17+ Best Cultivation Manhua To Read (Ranked)

Cultivation is a concept found in Chinese works where warriors and sages undergo rigorous training and fighting or meditation to improve the quality of their spiritual selves to attain the best martial arts or gain immortality. These stories are viral because of their great plots and awesome battles.

At MyAnimeGuru bring this list of the 17+ Best Cultivation Manhua to Read (Ranked) because we know how much our readers like these historical tales of combat and martial prowess. After all who doesn’t like the story of a martial artist on their journey to greatness?

List of Best Cultivation Manhua

This list of the best cultivation manhua will be based on the overall popularity of the title, the plot depth and quality, and the likeability of the main cast. So without further ado, let’s start.

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18. Eternal Reverence

Eternal reverance - best cultivation Manhua

Chapters – 326 | Year – (2017-2022)

A classic cultivation tale that emphasizes the battles themselves, what I like about this title, is that it stays true to the theme and doesn’t waste time on meaningless subplots. The Mc is a great fighter, making the fight scenes and battle for cultivation much more interesting.

The story also doesn’t get too dull with enough comedic breaks and Fuchen’s romance with Yan Qing is a good breather from the long fights. All in all, it is one of the best cultivation manhuas.

17. Above all Gods

Above all gods

Chapters – 460+ | Year – 2-18

Books Worth Reading:

A classic tale of an overpowered protag who reincarnates, it has a pretty good world-building and even though the trope is overused, the demonic cultivation and the power structure are cool while the MC is also pretty enjoyable on his path of retribution.

I’m sure just like me, you too would wanna know more about the Heavenly Dao and just how strong he was, and if TianLang will be able to enact his revenge. Also for fans of harem tropes, there are many cute love interests for the MC. All these make it one of the best cultivation Manhua.

16. Against the Gods

Against the Gods

Chapters – 600+ | Year – 2018

Books Worth Reading:

A reincarnation revenge tale, it keeps the reader occupied with constant twists and cliffhangers while the fights aren’t rushed at all and are fleshed out wonderfully giving much clarity to all the characters and the motives behind their actions. The protag is also quite enjoyable.

The double reincarnation makes things much more interesting and the unexpected return to the original timeline makes for a fun read. Also, the various evil cults featured in the story make for a sense of fear which makes it one of the best cultivation Manhua

15. My wife is Actually the Empress?


Chapters – 120+ | Year – 2021

A good romance cultivation story, people who like rom-com will love this story since the Protag and his wife make up for a great couple. Taking a rather unorthodox approach, the female protag is the more powerful of the two and is actually the ruler.

A cultivation story like none other, this is one of the best cultivation manhuas and shows a wonderful mix of mindblowing actions and a great story of love, hate, power, and a quest to be the strongest of them all. I’m sure anyone who likes power scaling would love this title.

Books Worth Reading:

14. Spare me, Great Lord

Great Lord

Chapters – 585+ | Year – 2019

The story of an orphan who tries to resist the ways of the world and live a peaceful life. This title is an overall fun read. A great brother-sister dynamic along with a unique system of cultivation makes sure that the reader is entertained throughout the story.

The battles and the take on metahumans are also a new concept that makes the journey of becoming the strongest of all demon lords very worthwhile. The protag’s unique power to gain strength by absorbing the negative emotions of others and his sister’s charisma makes it one of the best cultivation manhua.

13. The Immortal Emperor has Returned


Chapters – 210+ | Year – 2021

A tale of reincarnation and rebirth, revenge, and gaining power, where everyone is just one step away from betraying and getting betrayed, our Protag is on his quest to become someone who is feared and respected by even the sun and moon. But this is not all.

Books Worth Reading:

The journey is made unique by the various elements added to it such as the Supreme Emperor’s Scripture which is the tool of reincarnation used by the protag Lu Wuji. While the trope of cultivation is nothing new, the overall delivery is great which makes it one of the best cultivation Manhua.


17+ Best Cultivation Manhwa To Read (Ranked)

12. God of Martial Arts

God of Martial Arts

Chapters – 206 | Year – 2016

In a world full of ultra-powerful beings and martial artists, strength and the power of your fighting skills are all that matter. Unlike other titles on this list, this Manhua doesn’t care much about the subplots and focuses only on the art of cultivation itself.

Those who are weak are treated as trash and our protag is one of the many who try to get back at the powerful by becoming strong themselves. The MC is out for revenge in an alternate world after being killed in his world. See his journey in one of the best cultivation Manhua.

11. I’m the Fated Villain

Fated Villain

Chapters – 80+ | Year – 2021

Books Worth Reading:

The protag is a villain and just wants to embark on a journey to put misery and pain on all his enemies. If you like anti-heroes, this is your best bet because Gu Change is one such man who simply wants to harvest the powers and become ultra-powerful.

A member of the Gu clan, he was for many years under the influence of the demonic powers and you can witness the effects of the Demon Heart even now in the cruel ways he deals with his opponents and his skill set. So if you like evil MC, this is one of the best cultivation Manhua.

10. Versatile Mage

Versatile mage

Chapters – 1030+ | Year – 2018

A story for fantasy lovers, instead of being set in the ancient world, it is set in a modern world but with a twist. Magic exists in this new world and the world isn’t run on science. For those who like the concept of the Murim world based on real life, it is best.

The hero Mo Faran is pretty likable and is also responsible for the sudden change in the world as he got a magical necklace which introduced magic in this world suddenly one night. He’s also overpowered which the story fun and one of the best cultivation Manhua.

