feelings of solo leveling.

The Mc is dull however, in the most recent arc, we get to know more about the Mc and his struggles, and we witness some character growth from the Mc, which is a plus and the writer is definitely on the right path.

Definitely, a must-read manga like Reincarnated war god.

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4. Heavenly Demon Reborn

Heavenly Demon Reborn manga like Reincarnated war god.

Chronicles of Heavenly Demon is one of the martial arts tales in which the protagonist is reincarnated with the sole purpose of obtaining revenge. The most intriguing aspect of this story is the fact that the protagonist is a part of a “Demonic” cult during his new life, which provides an interesting twist.

In tradition and custom, the MC quickly becomes quite opportunistic in comparison to his fellow MCs. If you are a fan of stories in which a protagonist is an arrogant person who slaps down those who are supposed to be on or over his height then you may like this one too. I love seeing the reactions of people around me in these kinds of circumstances, which is the reason I love this story too. The action is well coordinated and the artwork is beautiful to boot.

One of the best mangas in this list of manga like Reincarnated War God.

There’s some story that centers around other members of the cult who wish to increase their power, but at right the moment, it’s not explored at the moment.

Books Worth Reading:

If there’s one thing I’d like to be more cautious about, it’s how often the”MC’s “powerups”. When he’s taught something new, he can apply it immediately. Assassins are released in waves, each slightly stronger than earlier assassins, giving the MC the chance of keeping up with the ever-increasing levels without really a reason.

Overall, it’s a great OP story about an MC reincarnation martial art story and definitely a manga like Reincarnated war god.


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5. The Undefeatable Swordsman

The undefeatable Swordsman

Another story of cultivation but within the vast array of these types of stories this one is unique. The protagonist gains power in an unusual method (no spoiler). In addition, the main character has an excellent personality and isn’t the boring one who does not spare anyone, nor the psychopath who kills without fighting an eye. 

In general, each character within the story has its own distinct characteristics. However, as the story keeps moving, the plot becomes monotonous, and the story isn’t achieving any reason for the main character to be able to reach it. Furthermore, the method of cutting the boards can be quite confusing and could turn off readers.

I suggest you read this manga if you have already read the manga of the cultivation type and if you are after manga like Reincarnated war god.

Books Worth Reading:

6. Grim Reaper’s Floating Moon

Grim Reaper's Floating Moon

An extremely action-packed adventure that doesn’t lean toward the usual adventure you find in the happy-moving style of power fantasy. The story is dark, it’s about survival and staying sane.

The story also considers reflection: being a tool to others or just being yourself and living your own dreams regardless of whether that goal is motivated by revenge or just a sense of freedom after having been deprived of it is something this epic works on. 

The characters in this tale are tough The fantastic creation of the world only enhances the pleasure of reading.

The art is outstanding as you would expect from the artist.

Books Worth Reading:

I cannot emphasize enough the pleasure I had during the whole thing. Just read this manga because it is a manga like Reincarnated war god.

7. Master of Lightning Knives

Master of lightning knives

Not only is it not rated for its MASTERPIECE-like qualities, but, no one even speaks about it. The story is beautiful in its writing, in which the main character isn’t overwhelmed however, he must overcome obstacles, unlike in other stories. The author’s writing also includes humor, as well as many other aspects so that the story doesn’t seem repetitive Although the beginning chapters are slow. Once you’re absorbed into the plot you’ll be engaged.

This manga can not bore you because it is a deserving title to be in the list of manga like Reincarnated War God.

I’m not overly concerned about the art so it’s not as bad as the average piece, however, the manhwa art might appear like other manhwas, but the level of detail between each picture is incredible as is the shadows of structures casting shadows over other objects, the art goes the extra mile, which does not need to go.

Books Worth Reading:

The characters are amazing and each one of them is one you’ll be interested in, whether it’s from hate, or enjoying them, you won’t lose your focus on the characters. This is crucial since a lot of the characters that were used in a distinct storyline appear and make you think of these characters even though they’re secondary characters.

Overall this manhwa is sure to give you an experience that you’ve never experienced before. I believe this story deserves to be recognized more for its amazing storytelling and the ability to draw readers into the story’s development. even though the story starts slowly, once the plot starts to take shape, you’ll be unable to put down the chapters! A must-read if you are searching for manga like Reincarnated war god.

8. The Return Of The Blossoming Blade

manga like Reincarnated war god.

I am in awe of how to express the amazing experience this manhwa has been to date and it is the perfect manga to be in the list of manga like Reincarnated War God.

The MC particularly is extremely likable. He appears to be an idiot who has no sense but he’s extremely smart in the realm of plotting and other things. You’ll be amazed at how clever he is. He’s got this confident, haughty personality. this kind of personality on protagonists can be embarrassing when not handled properly The author has him written so flawlessly that it’s awe-inspiring to read.

I am enjoying watching him through his adventures and watching his battle scene. The artwork is stunning and I adore the characters.

Books Worth Reading:

I’m going to start reading the novel as I’m not waiting any longer! This is it for you if you are searching for manga like Reincarnated war god.

9. The Legend Of The Northern Blades

The legend of the northern blades

This manga made its way to the list of manga like Reincarnated War God because it deserved it. The manhwa in this article is one to read. Within the vast array of cultivation manuals, this is among the few that are distinctive and has the right reasons, believe me. The story is believable, preserving the “magical” aspect of the world of cultivation. 

The revenge plot is the central theme, but without overshadowing the subplot. The artwork is unique and nearly perfect and, in addition, it is perfectly matched to the plot. The characters are also human-like because of how the authors develop relationships and make them grow.

Overall, a super great manga like Reincarnated war god.

Books Worth Reading:

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10. Mookhyang: The Origin

manga like Reincarnated war god.

Beginning, I’d like to declare that this is an excellent story. The MC does not want power, and it appears that he has an agenda for every move that he takes. The power he possesses makes him truly worthy of the MC, and he’s one of the men who can take on anyone. 

The art is fantastic as well. Overall, this is a great read. It’s a solid 9 however I’ll give it a 10 since I’m becoming obsessed. For those who have read The Legend of the Northern Blade, The MC is a bit of the same vibe as his character.

Definitely, a manga like Reincarnated war god.

Final Words

So, this was it for the list of manga like Reincarnated War God. If you like our list and want more of the stuff then follow us on social media and stay updated. Check out more related posts below on MyAnimeGuru.

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