Books Worth Reading:

9. Heaven’s Official Blessing

Heavens blessing

Chapters – 89+ | Year – 2019

A unique tale, it doesn’t include cultivation as the main factor but rather just as a plot progression tool. It focuses rather on the misadventures of an unlucky deity who has been banished from Heaven. Unlike other stories, it’s not an average to the greatest story.

Rather it is more about the friendship of two men who each find solace and help in the other’s presence and goes on to solve problems that are hidden from the world’s eyes. A mix of mystery, and cultivation with a touch of bromance, it is one of the best cultivation Manhua.

8. Rebirth of Urban Immortal Cultivator

Urban immortal

Chapters – 895+ | Year – 2018

Another typical time travel-based cultivation story sees how the once all-powerful Chen Fanyu fails in his cultivation because of his hurriedness. Unlike other stories, however, there wasn’t a 3rd party involvement that caused his downfall but was a result of his actions.

Books Worth Reading:

Set in the modern world with fantasy and murim elements, it is a unique mix of science and fiction and is also set over a long period of 500 with constant battles and plot development the MC goes through a lot of things which make it one of the best cultivation manhua.


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7. The Founder of Diabolism


Chapters – 259 | Year – (2017-2022)

A tale told through two parallel tales of past and present introduce us to the demonic cultivator Wei Wuxian who strayed from the orthodox path and started the demonic sect. The story covers both his heinous days of being a selfish evil person.

It also covers his present where interestingly, he reincarnated as none other than a protege and pupil to his archenemy. The unique double and the mystery element present in the story make it one of the best cultivators and are full of epic battles.

6. Battle Through the Heavens


Chapters – 914+ | Year – 2012

Books Worth Reading:

A typical rags-to-riches cultivation story, it is about a boy Xiao Yan who used to be the weakest of his clan and a disgrace but with zeal and passion in his heart decided that he will become a great cultivator and make everyone who mocked and ridiculed him eat their own words.

And thus his long journey was filled with epic battles which will elevate him from his normalcy to one by which he wants to gain fame, and power and create that place for himself. He also gets the attention of many girls, and if that’s what you are into, then it is one of the best cultivation Manhua.

5. Astral Sutra

Astral Sutra

Chapters – 644+ | Year – 2016

A long journey filled with ups and downs and incredible fights, this title is one of the few which focus on the concept of immortality rather than simply martial arts. The protag Ye XingHe is the scion of a noble family and wants to become the highest God.

The story revolves around the Tower of God which is a legendary structure that can be accessed by various pathways which will lead one to immortality and can be accessed by the way of martial arts but it is said to be impossible to climb. Know more about one of the best cultivation Manhua.

Books Worth Reading:

4. The Servant is the Demon King?!

Servant is the demon king

Chapters – 390+ | Year – 2019

As the Demon King, Yifan Zhuo uses his millennia-old wisdom and strength to overcome all opponents until the day he is betrayed. The demon king manages to reincarnate with his last breath… but into the body of a pitiful young servant!

The servant has a spirit tie with his mistress, Lady Luo, much to Yifan’s chagrin. Yifan, now Fan, is curiously pulled to Lady Luo and connects his fate to her family. Can he be able to reclaim his title as Demon King with Lady Luo by his side? Find in one of the best cultivation Manhua.

3. Apotheosis


Chapters – 1050+ | Year – 2015

Zen Luo, the erstwhile Young Lord of the Luo family, is now a poor slave after his father died and his younger sister was imprisoned by a strong sect. He has been through so much, both physically and mentally. All these struggles help the plot’s depth.

Books Worth Reading:

But, his life began to improve when he discovered the secret Weapon Creation process in a book by his fathers. Is the human body a weapon? What was the enigmatic power behind all of this? Zen Luo is about to face a test from fate. Know more about the best cultivation Manhua.

2. Tales of Demons and Gods

Demons and Gods

Chapters – 425+ | Year – 2015

Time and space were reversed due to the Space-Time Demon Spirit Book. Even though he was supposed to have died at the hands of demon monsters when Nie Li opened his eyes, he found himself in a classroom. This is one of the most interesting developments.

He’d returned to the age of thirteen. How will he safeguard his sweetheart now that everything has restarted? A unique story with no focus on cultivation or immortality but rather not repeating the mistakes of the past. It is one of the best cultivation Manhua and is full of action.


17+ Best Cultivation Manga To Read (Ranked)

1. Martial Peak

Martial peak

Chapters – 3290+ | Year – 2016

Books Worth Reading:

Perhaps the longest yet the best cultivation Manhua since it covers the adventures of a martial artist who suddenly went from being the most minuscule of all to suddenly gaining everything one could desire from the path of cultivation. It all happened by chance.

Yang Kai suddenly got possession of the Wordless Black Book and with it, his fate changed and now he embarks on a forbidden quest to gain all the powers in the world and the process get many things that were once out of his reach. Read to know more about this classic.


With this, we have concluded our list of the 17+ Best Cultivation Manhua To Read (Ranked). We included many titles both famous as well as hidden gems so that you will have lots of options available to enjoy your time reading the best Cultivation Manhua.

If you liked this list, please continue reading our content and be in touch for more such awesome lists in the future. Till then see ya.

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FAQ Section

What is cultivation in manhua?

“Cultivation” (修仙, if that’s what you meant) refers to a genre of fiction, sometimes known as xianxia (immortal heroes, in contrast to wuxia which is martial art heroes). In traditional Chinese someone could become an immortal sage.

Who is the strongest cultivator in Manhua?

Cardinal Cultivator is the protagonist of this manhua and is the strongest cultivator among the nine states. He possesses the powers that have been forbidden.

Who is the strongest immortal cultivator?

Sariel, Little Zhi. The Strongest Commoner in the Academy of Immortal Cultivators


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